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03 Sep 2020
New charts, and launching delivery analysis


We have been pushing improvements to Trendlyne, and you should have seen two big changes over the past week. 

Charts, charts, more charts!

For easy analysis, on every screener table and stock page there is now a small chart icon next to each indicator. This means that the indicator can be clicked on to see the historical chart.

Such history is now available for nearly all parameters on Trendlyne, for subscribers.

For example, see the icon on the PE indicator of the Granules India stock page when you hover on the number:

On clicking, you will see that indicator's full history:


We have also launched detailed Delivery Analysis for every stock. You can now also do delivery analysis while combining exchange data:

You also get detailed day by day analysis and insights:

22 Dec 2020  Like
t.sajaska is it possible to add sectorial analysis to see which sector is bullish and inflow of smart money.
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