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08 May 2022
Even Better: New Compare Stocks, IPO Dashboard, App Launches

You have been writing to us regularly with new feature requests. Our engineering team has been on it, and some of the most popular requests just went live!

1) Compare any two stocksYou hold Infosys but wonder about TCS. You have ICICI Bank but dream about HDFC Bank. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Now you can find out with our Compare Stocks tool, where you can compare a stock with any other.

2) IPO Dashboard: The new IPO Dashboard analyzes all live and upcoming IPOs, providing strengths and weaknesses of upcoming listings as well as the performance (including gains till date) of recent listings. See the dashboard as well as details of new IPOs including LIC, Venus Pipes and Delhivery

3) And the Trendlyne app just got prettier and more powerful: We have added new updates, including Futures & Options and Dark Mode. Update/download the app to get the new features.

Stay safe in volatile markets, 

As always,

The Trendlyne Team

vasant08 Metrics is unavailable now for stocks in watchlist. The tab is present but clicking on it doesn't do anything. Pls have a look. Thanks
11 May 2022
The Baseline Hi Vasant, We are not able to reproduce this problem, its working for us. Can you please send us a screenshot of where its failing to load? Thanks
11 May 2022
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01 Feb 2022

Mar 2021

- Data Downloaderfor watchlists launched

- Forecaster detailed table in Financials and in forecaster

Feb 2021

- ASM is now available on the website. Screener parameters ASM Long term stage  and  ASM Short term stageare available as premium parameters.

- Import portfolio V2 launched. Import from a excel file directly.

- Checklist launched for Debt Mutual Funds

- Company brief, directors and board salary.

Jan 2021

Forecaster is available on mobile apps

Dec 2021

Forecaster is available to GuruQ and StartQ subscribers

Oct 2021

iOS app is available on Apple Appstore

Rapid Results  lets you keep track of results as they are declared

Sep 2021

MF Checklist Check before you buy

BSE quarterly results notes are available in financial tables

Relative Performance screeners are available here

17 Aug 2021

Export Super

14 Jun 2021

Create custom parameters and use them in my metrics and screeners. Blog Post here 

8 Jun 2021

Target Price Alerts are available here

1 Jun 2021

Stock Overview page new version release with timeline for corporate events 

8 May 2021

Results PDF are now available in the financial tables for each quarter

10 Apr 2021

Superstar pages now support 9 quarters worth of history. 

06 Apr 2021

1. Stock overview - Manage metrics: You can populate your favorite metrics and parameters in the stock overview page. Insights below each parameter are also available. This solves the issue of  '"X" should be added to the list'. You have full control over it now.

Overview Metrics

31 Mar 2021

1. My Notes List: You can check all your notes from a single page from Watchlist -> My Notes. Link

2. SWOT in screeners: Premium subscribers can now query SWOT numbers in their screeners. "SWOT Strengths", "SWOT Weakness", "SWOT Threats" and "SWOT Opportunities" can now be used in screeners like:

SWOT Strengths  > 10  AND SWOT Threats  < 6   

19 Mar 2021

F&O pages: F&O pages are being revamped. 

19 Mar 2021

See Details: Click on 'see details' on any table to see the details of the stock without navigating away from the table.

See Details

10 Mar 2021

1. Save Charts configuration: Stock charts and F&O charts now have a'save configuration' option. This lets you save the studies as well as the chart type - candlestick, line or OHLC. When you navigate to the new page, this configuration is automatically loaded for you. 

2. Lifetime High and Lifetime Lows: "All Time High" and "All Time Low" are now available in the screening module for premium subscribers.

08 Mar 2021

Relative Strength screeners are available here now. Comparison parameters are available for Nifty50, Nifty500 and Sensex and parameters like Nifty50 Five Years change % as well as relative returns parameters like Relative returns vs Nifty50 five years% are also available. Try a screener like the following to fetch stocks which consistently outperform the indices using Create Screener

Qtr Change % > Nifty50 Quarter change % AND
1Yr change % > Nifty50 Year change % AND
2Yr price change % > Nifty50 Two Years change % AND
5Yr price change % > Nifty50 Five Years change % 

05 Mar 2021

We have been working on the new Stock Overview pages. The overview page now supports the following summaries

- Peer comparison radar charts under financials

- Documents now have Annual Reports, Earnings calls and Analyst presentations made by the company. This is great to hear what the management has to say about the company. Videos are also available in this section

- Technicals, Shareholding, Deals and Corporate Actions summaries are all available in a single page along with stock News.

02 Mar 2021

1. Corporate announcement alerts are now available as part of Alpha alerts as hourly and daily digests to subscribers. Add any stock to your watchlist and Portfolio and if you have the alert active, you will be notified on your email.

2. Events alerts are now available as part of Alpha alerts to all users. You will be notified on email for upcoming events like Bonus, Splits, Dividends, Result board meetings etc.

aashutoshmulatkar hi team can we apply alpha alerts to nifty 500 scrips without adding in watchlist/portfolio??
30 Mar 2022
09 May 2022
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14 Jun 2021
NEW: Build your own stock scores and metrics with Custom Parameters

You can now make your own custom parameters on trendlyne! You can create these from the 1000+ parameters that are available. Once you create and save your parameters, you can use them in all screeners and Your Metrics. 

Custom parameters can be typed in the same way as screener creation queries, and saved after filling in a parameter name. 

Here for example, we are creating a Custom Score from Trendlyne's DVM Score parameters:

After saving this, the custom score we made appears in the available parameter list for use in screeners, and can be added to all the stock overview pages using Manage Metrics.

Give it a test drive and let us know what you think.

velu130486 Hello Team, I tried to create the custom parameter and it works. However when the data is not available for current quarter my final result shows zero
( MF holding current Qtr % ) + ( FII holding current Qtr % ). If FII Holding Current Qtr% is not available then my custom parameter shows 0
Could you please advice how to solve this problem.
12 Jan 2022
velu130486 Also I need a parameter to categorize stocks based on Market Cap like Large CAP, Mid cap, small cap and microcap. Please advice how to add the same using custom parameter
12 Jan 2022
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02 Dec 2020
Who says analysis can't be beautiful?: FII/DII and peer comparison charts

Humans are getting pretty good with reading data, but visual analysis always helps. We have been building powerful visualizations for our users, and among the most useful are FII/DII Analysis, and Peer Comparison charts in Financials. 

FII DII Analysis

Trendlyne's FII/DII Analysis lets you look at how much, and where FII and DII investors are buying and selling. It gives you snapshots, daily data, monthly data and overviews for equity, debt and derivatives inflows and outflows, for both FII investors and MF investors. 

Scroll down, and the table on the same page gives you a detailed visual analysis of FII and DII flows day to day over the past 30 days. Each individual table row can be expanded into a Sankey diagram, that shows you the inflows and outflows. 

The closed table also functions like a heat map, where the columns are color coded to indicate the intensity of inflows and outflows from FIIs and DIIs. Darker greens indicate bigger inflows than average. Darker reds indicate bigger outflows than average. 

Peer Comparison Analysis

The new peer comparison charts on every stock financials page allows users to quickly see how the company is doing, across various parameters, compared to their industry peers.

For example, for Infosys the user can quickly see how Infy is ranked among 108 industry companies in Market Cap, Momentum Score, PE TTM, Five Year Price Change%, and so on. 

Happy visualizing, 

Parul and the Trendlyne Team

The Baseline Hi Rahul, We are unaware of a backtesting tool that accounts for these constituent changes. Please point us to one. We are compliant with current regulations on this.
21 Dec 2021
poulomib Backtesting should allow for different entry and exit criterion. Right now, you can only run backtesting on one screener essentially meaning all stocks that meet the screener criterion enter the backtest and all that doesn't meet in next cycle, exit it. However, exit and entry criterion are usually different and the backtesting should accommodate this.
20 Jan 2022
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03 Sep 2020
New charts, and launching delivery analysis

We have been pushing improvements to Trendlyne, and you should have seen two big changes over the past week. 

Charts, charts, more charts!

For easy analysis, on every screener table and stock page there is now a small chart icon next to each indicator. This means that the indicator can be clicked on to see the historical chart.

Such history is now available for nearly all parameters on Trendlyne, for subscribers.

For example, see the icon on the PE indicator of the Granules India stock page when you hover on the number:

On clicking, you will see that indicator's full history:

We have also launched detailed Delivery Analysis for every stock. You can now also do delivery analysis while combining exchange data:

You also get detailed day by day analysis and insights:

t.sajaska is it possible to add sectorial analysis to see which sector is bullish and inflow of smart money.
22 Dec 2020
19 Aug 2021
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18 Mar 2020
What's New: Stocks in Buy Zone, Sell Zone Screeners

As the coronavirus spreads and shares fall, we have launched new parameters to help users navigate the bear market and find the best bargains. These new screener parameters are currently free for all users:

Buy Zone: Stocks that trade above their current Price to Earnings (PE) or Price to Book Value (P/BV) at least 75% of the time (in trading days)

Sell Zone: Stocks that trade belowtheir current PE or P/BV at least 75% of the time (in trading days)

Neutral Zone: Stocks that trade at their current PE or P/BV most of the time (in trading days)

You can also check out these prebuilt screeners with the new parameters: Stocks in the Buy ZoneStocks in the Sell ZoneStocks in the Neutral Zone

How are these useful?

Price to Earnings (PE) and Price to Book Value (P/BV) are valuation numbers widely used to check whether stocks are cheap or expensive at their current prices. There are 3 ways to compare these valuation ratios:

1. Compare with peers in the same industry, as is available in the peer group section of fundamental pages. 

2. Compare present value with averages. For example, this screener on Trendlyne chooses stocks which are trading below their 3Yr, 5Yr and 10Yr PE averages.

3. However, experts recommed looking at how many days the stock trades above or below a certain valuation. The frequency distribution of the valuation helps investors put money in a stock only when the stock is in the buy zone of the distribution. So if the stock trades only 10% of days below the current value of PE or P/BV, then it is in the Buy Zone.

If you prefer, you can customize this further and narrow the buy/sell window using the following parameters :

%Days traded below current PE Price to Earnings (example query: %Days traded below current PE Price to Earnings < 20)

%Days traded below current Price to Book Value (example query: %Days traded below current Price to Book Value < 20)

Keep in mind that markets may continue to fall further on coronavirus news, and prices may not find their bottom for a while. 

Stay safe in volatile markets.

kotadia_nitin @maruthi4, Please guide us how do you get historical option data from Trendlyne. please share step by step guideline, it will more help full to users.
29 Jul 2020
prashpeds Hi. In my screeners section, I'm surprised to see some of my self-created screeners no longer available. Rather seems like they are deleted! Can you please let me know what the issue is?
19 Apr 2021
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22 Jan 2020
NEW: Portfolio Health Check, Fundamental Pages

New launches this week include a powerful new Portfolio Analyzer for your portfolio. This gives you a quick Health Check for your portfolio. You can now calculate the true value of your portfolio with the Portfolio NAV, analyze your buy/sell/hold decisions, and get insights on your best and worst investments. 

New fundamental pages have also been launched across all stocks, for simpler analysis. Check out the new pages for Reliance and HDFC Bank

Been tracking Q3 results season via the result dashboard? Here you can drilldown results at both industry and stock level. Our popular LiveResult Screeners also let you track results using specific criteria. 

jk6 unable to see profit and loss owner wise or financial year wise... can you please add these options
02 Jun 2021
praveen207 There is an option of uploading the mutual funds? Have sent several mail to read the transaction from the CAMS Consil statemment like any other MF Stock Advisor. Seems like you dont want to reply to te followups
28 Oct 2021
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04 Jul 2019
New Screeners: Support and Resistance
28 Apr 2020
Trendlyne Talk    
10 Jun 2019
NEW: Check the Buy or Sell Zone of a Stock

A new feature now available on every Trendlyne stock page - users can check the buy/sell zone of a stock based on historical PE and Price to Book Value. Users can see if the stock they are considering buying or selling, is in its sell zone or buy zone relative to its price, earnings and book value ratios. 

This link will now be visible for all users, across stock pages. So far PE data is available from 2017, and more history will be added over the next couple of weeks. Happy browsing. 

manoj_kumar48 Please add info about the company in the home page. This is a badly needed feature.
01 Sep 2021
25 Sep 2021
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17 Apr 2019
NEW features: F&O screeners, and 12 year backtesting

We are constantly working to improve our products, and we have just launched some new features at the request of users. 

- A performance update: Despite volatile markets, our DVM screeners have been on the upswing. Four stocks were added in recent weeks to our Long Term Select screener, and all four have delivered positive returns. 

Feature updates:

- Now run backtests starting from 2007 to check returns on screeners! That's six more years added to backtesting. This brings the backtest period to 12 years

New Futures and Options Screeners:  We have added 24 Futures and Options parameters to our screener system! You can now build screeners combining multiple factors such as Open Interest change %, Volume Change and more. 

Happy investing!

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