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17 Aug 2018, 03:45PM
The Closer: Markets close at record highs, GMR Infra, RCom see block deals

Markets rose in today's trading, up by 0.75% and closing at record highs, buoyed up by this quarter of strong earnings. Market breadth is horizontal. Of the 1299 stocks traded today, 665 were gainers and 514 were losers. Avenue Supermarts (Dmart) continues to defy analyst predictions and hit new highs. GMR Infra rose on 13.3 lakh shares changing hands in a block deal. Reliance Communications saw 18 lakh shares and 10 lakh shares change hands in two block deals. 

Riding High:

Largecap and midcap gainers today include GMR Infrastructure Ltd. (19.20 9.40%), Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. (297.20 8.09%) and Dalmia Bharat Ltd. (2692.35 6.63%).


Largecap and midcap losers today include Federal Bank Ltd. (86.30 -3.63%), Coromandel International Ltd. (407.00 -3.28%) and Rajesh Exports Ltd. (624.50 -3.01%).

Volume Shockers

22 stocks in BSE 500 are trading on high volumes today.

Top high volume gainers on BSE included GMR Infrastructure Ltd. (19.20 9.40%), Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. (152.40 8.09%) and PNB Housing Finance Ltd. (1330.00 5.98%).

Top high volume losers on BSE were Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd. (258.00 -9.41%), Shankara Building Products Ltd. (1628.35 -1.49%) and Crisil Ltd. (1805.00 -0.01%).

Heritage Foods Ltd. (598.00 1.36%) was trading at 12.7 times of weekly average. Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. (814.95 2.64%) and Indian Hotels Company Ltd. (127.80 2.86%) were trading with volumes 11.7 and 7.5 times weekly average respectively on BSE at the time of posting this article.

BSE 500: highs, lows and moving averages

22 stocks made 52 week highs, while 9 stocks were underachievers and hit their 52 week lows.

Stocks touching their year highs included - 3M India Ltd. (25200.00 -0.79%), Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (1368.00 -1.95%) and Bata India Ltd. (1013.00 0.60%).

Stocks making new 52 weeks lows included - Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. (225.90 0.02%) and eClerx Services Ltd. (1111.20 0.38%).

15 stocks climbed above their 200 day SMA including GMR Infrastructure Ltd. (19.20 9.40%) and Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. (297.20 8.09%). 2 stocks slipped below their 200 SMA including Repco Home Finance Ltd. (592.00 -2.79%) and Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. (835.35 2.20%).

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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.    
17 Aug 2018, 02:53PM
Stocks that saw rising operating profit margin growth, whose results released last one week: Sun Pharma, Indoco Remedies, Bharat Dynamics

As stock markets return to high levels, investors have been looking closely at the companies that performed well in recent results. Trendlyne's live results screeners track stock results as they come in, while looking for specific parameters.

This stock screener for example (subscription required, but snapshot above) looks for stocks that have seen strong operating profit margin growth (above 15% YoY) in results, and announced results in the past one week. Sun Pharma made the cut on strong quarter performance for June, as did 37 other companies, including Bharat Dynamics and Sonata Software

Promoters pledge increased to 2.58% of holdings in Jun 2018 qtr.
HDFC Bank Ltd.    
17 Aug 2018, 11:48AM
Stock Screener: as skeletons tumble out of closets, HDFC Bank and Axis move in different directions, and Kotak Bank emerges as a key player

By Suhani Adilabadkar

The Nifty Private Bank Index has jumped almost 80% over the past two years. The index after making a high of 15400 in January this year, slumped 2000 points lower in March, but has since been rising and is almost some 90 points away from its 52 week high.The Nifty PSU Bank index on the other hand, is trading at 27% lower to its 52 week high thanks to lackluster performance of its constituents, coupled with poor asset quality.

This stock screener takes a closer look at the performance of these banks, and we do a detailed analysis below.

Quick Takes

HDFC Bank has stayed a banking stalwart, while Axis Bank and ICICI Bank have come under the lens for financial irregularities

Kotak Mahindra Bank has been among the top performers in emerging private banks.

Among the newest banking entrants, RBL Bank looks like the strongest contender for moving up to the next level and competing with the likes of Yes Bank and Kotak Mahindra. The rest need to hone their operational skills, expand their network, manage their asset quality.

HDFC Bank and Axis Bank: a story of diverging fortunes

They all started together - ICICI Bank  and HDFC Bank in 1994, and Axis Bank one year older than its contemporaries. Almost 25 years down the line, they have moved in divergent paths with HDFC Bank still maintaining its bedrock status with high operational standards. Though profitability growth rates are no longer in the 30% zone, the asset quality is well maintained, with high CASA of around 42% and NIM above 4%.

Axis Bank on the other hand seems to be on the road to recovery as per June quarter numbers with PAT back in black after a
terrible and unexpected net Loss of Rs. 219 Mn in March quarter FY18. Though the NPA ratios still remain elevated, Net Interest Income for the June quarter grew 12% YOY and 9% QOQ, NIM at 3.46%, provisions down 54% sequentially and Advances and Deposits rising at 14% YOY. The Loan book for Axis is now more tilted towards Retail and SME than corporate segment and exposure to its major stressed sector, power has reduced from 5.2% in June 2017 to 2.6% June 2018.

But all this was too late for its MD and CEO, Shikha Sharma in the driver seat since 2009 as RBI expressed its discomfort over her re-appointment for the fourth time in a row in April this year. RBI has done immeasurable service to the investor community and saved Axis Bank from becoming another ‘Wipro’ for the Private banking industry. 

For investors of ICICI Bank, it has been hard to digest the ugly facts coming out in recent news. Apart from in-appropriation of loans, the latest charge has been with respect to ‘ever-greening of loans’ and hiding NPAs leading to higher artificial profits right from the year 2014. Though swatchata abhiyaan seems to be underway with a change in leadership, it will take some time for
a once respected company to regain its momentum.

A Changing of the Guard: the young upstarts

IndusInd, Kotak Mahindra and Yes Bank represent the rise of new, dynamic players for the banking industry. Alhough IndusInd Bank started early in 1994, its has been the growth engine in recent years reporting 30% growth rate and loan book growth above industry average quarter after quarter and still going strong with PAT  Net interest Income is rising at 24% and 20% respectively YOY in the current June quarter.

Though 60% of its loan book is corporate, it has maintained its exposure to sensitive sectors such as power, steel and telecom at between 2-4% and Gems and Jewellery exposure has also been curtailed by 83 basis points YOY in June quarter FY19.

But Kotak Mahindra Bank may be the real, emerging rockstar of the banking sector. Stable asset quality, High NIM of 4.3%, CASA ratio above 50%, loan book growth of 24% coupled with strong aggressive top management. The stock underwent a mild hiccup after June quarter results declining 4% as its consolidated sequential growth stumbled with 12% de-growth even though yearly growth was
well maintained at 17% YOY. Currently, the stock is up 30% YOY and touched 52 week high of Rs. 1424 in July 2018.

Yes Bank, one of the best midcap banking stocks, has been reporting stellar performance over the past few quarters. Loan growth riding at 53%, PAT at 31% and NII at 23% for the June quarter FY19. The Yes Bank loanbook is more focused on corporate lending and retail, while business banking is around 32%. These three banks are considered to be trading at expensive valuations,
touching their 52 week highs in the last one month. Nevertheless, the investors are ready to pay a higher premium for higher future growth prospects.

The newest crop

The tier below this start with RBL Bank  and includes Federal Bank, DCB Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, City Union BankandSouth Indian Bank. Lakshmi Vilas Bank has been reporting negative PAT and high NPA ratios whereas South Indian Bank has also been hammered for poor asset quality and lower growth. Federal Bank, City Union and DCB seem to be on a fairly strong footing with stable profitability though asset quality needs to tempered both for Federal and City Union Bank reporting 3% GNPAs.

Of all these, RBL Bank is the strongest contender for moving up to the next level and competing with the likes of Yes Bank and Kotak Mahindra. The rest need to hone their operational skills, expand their network, manage their asset quality to either remain in
Nifty Private Bank Index or move up there in the coming years.

HDFC Bank Ltd. has an average target of 2419.60 from 17 brokers.
Trendlyne Marketwatch    
17 Aug 2018, 09:45AM
Markets Today: Opening bell, Aug 17, 2018

The market opened on an upbeat note, with large caps including Reliance and Vedanta gaining on morning trade. Market breadth is ticking up strongly. Of the 511 stocks traded today, 315 showed gains, and 151 showed losses.

Riding High:

Largecap and midcap gainers today include AIA Engineering Ltd. (1840.05 4.08%), Bank of India (92.00 3.66%) and National Aluminium Company Ltd. (70.20 3.39%).


Largecap and midcap losers today include Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd. (232.70 -2.25%), Vakrangee Ltd. (45.30 -1.52%) and Tech Mahindra Ltd. (660.85 -1.22%).

BSE 500: highs, lows and moving averages

10 stocks overperformed with 52 week highs, while 3 stocks were underachievers and hit their 52 week lows.

Stocks touching their year highs included - 3M India Ltd. (25399.00 0.00%), Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (1424.00 2.07%) and Bata India Ltd. (1013.85 0.68%).

Stocks making new 52 weeks lows included - Symphony Ltd. (1072.00 0.19%) and Unichem Laboratories Ltd. (216.00 -0.96%).

2 stocks climbed above their 200 day SMA including Triveni Turbine Ltd. (120.85 2.42%) and Shree Cements Ltd. (17127.70 0.83%). 2 stocks slipped below their 200 SMA including Repco Home Finance Ltd. (601.65 -1.21%) and Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. (809.80 -0.92%).

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Stock Screener: Stocks showing resilience, even as stock markets yoyo

SEBI registered advisor Suhani Adilabadkar took a closer look at stocks that showed share price resilience in the last three months, rising in share price by more than 10%, and also saw YoY revenue and profit growth in the June quarter.

Only nine stocks qualify in this screener as of Aug 16. In the screener are two pharma companies, Dr. Reddy's and Cipla as well as the newly fashionable largecap Reliance Industries (which has had a bumper share price showing this year). Auto, FMCG, Finance and IT also turn up in the list. 

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. is trading above it's 200 day SMA of 2214.94
Reliance Industries Ltd.    
16 Aug 2018
Reliance Industries (RIL) falls in share price on shutdown in Jamnagar

Reliance Industries, which is currently in 12 stock screeners, fell in early trade on report of a stop to gasoline shipments from its Jamnagar site. The company said that unspecified issues and a force majeure event had halted shipments temporarily. A force majeure event is typically a significant impact event, and can include riots, fire, floods, strikes, lockouts and shutdowns, or delays in supplies. Reliance has so far refused to clarify the exact nature of what has caused this delay.

However, there are signs that Reliance knew this delay was coming, since it had offered a heavy naphtha cargo to the export market last month. This was a sign its gasoline-making unit could be hit by problems, since heavy naphtha is a feedstock that Reliance needs to produce gasoline, and it does not typically sell it.

The plant can process more than 500,000 barrels per day, and the halt has already delayed two gasoline cargoes from Reliance. Reliance spokespeople said that it expects to restart shipments within two weeks. 

Number of FIIs/FPIs holding stock rose by 21 to 1490 in Jun 2018 qtr.
Tata Steel Ltd.    
16 Aug 2018
Result Dashboard for Steel: industry companies delivered revenue and net profit growth in the June quarter

The Results Dashboard for the June quarter results has over 80 results that have come in, and the biggest companies delivered both net profit and revenue growth, with a few exceptions such as Vedanta, which saw a net profit decline of 0.97% YoY.

Tata Steel, the biggest player in this space in terms of revenue, saw revenue growth YoY of 28% and net profit growth YoY of  106.4%. JSW Steel also saw revenue growth YoY of 39.59% and net profit growth of more than 3X YoY. Largely, as visible from the snapshot, companies have seen a large number of greens in their YoY performance, for the June quarter. 

Steel demand has risen thanks to the healthy growth of auto, auto component and construction sectors. Steel demand was projected to grow by 5-6%, but the growth was 8%. For the full dashboard (across industries) click here

ICICI Securities Limited decreased Buy price target of Tata Steel Ltd. to 675.0 on 16 Aug, 2018.
Trendlyne Marketwatch    
16 Aug 2018
Opening bell: markets lower in morning trade, Indiabulls Real Estate falls on June results

Markets opened lower today, and Indiabulls Real Estate is down in share price after the company reported lower profits for the June quarter. 

Market breadth is balanced. Of the 532 stocks traded today, 272 were on the uptick, and 222 were down.

Riding High:

Largecap and midcap gainers today include Vakrangee Ltd. (44.35 5.97%), Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (1385.00 3.37%) and GAIL (India) Ltd. (388.40 2.45%).


Largecap and midcap losers today include Vedanta Ltd. (207.45 -3.56%), Hindalco Industries Ltd. (214.85 -2.91%) and Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (276.05 -2.80%).

BSE 500: highs, lows and moving averages

8 stocks hit their 52 week highs, while 5 stocks hit their 52 week lows.

Stocks touching their year highs included - Astral Poly Technik Ltd. (1179.85 3.13%), Bajaj Finance Ltd. (2873.00 1.51%) and Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (1385.00 3.37%).

Stocks making new 52 weeks lows included - eClerx Services Ltd. (1142.10 -0.38%) and HSIL Ltd. (309.60 -2.18%).

4 stocks climbed above their 200 day SMA including Eicher Motors Ltd. (29450.00 1.75%) and Venky's (India) Ltd. (3026.55 1.00%). 4 stocks slipped below their 200 SMA including Repco Home Finance Ltd. (602.45 -1.24%) and Triveni Turbine Ltd. (118.00 -1.13%).

Photo by Niyantha Sekhar

Results Update: Sun Pharma delivers a strong quarter performance, Shankar Builders, Cochin Shipyard announce results

The Results Dashboard, which updates results throughout the day, announced more thaan 200 results today. Among the big performers today was Sun Pharmaceuticals (which is in 12 stock screeners today), whose share price is rising on a bumper quarter performance. Net profits for the company stood at Rs 983 crore for the June quarter, compared with a loss of Rs 425 crore the same quarter last year, when the firm had to pay settlements of Rs. 951 crore in an US antitrust case.

 Shankara Building Projects also rose in share price after it announced revenue growth of 32.7% YoY of and net profit growth of over 13% YoY. Cochin Shipyard announced double digit growth in revenues and net profits for the June quarter, but missed estimates. For the full dashboard, click here

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. high volume past week with price gain of 11.97.