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Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

-26.2 %
-24.9 %
-25.4 %
 Positive  Negative  Pending
Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
Aditya Birla Money Ltd. 244.35   09-Sep-2020
BLB Ltd. 30.95   25-Aug-2020
Blue Chip India Ltd. 0.83   14-Sep-2020
CARE Ratings Ltd. 1125.12   11-Aug-2020
Crisil Ltd. 12508.79   22-Jul-2020
DB (International) Stock B... 34.13   09-Aug-2020
Edelweiss Financial Servic... 6313.22   28-Aug-2020
Emkay Global Financial Ser... 144.02   09-Sep-2020
Geojit Financial Services ... 972.26   04-Aug-2020
Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. 12208.12   09-Sep-2020
ICRA Ltd. 2693.60   28-Aug-2020
IIFL Finance Ltd. 3299.13   22-Jul-2020
Indbank Merchant Banking S... 50.37   04-Sep-2020
Inventure Growth & Securit... 144.48   13-Sep-2020
Khandwala Securities Ltd. 10.92   19-Sep-2020
Prime Securities Ltd. 120.76   18-Aug-2020
Prithvi Exchange (India) Ltd. 20.09   12-Sep-2020
Religare Enterprises Ltd. 1184.81   14-Sep-2020
VLS Finance Ltd. 228.44   01-Sep-2020
Ebixcash World Money India... 495.80   14-Sep-2020
Welspun Investments & Comm... 86.06   13-Aug-2020
Alankit Ltd. 249.46   15-Sep-2020
MPIL Corporation Ltd. 12.58   25-Aug-2020
Centrum Capital Ltd. 682.29   15-Sep-2020
Confidence Finance and Tra... 1.52   06-Sep-2020
Ravindra Energy Ltd. 300.30   11-Aug-2020
Krishna Ventures Ltd. 15.62   14-Aug-2020
LKP Finance Ltd. 72.46   09-Sep-2020
SMIFS Capital Markets Ltd. 16.76   14-Aug-2020
Thacker & Company Ltd. 12.37   07-Aug-2020
V B Desai Financial Servic... 1.22   14-Sep-2020
Munoth Communication Ltd. 2.84   10-Aug-2020
Monarch Networth Capital Ltd. 80.73   21-Aug-2020
Ajcon Global Services Ltd. 9.09   16-Sep-2020
Chartered Capital & Invest... 17.02   14-Sep-2020
Relic Technologies Ltd. 6.04   14-Aug-2020
Mehta Securities Ltd. 3.93   13-Aug-2020
Ashirwad Capital Ltd. 7.76   05-Sep-2020
Shardul Securities Ltd. 81.98   17-Sep-2020
Kapashi Commercials Ltd. 15.00   11-Sep-2020
Apollo Finvest (India) Ltd. 171.09   16-Sep-2020
Shalimar Productions Ltd. 48.23   15-Sep-2020
Yogi Infra Projects Ltd. 3.99   14-Sep-2020
B N Rathi Securities Ltd. 10.71   13-Aug-2020
Stellant Securities (India... 0.41   01-Sep-2020
Mideast Portfolio Manageme... 2.00   21-Aug-2020
Twentyfirst Century Manage... 10.82   10-Sep-2020
M B Parikh Finstocks Ltd. 5.09   15-Sep-2020
Daulat Securities Ltd. 1.13   14-Aug-2020
Bridge Securities Ltd. 1.71   21-Aug-2020
KBS India Ltd. 3.08   15-Aug-2020
Arunjyoti Bio Ventures Ltd. 1.67   14-Sep-2020
Libord Securities Ltd. 2.90   10-Aug-2020
Wellness Noni Ltd. 1.66   15-Sep-2020
Elixir Capital Ltd. 15.96   15-Sep-2020
Roselabs Finance Ltd. 8.55   31-Aug-2020
Charms Industries Ltd. 0.97   16-Sep-2020
Jump Networks Ltd. 959.14   15-Sep-2020
Step Two Corporation Ltd. 4.30   09-Sep-2020
Gogia Capital Services Ltd. 23.39   15-Sep-2020
Inani Securities Ltd. 8.54   25-Aug-2020
Stampede Capital Ltd. 18.61   10-Sep-2020
Munoth Financial Services ... 7.82   10-Aug-2020
Siel Financial Services Ltd. 2.12   08-Aug-2020
Transcorp International Ltd. 27.33   04-Aug-2020
Inditrade Capital Ltd. 64.97   07-Aug-2020
Essar Securities Ltd. 4.40   15-Sep-2020
Intellivate Capital Adviso... 12.86   12-Aug-2020
Trio Mercantile & Trading ... 40.65   14-Sep-2020
Five X Tradecom Ltd. 0.80   16-Sep-2020
Classic Global Finance And... 0.84   15-Sep-2020
Moneyboxx Finance Ltd. 104.42   17-Sep-2020
Toyam Industries Ltd. 79.47   15-Sep-2020
My Money Securities Ltd. 22.50   15-Sep-2020
Nexus Commodities and Tech... 2.28   15-Sep-2020
Moongipa Securities Ltd. 1.06   17-Sep-2020
Symbiox Investment & Tradi... 2.94   13-Aug-2020
Aarnav Fashions Ltd. 71.95   14-Aug-2020
Shivansh Finserve Ltd. 0.37   15-Sep-2020
Delta Industrial Resources... 1.08   09-Aug-2020
Best Agrolife Ltd. 559.36   14-Aug-2020
Darjeeling Ropeway Company... 1.12   16-Sep-2020
Prem Somani Financial Serv... 0.67   05-Aug-2020
Trinity League India Ltd. 5.13   07-Aug-2020
Shalimar Agencies Ltd. 3.50   14-Sep-2020
East West Holdings Ltd. 91.68   15-Sep-2020
Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs Ltd. 17.12   06-Aug-2020
Regency Investments Ltd. 11.67   11-Aug-2020
5Paisa Capital Ltd. 967.39   13-Jul-2020
ARC Finance Ltd. 4.44   13-Aug-2020
Share India Securities Ltd. 301.36   28-Aug-2020
ICICI Securities Ltd. 15437.04   22-Jul-2020
Trescon Ltd. 582.79   04-Sep-2020
KD Leisures Ltd. 9.67   04-Sep-2020
Dhanvarsha Finvest Ltd. 436.38   14-Sep-2020
Medico Intercontinental Ltd. 16.89   15-Sep-2020
Svaraj Trading & Agencies ... 12.54   01-Sep-2020
Kanungo Financiers Ltd. 5.98   15-Sep-2020
Ontic Finserve Ltd. 5.85   14-Sep-2020
Jyot International Marketi... -   15-Sep-2020