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BSENov 30, 2021 11:28 AM

Bulk and Block deals for Bodhtree Consulting Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk deal for Bodhtree Consulting Ltd. happened on Sept. 24, 2021 on BSE. 252,450 shares were traded at an average price of Rs 52.75.

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Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
PADMANABHAN BALASUBRAMANIAMBulk Purchase 24 Sep 202152.75252,450BSE
VENKAT RAMA RAJU VEGESINABulk Sell 24 Sep 202152.75100,000BSE
PADMANABHAN BALASUBRAMANIAMBulk Purchase 23 Sep 202150.25173,000BSE
VENKAT RAMA RAJU VEGESINABulk Sell 23 Sep 202150.25150,000BSE
T KRISHNAMURTHYBulk Purchase 22 Sep 202147.50100,000BSE
VENKAT RAMA RAJU VEGESINABulk Sell 22 Sep 202147.90100,000BSE
PADMANABHAN BALASUBRAMANIAMBulk Purchase 21 Sep 202145.65170,580BSE
RAJASEKHAR GUTTIKONDABulk Purchase 14 Jun 202149.78155,000BSE
SUBRAMANIAM REVATHI VENKATESHBulk Purchase 28 Jun 201936.75100,000BSE
UMESH M SHAH (HUF)Bulk Purchase 28 Jun 201936.77109,357BSE
AMRUTHA ILAIAHBulk Purchase 28 Jun 201934.60184,284BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Sell 28 Jun 201936.22934,284BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Sell 27 Jun 201936.45200,000BSE
VANDANA DAGABulk Sell 09 Apr 201938.55203,400BSE
VANDANA DAGABulk Purchase 30 Jan 201942.50203,400BSE
SUKUMAR BANDIREDDIBulk Purchase 04 Sep 201866.98296,000BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Sell 04 Sep 201867295,000BSE
VENKAT RAMARAJU VEGESINABulk Purchase 31 Aug 201865.93210,000BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Sell 31 Aug 201866205,216BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Purchase 22 Jun 201865.5046BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Sell 22 Jun 201864128,000BSE
NATHI BAI SONIBulk Purchase 15 Jun 201866.02245,000BSE
SANJIV GUPTABulk Sell 15 Jun 201866.06372,046BSE
DARSHANNA BHAVESH PANDYABulk Purchase 18 Dec 201779.9364,194BSE
DARSHANNA BHAVESH PANDYABulk Sell 18 Dec 201777.96133,033BSE
DARSHANNA BHAVESH PANDYABulk Purchase 15 Dec 201777.12111,104BSE
DARSHANNA BHAVESH PANDYABulk Sell 15 Dec 201777.8684,974BSE
BODHTREE SOLUTIONSBulk Sell 09 Dec 201640.29300,000BSE
ANITA SONIBulk Purchase 29 Aug 201628500,000BSE
ANITA SONIBlock Purchase 29 Aug 201628500,000BSE
BODHTREE SOLUTIONSBulk Sell 29 Aug 201628500,000BSE
BODHTREE SOLUTIONSBlock Sell 29 Aug 201628500,000BSE
HARIKISHEN BRIJMOHAN SONI HUFBulk Sell 06 Jan 201657.0396,861BSE
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