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BSENov 25, 2020 03:31 PM

Board Meetings - Atharv Enterprises Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Atharv Enterprises Ltd. - ATHARVENT, 530187

2020-11-03Quarterly Results
2020-08-07Quarterly Results
2020-06-17Audited Results
2020-02-07Quarterly Results
2019-11-11Quarterly Results
2019-08-09Quarterly Results
2019-05-27Audited Results
2019-02-08Quarterly Results
2018-11-13Quarterly Results
2018-08-13Quarterly Results
2018-05-29Audited Results
2018-02-28Consolidation of Shares
2018-02-14Quarterly Results
2017-11-14Quarterly Results
2017-08-12Audited & Quarterly Results
2017-05-29Audited Results
2017-02-14Quarterly Results & OthersTaking note of resignation of Mr. Deepak Sureshchandra Mandowara from Directorship of the Company.
2016-11-08Quarterly Results
2016-09-01OthersNotice of AGM & Directors Report of the Company along with the Corporate Governance Report for financial year 2015-16.
2016-08-13Quarterly Results
2016-03-21Allotment of Bonus shares
2016-02-10Quarterly Results & Bonus IssueTo authonze Mr. Jagdish Gadia to enter into the new Listing Agreement as per SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosures Requirements) Regulations, 2015.
2015-11-09Quarterly Results
2015-08-13Quarterly Results & Others1.CS Rohan Sharma resigned from post of Company Secretary. 2. CS Karishma Kandelwal has been appointed as Company Secretary.
2015-05-29Audited Results
2015-03-30Appointment of Women Director
2015-02-10Quarterly Results
2014-11-13Quarterly Results
2014-02-13Quarterly Results
2013-11-12Quarterly Results
2013-08-13Quarterly Results & Stock Split
2013-02-12Quarterly Results
2012-11-09Quarterly Results
2012-06-14Audited Results
2012-05-08Quarterly Results
2012-03-05Preferential Issue of Equity SharesTo finalise the proposed Allottees for preferential issue of 37,70,000 Equity Shares to Promoters and Non Promoters towards raising of additional capital by the Company.
2012-02-07Quarterly Results & OthersTo discuss on preferential issue of Shares towards raising of additional Capital by the Company & to appoint Mr. Rohan Sharma, as Whole Time Company Secretary of the Company.
2011-11-07Quarterly Results
2011-08-12Audited, Quarterly Results & Others
2011-07-20Resignation of Director
2011-05-06Quarterly Results
2011-02-02Quarterly Results
2010-11-02Quarterly Results
2010-07-31Quarterly Results
2010-05-04Quarterly Results
2010-02-01Quarterly Results
2009-11-03Quarterly Results
2009-08-19Quarterly Results(Revised)
2009-06-08Audited Results(Revised)
2009-05-29Quarterly Results(Revised)
2009-02-09Quarterly Results(Revised)
2008-10-25Quarterly Results
2008-08-12Audited & Quarterly Results
2008-04-30Quarterly Results
2008-01-18Quarterly Results
2007-10-15Quarterly Results
2007-08-20Audited Results & Quarterly Results(Revised)
2007-08-10Audited Results & Quarterly Results
2007-04-30Quarterly Results
2007-02-07Quarterly Results(Revised)
2006-11-13Quarterly Results(Revised)
2006-03-02Quarterly Results
2006-02-02Quarterly Results
2005-11-05Quarterly Results
2005-08-09Accounts & Quarterly Results(Revised)
2005-04-26Quarterly Results
2005-01-31Quarterly Results
2004-10-30Quarterly Results
2004-08-11Accounts, Quarterly Results & OthersName change of the company (Revised)
2003-10-30Quarterly Results
2003-08-12Quarterly Results & Accounts
2001-08-14Quarterly Results & Accounts
2000-08-05Quarterly Results & Accounts
1999-07-31Quarterly Results, Accounts
1999-01-30Quarterly Results
1998-10-29Quarterly Results
1997-05-31Half Yearly Results.