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04 Jul 2018
New feature: Multiple Watchlists for Users

A request from our users has been for multiple watchlists.  This is now live on trendlyne. Free users can create two watchlists, while subscribers can create as many watchlists as they want. All your watchlists are available under the portfolio section, on this link

What does this feature allow you to do? 

1) Click on the bookmark icon on any stock page to add a stock to one of your watchlists. You will be given multiple drop down options for the watchlist. You can choose to add the stock into the Default Watchlist, or create a new one. 


2) You can create watchlists for indices as well, to track these separately. You can see all the watchlists you created here

3) You can create screener alerts for your watchlists. You can for example, create a screener with a particular query, say RSI > 50, and set it to just your watchlist (see below). A Screener Alert once set for this, will send a trigger whenever any stock in your watchlist crosses RSI 50. 



4) Backtest your watchlists to check watchlist level returns. You can run backtests on your watchlists. To check the backtest performance on your entire watchlist of stocks you can do a basic screener query (eg, Current Price >0), choose your watchlist for backtesting, and run the backtest. 

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