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The most recent Block for Zensar Technologies Ltd. happened on 27 Mar 2018.

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Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
INSTANT HOLDINGS LIMITEDBlock Purchase 27 Mar 2018884.20224,000BSE
CRYSTAL INDIA TECH TRUSTBlock Sell 27 Mar 2018884.20224,000BSE
GANESH NATARAJANBulk Sell 05 Nov 2015914.06325,000NSE
GANESH NATARAJANBulk Sell 10 Mar 2015668.59253,000NSE
RPG CELLULAR INVESTMENTS & HOL.P.LTDBulk Purchase 12 Jan 2010333.26140,000NSE
PEDRIANO INVESTMENTS LTDBulk Sell 12 Jan 2010333.25140,000NSE
RPG CELLULAR INVESTMENTS & HOL.P.LTDBulk Purchase 08 Jan 2010331.41430,000NSE
PEDRIANO INVESTMENTS LTDBulk Sell 08 Jan 2010331.41430,000NSE
RPG CELLULAR INVESTMENTS & HOL.P.LTDBulk Purchase 07 Jan 2010343.67430,000NSE
PEDRIANO INVESTMENTS LTDBulk Sell 07 Jan 2010343.67430,000NSE
RPG CELLULAR INVESTMENTS & HOL.P.LTDBulk Purchase 04 Jan 2010331.43430,000NSE
PEDRIANO INVESTMENTS LTDBulk Sell 04 Jan 2010331.38430,000NSE
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