Tata Chemicals Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:50PM

Q2 FY22 Income from Operations at Rs. 3,023 Cr up by 16%,

Consolidated PAT for the period at Rs. 248 Cr, up by 87%;

Standalone Highlights Q2 FY22
  • Standalone Revenue from operations stood at Rs. 847 Cr, up 18%, as compared to Rs. 717 Cr in Q2 FY20-21
  • Growth in the Standalone Revenue is largely been driven by volume and higher realization
  • Standalone Profit Before Tax from continuing operations was Rs. 177 Cr and Profit After Tax was Rs. 135 Cr
Consolidated Highlights Q2 FY22:
  • Revenue was up by about Rs. 3,023 Cr, 16% increase over previous year
  • Company’s net debt was Rs. 4,158 Cr
  • Globally, soda ash demand picked up significantly resulting in a tight demand-supply situation Spot prices have correspondingly increased
  • The company benefitted from higher volumes owing to substantial demand recovery for soda ash and improvements in spot prices in the international markets
  • Challenging environment of increasing input costs & supply chain bottlenecks continued in the market place across geographies
  • The company is continuously growing and leveraging the global distribution network for customer engagements and application-based sales in F&B and nutrition segments
  • Rallis India recorded consolidated revenues of Rs. 727 Cr for the quarter ended 30 September, 2021, a modest growth of 0.4% over PY of Rs. 724 Cr. Profit before tax (before exceptional items) was at Rs. 76 Cr, with a decline of 30% over PY of Rs. 110 Cr and the profit after tax (after exceptional items) was Rs. 56 Cr, registering a decline of 32% over PY of Rs. 83 Cr

Commenting on the results, Mr. R. Mukundan, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Chemicals Ltd., said, “With the re-opening of businesses in all markets, the overall demand environment continues to be positive. While this positive momentum is expected to continue, the supply side environment especially on energy costs and supply chain poses a challenge. The team has responded well to ensure customers are served with agility. We continue our long term focus on excellence by leveraging digitalization and sustainability."



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IIFL Wealth Management Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:42PM


  • Total AUM is up 9.1% QoQ and up 37.1% YoY to Rs 2,56,589 Crs
  • Continued focus on ARR assets – Increase of 12.4 % QoQ and 66.8% YoY to Rs 1,31,977 Crs
  • Net flows are Rs 3,700 Crs for Q2 FY22 and Rs 17,995 Crs for H1 FY22
  • Total Revenues up 19.1% QoQ and up 46.7% YoY to Rs 362 Crs.
  • Revenue from Operations up 10.9% QoQ and up 48.3% YoY to Rs 314 Crs.
  • ARR Revenues up 15.6% QoQ and up 58.6% YoY to 222 Crs
  • Total Cost up 13.5% QoQ and 29.7% YoY to Rs 174 Crs.
  • Total Employee Costs up 16.3% QoQ and 37.2% YoY to 135 Crs.
  • Administrative Cost up 4.3% QoQ and 8.8% YoY to Rs 38 Crs.
  • Cost to income Ratio decreased to 48.0% from 50.3% in the previous quarter
  • Operating Profits (OPBT) up 7.9% QoQ and 80.1% YoY to Rs 141 Crs.
  • PAT increased 18.5% QoQ and 63.5% YoY to Rs 140 Crs.
  • Tangible RoE for Q2 FY22 is at 23.7%, up from 20.0% in Q1 FY22



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Raymond Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:26PM

Key highlights

  • Consolidated revenue doubles to Rs. 1,583 Cr EBITDA margin at 13.4% higher than pre-covid levels.
  • Consolidated revenue doubles to Rs. 1,583 Cr in Q2FY22 from Rs. 732 Cr in Q2FY21
  • Consolidated EBITDA margin of 13.4% higher than pre-covid levels of 12.4% in Q2FY20
  • Continued focused approach on optimizing operating expenses resulted in controlling costs during the quarter. The increase in opex from Rs. 304 Cr in Q2FY21 to Rs. 424 Cr in Q2FY22 is primarily due to doubling of revenues
  • Net Profit at Rs. 53 Cr for the quarter
  • Focused control on opex cost as well as working capital management led to free cash flow generation in Q2FY22 resulting in net debt reduction by Rs. 53 Cr from Rs. 1,617 Cr as on 30th June, 2021 to Rs. 1,564 Cr as on 30th September, 2021
  • Liquidity maintained at Rs. 650 Cr (cash & cash equivalents) as on 30th September, 2021

Commenting on the quarter performance, Mr. Gautam Hari Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director, Raymond Limited said,“ All our businesses have performed well in the second quarter. The consumer facing businesses are witnessing strong resurgence of demand and we witnessed an uptick on a week on week basis during the quarter. With the onset of festive and wedding season, the consumer sentiment is upbeat primarily due to large scale vaccination drive across the country.

With the opening up of global economy, there is an impetus on our Garmenting export business that continues to perform well with a healthy order book. Engineering businesses comprising of Tools & Hardware and Auto Components have achieved the significant milestone in terms of highest sales ever in a quarter with strong growth in exports market and well supported by sustained growth in domestic market. Our Real Estate business is on fast track with rapid construction and new bookings momentum with upcoming offerings both in residential and commercial space. With festive and wedding season buoyancy in H2 of this financial year, we are optimistic that the industry is on track for a strong revival.”

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Torrent Power Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:25PM

Torrent Power reports Q2 FY 2021-22 results:

Revenue from Operations:
  • Rs. 3,648 crs in Q2 FY 2021-22 compared to Rs. 3,129 crs in Q2 FY 2020-21, up by 17%
  • Rs. 6,747 crs in H1 FY 2021-22 compared to Rs. 6,136 crs in H1 FY 2020-21, up by 10%
  • Rs. 974 crs in Q2 FY 2021-22 compared to Rs. 748 crs in Q2 FY 2020-21, up by 30% 
  • Rs. 1,739 crs in H1 FY 2021-22 compared to Rs. 1,753 crs in H1 FY 2020-21, down by 1%
Total Comprehensive Income:
  • Rs. 367 crs in Q2 FY 2021-22 compared to Rs. 204 crs in Q2 FY 2020-21, up by 80% 
  • Rs. 576 crs in H1 FY 2021-22 compared to Rs. 572 crs in H1 FY 2020-21, up by 1%



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SIS Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:11PM

Highlights Q2 FY22:

  • Q2 FY22 PAT at Rs. 68 Crs; 15% up QoQ
  • Consolidated Revenue for Q2FY22 at Rs. 2,431 Crs; 12.7% YoY growth
  • Consolidated EBITDA for Q2FY22 at Rs. 123 Crs
  • Sound Return Ratios - RONW at 19.2%
  • OCF/ EBITDA for H1FY22 at 40.4%


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IndusInd Bank Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:08PM


  • Consolidated Net profit for Q2FY22 at Rs 1,147 crores upby 73% from Rs 663 crores in Q2FY21
  • NIM steady at 4.07%, Net NPA stable at 0.80% and ROA at 1.29% for Q2FY22
  • Fee income at Rs 1,838 crores from Rs 1,554 crores (up by 18% YOY); Core Fee at Rs 1,506 crores up by 42% YOY
  • Healthy growth in Deposits, up by 21% YOY to Rs 2,75,288 crores in Q2FY22 from Rs 2,27,884 crores, Saving Deposit grew by 46% YOY to Rs 83,276 crores from Rs 57,073 crores
  • CRAR for Q2FY22 up at 17.37% (including PAT at 18.06%) as against 16.55% for Q2FY21.
  • NIM at 4.07%, Net NPAs at 0.80%, Provision Coverage ratio at 72%, Capital adequacy ratio (CRAR) at 17.37% and Liquidity Coverage Ratio at 148% underscore the strength of operating performance, resilient liquidity buffers and adequacy of capital. 
  • The Bank's consolidated financial results include the financial results of its wholly owned subsidiary, Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited (BFIL), a business correspondent (BC) of the Bank involved in originating small ticket MFI loans, for the Bank.


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United Breweries Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:04PM
  • Q2 volume growth of 49% and at 78% of pre-covid levels
  • Q2 EBITDA at Rs. 170 cr with an improvement of 382 BPS
  • Half-year EBITDA, Rs. 272 cr, up from a Rs 21 cr negative last year
  • Strong liquidity positon with about Rs 600 cr bank balances



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Bajaj Auto Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 06:00PM


  • Increase in cost of raw-material, which was partially off-set with increase in prices.
  • DGFT declared the rates towards RoDTEP and also allocated funds towards MEIS. The Company has accrued towards RoDTEP, Rs 82 crore for Q4 / FY21 & Q1 / FY22 and has recognised Rs 60 crore towards MEIS incentive for the period April to December 2020.
  • As on 30th September 2021, after payment of dividend of Rs 4,051 crore, surplus cash and cash equivalents stood at Rs 17,526 crore as against Rs 19,097 crore as on 30th June 2021.


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Adani Enterprises Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 05:55PM


Adani Enterprises Ltd Q2 FY22 Results:

  • Took over Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram Airports in Oct 21
  • Consolidated EBIDTA for H1 FY22 increased by 77% to Rs. 2,210 crore (YoY) 
  • Revised Board Charter implemented; Establishment of Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board to provide assurance for all ESG commitments
Financial Highlights H1 FY 22 (Consolidated) (YoY Basis):
  • Consolidated Total Income increased by 78% to Rs. 26,328 crore due to significant increase in IRM segment volumes and prices. 
  • Consolidated EBIDTA increased by 77% to Rs. 2,210 crore due to increase in revenue and better margins in IRM business.
  • Consolidated PAT attributable to owners from Established Businesses increased by more than 2 times to Rs. 1,185 crore due to higher EBIDTA. Overall Consolidated PAT attributable to owners increased by 23% to Rs. 484 Crore. 

Financial Highlights Q2 FY22 (Consolidated) (YoY Basis): 

  • Consolidated Total Income increased by 46% to Rs. 13,597 crore due to significant increase in index prices in IRM segment. 
  • Consolidated EBIDTA increased by 33% to Rs. 1,262 crore due to increase in revenue and better margins in IRM business.
  • Consolidated PAT attributable to owners from Established Businesses increased by 67% to Rs. 579 crore in line with higher EBIDTA. Overall Consolidated PAT attributable to owners stood at Rs. 212 crore vs 362 crore.

“AEL continues to prove itself as India’s most successful incubator – and remains unmatched in developing exciting new ideas strategically linked to the Adani portfolio of companies,” said Mr Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group. “AEL is both enhancing the span of companies it is incubating and accelerating the pace at which they are being incubated. We believe this is fundamental value creation in a world where digitisation has become the most significant business transformation vehicle ever known. AEL's existing businesses are stronger than they have ever been – and, this year, we have launched several new businesses critical to a strong Atmanirbhar Bharat. These include a digital consumer aggregation platform, networked airport ecosystems, green data centres, and advanced road, metro and water infrastructure. I see an exciting journey ahead given that every one of these sectors possesses multiple adjacencies to our existing businesses. Our results demonstrate that this purposeful model is working for us and we will continue to strengthen on all fronts to deliver greater shareholder value.” 


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Promoters pledged 0.02% of shares in last quarter. Total pledge stands at 4.53% of promoter holdings
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.    
27 Oct 2021, 05:44PM


  • Revenues for the quarter at Rs 34,773 crore - growth of 12% y-o-y
  • Operational PAT for the quarter at Rs 1,723 crore - growth of 56% y-o-y
  • Positive Outlook on business environment with overall economic activity progressing to pre-Covid levels.
  • Larsen & Toubro achieved Consolidated Revenues of Rs 34,773 crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, registering a y-o-y growth of 12%. The increase is attributed to project execution momentum with easing of regional lockdowns on progressive vaccination coverage and industry leading growth in the IT&TS portfolio. International sales during the quarter at Rs 12,318 crore constituted 35% of the total revenue.
  • For the half-year ended September 30, 2021, the Consolidated Revenues at Rs 64,108 crore recorded a y-o-y growth of 23% with international revenues during the half-year at Rs 23,505 crore constituting 37% of the total.
  • The Consolidated Net Profit After Tax (excluding exceptional items and discontinued operations) for the quarter at Rs 1,723 crore, registered a good growth of 56% over the corresponding quarter of the previous year. The growth is mainly driven by higher profits in the IT&TS portfolio and improved margins from the Projects & Manufacturing portfolio as the pandemic induced stress in previous periods progressively wanes out.
  • The Consolidated Net Profit After Tax (including exceptional items and discontinued operations) for the quarter at Rs 1,819 crore includes Rs 144 crore gain on divestment of stake in hydel power plant in Uttarakhand (a part of the Development Projects Segment) and tax expense of Rs 47 crore arising on transfer of the NxT Digital Business from the Parent to Mindtree Limited.
  • For the half-year ended September 30, 2021, Consolidated Net Profit After Tax (including exceptional items and discontinued operations) at Rs 2,994 crore declined by 49% y-o-y since the corresponding period of the previous year included the one-time gain on divestment of the Electrical & Automation business.
  • The Company bagged orders worth Rs 42,140 crore during the quarter ended September 30, 2021, registering a robust growth of 50% over the corresponding period of the previous year. Orders were received in various segments like Oil & Gas, Metros, Rural Water Supply, Minerals and Metal, Public Space and Power Transmission and Distribution. The International orders at Rs 22,116 crore during the quarter comprised 52% of the total order inflow.
  • On a cumulative basis, the order inflow for the half-year ended September 30, 2021 stood at Rs 68,697 crore, registering a growth of 33% over the corresponding period of the previous year. International orders at Rs 31,161 crore during the half-year constituted 45% of the total.
  • The consolidated order book of the group was at Rs 330,541 crore as on September 30, 2021, at near record levels, with international orders having a share of 23%



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Larsen & Toubro Ltd. is trading above all available SMAs