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Board Meetings - APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.

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2021-06-03Audited Results
2021-01-25Quarterly Results
2020-10-28Quarterly Results & Stock Split
2020-08-13Quarterly Results
2020-06-30Audited Results(Revised)
2020-06-26Audited Results
2020-01-25Quarterly Results
2019-11-09Quarterly Results
2019-08-10Quarterly Results
2019-05-18Audited Results & Final Dividend
2019-02-14Quarterly Results
2018-11-05Quarterly Results & OthersPreferential Issue of shares & Issue Of Warrants
2018-08-08Quarterly Results
2018-05-25Audited Results & Dividend(Revised)
2018-01-25Quarterly Results
2017-12-11Quarterly Results
2017-09-09Quarterly Results
2017-05-20Audited Results & Dividend
2017-03-29OthersApproved the allotment of 500 Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD s) having face value of Rs. 10,00,000/- each.
2017-01-28Quarterly Results
2016-10-29Quarterly Results & OthersTo appoint Mr. Sharad Mahendra as Director of the Company.
2016-08-13Quarterly Results
2016-05-30Audited Results & DividendAccepted the Resignation of Mr. Sameer Gupta, Director of the Company.
2016-02-12Quarterly Results
2015-11-09Quarterly Results
2015-09-28OthersAllotted 750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty) rated, secured, redeemable, non-cumulative, taxable non-convertible debentures having face value of Rs. 10,00,000 (Rupees Ten Lakhs) each at par.
2015-07-28Quarterly ResultsTake on record and approved the grant of 7,24,000 options under APL Apollo Employee Stock' Option Scheme-2015.
2015-06-13Scheme of Amalgamation & OthersTo Consider and approve the APL Apollo Employee Stock Option Plan - 2015.
2015-05-09Audited Results & DividendTo consider and approve the proposal of Merger of Lloyds Line Pipes Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary with the Company itself.
2015-03-24OthersTo finalize and the terms and conditions for acquisition of M/s. MVM Metal & Alloys Private Limited and approve the proposal to acquire M/s. MVM Metal & Alloys Private Limited as a Subsidary Comp.
2015-02-18OthersPresentation on Familiarization Program on provisions and compliance requirements in respect of Independent Director under Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement and the Companies Act, 2013.
2015-02-04Quarterly Results
2014-11-12Quarterly Results
2014-08-04Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results & Final Dividend
2014-02-12Quarterly Results
2013-11-14Quarterly Results
2013-09-30Amalgamation/MergerTo consider and approve the scheme of merger of M/s Lloyds Line Pipes Limited, a subsidiary of the Comany into it viz. M/s Apollo Tubes Limited.
2013-08-13Quarterly Results & OthersTo consider:- To allot equity shares on conversion of preferential warrants issued earlier.
2013-05-30Audited Results & Final Dividend
2013-02-14Quarterly Results
2012-11-10Quarterly Results
2012-09-03Audited Results & Final Dividend
2012-08-07Quarterly Results
2012-06-21Conversion of Preferential WarrantsInter alia, to consider allotment of Equity Shares on conversion of preferential warrants issued earlier.
2012-05-14Quarterly Results
2012-03-14Conversion of Preferential WarrantsFor allotment of 10,00,000 fully paid-up Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each of the Company on conversion of 10,00,000 Warrants out of 16,41,953 warrants issued earlier at a price of Rs. 176/- each.
2012-02-14Allotment of WarrantsTo allot 15,00,000 Warrants, as approved by the members of the Company at their meeting held on November 18, 2011.
2012-02-09Quarterly Results
2011-11-14Quarterly Results
2011-10-19Others1. Appointment of managerial personnel(s) and issuance of securities to them on preferential basis. 2. Corporate restructuring of the businesses, alongwith its wholly owned subsidiaries.
2011-08-30Audited Results
2011-07-21Quarterly Results
2011-05-14Quarterly Results & OthersTo consider induction of new management personnels & issuance of Securities on preferential basis.
2011-01-31Quarterly Results
2010-12-22Issue Of WarrantsTo allot Warrants on preferential basis, pursuant to the special resolution passed by the members of the Company.
2010-10-18Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2010-09-20Allotment of Warrants & OthersFor allotment 15,61,364 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each fully paid-up to the existing Shareholders of said 'LLPL' to Shankara Pipes India Ltd, a Strategic Investor & 16,41,953 Warrants to APLIPL.
2010-09-01Audited Results
2010-07-28Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2010-04-26Interim Dividend
2010-01-11Interim Dividend
2009-10-31Quarterly Results
2009-07-29Quarterly Results
2009-04-30Quarterly Results
2009-01-30Quarterly Results
2008-10-31Quarterly Results
2008-09-01Audited Results & OthersTo increase the limits of foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) Investment in the securities of the Company & to re-appoint of Mr. Sanjay Gupta as Managing Director of the Company.
2008-07-28Quarterly Results
2008-05-16To consider various fund raising optionsTo consider and evaluate the various fund raising options such as Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) and / or American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and / Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB's) etc.
2008-04-28Quarterly Results & OthersAllotment of 17,98,333 equity shares of Rs 10/- each of the Company to the existing shareholders of Shri. Lakshmi Metal Udhyog Ltd on preferential basis.
2008-01-31Quarterly Results
2008-01-23Conversion of Preferential WarrantsTo consider allotment of equity shares on conversion of preferential warrants issued to the Promoters and other Strategic Investors. (Revised)
2007-10-10Quarterly Results
2007-07-05Quarterly Results
2007-06-14To consider AcquisitionInter alia, for finalizing the terms and conditions of acquiring of the running business / Acquisition / Acquisition of Shareholding of M/s. Apollo Metalex (P) Ltd.
2007-06-06Allotment of Bonus shares
2007-04-23Quarterly Results
2007-04-16Increase in Authorised Capital
2007-01-10Qtr.Results, I.Dividend & Bonus Issue
2006-11-21To consider issue of warrantsInter alia, to consider the issue of warrants by Preferential Allotment u/s 81(1A) of the Companies Act, 1956.
2006-10-07Quarterly Results
2002-04-29Quarterly Results