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Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

-34.0 %
-41.0 %
-47.1 %
 Positive  Negative  Pending
Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
ARSS Infrastructure Projec... 31.83   15-Sep-2020
Atlanta Ltd. 60.31   14-Sep-2020
Coromandel Engineering Com... 67.80   24-Jul-2020
Electrosteel Castings Ltd. 762.00   13-Aug-2020
Gayatri Projects Ltd. 345.38   27-Aug-2020
GI Engineering Solutions Ltd. 1.81   09-Aug-2020
GMR Infrastructure Ltd. 14455.98   27-Aug-2020
Hindustan Construction Com... 839.77   27-Aug-2020
ITD Cementation India Ltd. 886.43   16-Sep-2020
Jindal Saw Ltd. 2155.12   04-Aug-2020
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. 834.59   20-Aug-2020
JMC Projects (India) Ltd. 940.24   11-Aug-2020
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. 814.87   05-Aug-2020
Kaushalya Infrastructure D... 6.58   30-Aug-2020
KNR Constructions Ltd. 3795.97   18-Aug-2020
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 126458.28   22-Jul-2020
Maan Aluminium Ltd. 46.98   09-Aug-2020
Madhucon Projects Ltd. 19.19   16-Sep-2020
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. 1578.52   21-Aug-2020
Man Industries (India) Ltd. 410.26   12-Aug-2020
Man Infraconstruction Ltd. 669.49   08-Aug-2020
McNally Bharat Engineering... 107.90   08-Sep-2020
MBL Infrastructures Ltd. 84.85   15-Sep-2020
Mukand Engineers Ltd. 13.84   14-Aug-2020
NBCC (India) Ltd. 4635.00   14-Sep-2020
NCC Ltd. 1997.26   12-Aug-2020
OM Metals Infraprojects Ltd. 169.98   15-Sep-2020
Patel Engineering Ltd. 525.92   28-Aug-2020
Praj Industries Ltd. 1351.65   13-Aug-2020
Setubandhan Infrastructure... 9.43   17-Sep-2020
Prakash Steelage Ltd. 13.13   12-Sep-2020
PSL Ltd. 6.87   14-Sep-2020
Ramky Infrastructure Ltd. 214.17   19-Aug-2020
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. 5881.89   11-Aug-2020
Reliance Industrial InfraS... 606.42   14-Jul-2020
RPP Infra Projects Ltd. 127.01   16-Sep-2020
Sadbhav Engineering Ltd. 949.65   02-Sep-2020
Shriram EPC Ltd. 359.47   09-Sep-2020
SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. 68.22   15-Sep-2020
SPML Infra Ltd. 40.77   16-Sep-2020
Tarmat Ltd. 52.99   13-Sep-2020
Texmaco Rail & Engineering... 616.11   09-Sep-2020
Welspun Corp Ltd. 2998.82   28-Jul-2020
Welspun Enterprises Ltd. 993.18   31-Jul-2020
Zenith Steel Pipes & Indus... 13.78   15-Sep-2020
Nila Infrastructures Ltd. 194.98   10-Aug-2020
Skipper Ltd. 539.53   14-Sep-2020
Power Mech Projects Ltd. 638.31   15-Sep-2020
Kridhan Infra Ltd. 27.97   16-Sep-2020
ATV Projects India Ltd. 20.76   04-Aug-2020
Modulex Construction Techn... 44.48   16-Sep-2020
Shristi Infrastructure Dev... 112.67   14-Sep-2020
Conart Engineers Ltd. 6.30   10-Aug-2020
Rajdarshan Industries Ltd. 3.59   14-Sep-2020
Garnet Construction Ltd. 18.53   15-Sep-2020
Shelter Infra Projects Ltd. 4.76   15-Sep-2020
Paramone Concepts Ltd. 14.14   11-Sep-2020
Maruti Infrastructure Ltd. 21.88   14-Sep-2020
KCL Infra Projects Ltd. 1.84   18-Sep-2020
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd. 86.14   03-Sep-2020
GPT Infraprojects Ltd. 83.04   12-Aug-2020
Bronze Infra Tech Ltd. 0.52   16-Sep-2020
PVV Infra Ltd. 3.00   01-Sep-2020
Yuranus Infrastructure Ltd. 4.52   09-Sep-2020
Raunaq EPC International Ltd. 7.69   14-Aug-2020
Anubhav Infrastructure Ltd. 10.28   12-Aug-2020
GBL Industries Ltd. 1.25   15-Sep-2020
Generic Engineering Constr... 217.23   01-Sep-2020
Grovy India Ltd. 7.24   25-Aug-2020
Madhav Infra Projects Ltd. 131.70   16-Sep-2020
PSP Projects Ltd. 1540.62   05-Aug-2020
Salasar Techno Engineering... 242.39   28-Aug-2020
Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd. 29.79   05-Sep-2020
HG Infra Engineering Ltd. 1335.68   14-Aug-2020
Variman Global Enterprises... 22.18   14-Sep-2020
K&R Rail Engineering Ltd. 40.00   10-Sep-2020
Rites Ltd. 6385.00   11-Aug-2020
Gayatri Highways Ltd. 9.59   25-Jul-2020
Vivanta Industries Ltd. 3.10   15-Sep-2020
Ircon International Ltd. 4185.23   25-Aug-2020
Techno Electric & Engineer... 2285.80   29-Aug-2020
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. 4451.52   11-Sep-2020