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Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

-46.6 %
-53.2 %
-67.8 %
 Positive  Negative  Pending
Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
Adani Enterprises Ltd. 29744.09   06-Aug-2020
Alchemist Ltd. 6.85   15-Sep-2020
Ausom Enterprise Ltd. 56.61   02-Sep-2020
Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. 40.82   16-Sep-2020
Hexa Tradex Ltd. 157.17   06-Aug-2020
Indiabulls Integrated Serv... 344.89   13-Sep-2020
India Motor Parts & Access... 671.74   21-Aug-2020
Kothari Products Ltd. 169.79   16-Sep-2020
VIP Clothing Ltd. 76.81   13-Aug-2020
MMTC Ltd. 2422.50   14-Sep-2020
PAE Ltd. 1.98   15-Sep-2020
PTL Enterprises Ltd. 257.14   06-Aug-2020
Redington (India) Ltd. 4383.21   13-Aug-2020
Sakuma Exports Ltd. 122.62   14-Sep-2020
Salora International Ltd. 13.17   21-Aug-2020
Sicagen India Ltd. 43.33   08-Aug-2020
State Trading Corporation ... 322.20   16-Sep-2020
Uniphos Enterprises Ltd. 435.01   04-Aug-2020
Weizmann Ltd. 50.09   15-Sep-2020
Williamson Magor & Company... 17.59   21-Sep-2020
PDS Multinational Fashions... 797.42   15-Sep-2020
P H Capital Ltd. 3.84   22-Aug-2020
Kanel Industries Ltd. 0.63   15-Sep-2020
W H Brady & Company Ltd. 36.38   12-Sep-2020
Bombay Cycle & Motor Agenc... 25.43   13-Aug-2020
Muller & Phipps (India) Ltd. 2.06   13-Aug-2020
Modern India Ltd. 139.28   21-Aug-2020
Modella Woollens Ltd. 0.77   14-Sep-2020
Remi Sales & Engineering Ltd. 0.97   26-Aug-2020
Nyssa Corporation Ltd. 1.47   14-Sep-2020
Vinaditya Trading Company ... 1.58   17-Sep-2020
Maharashtra Corporation Ltd. 3.11   12-Sep-2020
Emergent Global Edu & Serv... 67.16   14-Sep-2020
Cravatex Ltd. 73.26   15-Aug-2020
Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics... 35.35   04-Sep-2020
Sat Industries Ltd. 185.46   14-Aug-2020
Yash Management & Satellit... 21.68   25-Aug-2020
Ushdev International Ltd. 6.43   11-Sep-2020
Abans Enterprises Ltd. 228.78   16-Sep-2020
Veritas (India) Ltd. 101.07   15-Sep-2020
Chambal Breweries & Distil... 1.21   10-Aug-2020
Aravali Securities & Finan... 2.65   26-Aug-2020
Sword-Edge Commercials Ltd. 8.92   07-Sep-2020
Nirav Commercials Ltd. 6.36   15-Sep-2020
Dhanlaxmi Cotex Ltd. 6.76   14-Sep-2020
Remi Elektrotechnik Ltd. 5.88   26-Aug-2020
Regent Enterprises Ltd. 8.33   24-Aug-2020
Yarn Syndicate Ltd. 0.92   19-Aug-2020
Garware Synthetics Ltd. 1.07   14-Sep-2020
Oswal Yarns Ltd. 1.36   21-Aug-2020
Ind-Agiv Commerce Ltd. 2.23   15-Sep-2020
Starlite Components Ltd. 5.69   16-Sep-2020
Vadilal Enterprises Ltd. 137.77   11-Aug-2020
Richirich Inventures Ltd. 1.61   21-Aug-2020
Tai Industries Ltd. 4.41   10-Aug-2020
Seasons Furnishings Ltd. 0.83   15-Sep-2020
Sunil Industries Ltd. 6.68   28-Aug-2020
NMS Resources Global Ltd. 2.00   14-Sep-2020
Rama Vision Ltd. 4.41   14-Aug-2020
Universal Office Automatio... 3.14   13-Aug-2020
Mitshi India Ltd. 21.08   15-Sep-2020
Precision Containeurs Ltd. 0.43   11-Sep-2020
AVI Products India Ltd. 1.83   14-Sep-2020
Priya Ltd. 3.83   14-Sep-2020
Nikhil Adhesives Ltd. 63.84   16-Sep-2020
Amrapali Industries Ltd. 18.76   15-Sep-2020
Enterprise International Ltd. 1.46   13-Aug-2020
Elegant Marbles & Grani In... 22.16   06-Aug-2020
Dhoot Industrial Finance Ltd. 17.03   09-Aug-2020
Urja Global Ltd. 139.48   11-Aug-2020
Vijay Textiles Ltd. 73.40   14-Sep-2020
Garodia Chemicals Ltd. 4.03   15-Sep-2020
SPS International Ltd. 2.31   18-Aug-2020
Fortune International Ltd. 6.34   15-Sep-2020
Chandra Prabhu Internation... 5.27   07-Aug-2020
Ador Fontech Ltd. 125.48   15-Aug-2020
Sumeru Industries Ltd. 5.33   21-Aug-2020
Shree Ganesh Elastoplast Ltd. 10.56   14-Aug-2020
Sarthak Global Ltd. 1.43   16-Sep-2020
Competent Automobiles Co Ltd. 75.53   15-Sep-2020
Catvision Ltd. 3.27   08-Sep-2020
Gagan Polycot India Ltd. 2.24   16-Sep-2020
LWS Knitwear Ltd. 1.03   14-Aug-2020
Mahan Industries Ltd. 0.79   09-Sep-2020
Devine Impex Ltd. 3.57   14-Sep-2020
RR Metalmakers India Ltd. 19.52   15-Sep-2020
Gini Silk Mills Ltd. 28.52   11-Sep-2020
Sun Techno Overseas Ltd. 14.36   07-Sep-2020
Lahoti Overseas Ltd. 28.67   16-Sep-2020
Unitech International Ltd. 5.13   18-Sep-2020
CCL International Ltd. 25.91   31-Aug-2020
WEP Solutions Ltd. 48.82   15-Sep-2020
Beeyu Overseas Ltd. 0.54   08-Sep-2020
Mukta Agriculture Ltd. 5.07   06-Sep-2020
Binny Mills Ltd. 18.32   21-Aug-2020
Kushal Ltd. 90.35   16-Sep-2020
RCI Industries & Technolog... 15.49   16-Sep-2020
Apollo TriCoat Tubes Ltd. 1645.86   27-Jul-2020
Fruition Venture Ltd. 3.20   17-Aug-2020
Panache Innovations Ltd. 9.57   26-Aug-2020
Fraser & Company Ltd. 2.46   16-Sep-2020
Devhari Exports (India) Ltd. 32.68   15-Sep-2020
Jyotirgamya Enterprises Ltd. 7.13   20-Sep-2020
Dr. Habeebullah Life Scien... 76.26   14-Sep-2020
Neeraj Paper Marketing Ltd. 13.18   04-Sep-2020
Welcon International Ltd. 13.70   15-Sep-2020
IGC Industries Ltd. 11.24   16-Sep-2020
Gaurav Mercantiles Ltd. 64.20   19-Aug-2020
Beekay Niryat Ltd. 7.45   21-Sep-2020
Roxy Exports Ltd. 11.16   16-Sep-2020
CHD Chemicals Ltd. 62.37   09-Sep-2020
Radhey Trade Holding Ltd. 6.32   05-Aug-2020
Pulsar International Ltd. 0.41   15-Sep-2020
Kabsons Industries Ltd. 6.55   15-Sep-2020
Quasar India Ltd. 4.66   06-Aug-2020
Ramasigns Industries Ltd. 9.99   15-Sep-2020
Sai Baba Investment & Comm... 2.71   16-Sep-2020
Ejecta Marketing Ltd. 0.70   09-Sep-2020
Franklin Industries Ltd. 3.56   15-Sep-2020
Omansh Enterprises Ltd. 0.59   15-Sep-2020
New Light Apparels Ltd. 7.32   21-Aug-2020
Danube Industries Ltd. 5.28   31-Aug-2020
Polo Queen Industrial and ... 59.96   14-Sep-2020
Trident Texofab Ltd. 25.75   08-Sep-2020
Chandrima Mercantiles Ltd. 8.77   13-Aug-2020
Svarnim Trade Udyog Ltd. 7.68   28-Aug-2020
Mehai Technology Ltd. 23.35   15-Sep-2020
Mystic Electronics Ltd. 3.95   06-Sep-2020
Norris Medicines Ltd. 4.96   24-Aug-2020
Sabrimala Industries India... 4.16   16-Sep-2020
Ramgopal Polytex Ltd. 2.03   02-Sep-2020
Prismx Global Ventures Ltd. 36.45   14-Sep-2020
Mercury Metals Ltd. 1.15   28-Aug-2020
Maximus International Ltd. 123.14   18-Aug-2020
The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd. 268.98   13-Aug-2020
Pazel International Ltd. 5.81   15-Sep-2020
Globe Commercials Ltd. 3.68   21-Aug-2020
Triveni Enterprises Ltd. 331.42   15-Sep-2020
Ashnisha Industries Ltd. 0.88   16-Sep-2020
Tinna Trade Ltd. 15.93   15-Sep-2020
Nivaka Fashions Ltd. 95.50   14-Sep-2020
Ambassador Intra Holdings ... -   16-Sep-2020
MSTC Ltd. 1113.02   04-Sep-2020
Chandni Machines Ltd. 2.94   16-Sep-2020
Vikas Multicorp Ltd. 567.29   03-Aug-2020