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Board Meetings - Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd. - ADVANIHOTR, 523269

2021-05-12OthersInter alia, to consider and approve consideration of continuation of directorship of Mrs Menaka S Advani, Non Executive and Non-Independent Director.
2021-02-11Quarterly Results
2020-11-10Quarterly Results
2020-09-14Quarterly Results
2020-06-30Audited Results
2020-02-11Interim Dividend
2020-02-03Quarterly Results
2019-11-14Quarterly Results
2019-09-17Interim Dividend
2019-08-13Quarterly Results
2019-05-10Audited Results & Dividend
2019-02-14Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2018-11-02Quarterly Results
2018-08-09Quarterly Results
2018-05-17Audited Results & Final Dividend
2018-02-12Quarterly Results
2017-11-30Quarterly Results & Interim DividendFirst Interim Dividend
2017-08-14Quarterly Results
2017-05-23Audited Results
2017-01-27Quarterly Results & 2nd Interim Dividend
2016-11-02Quarterly Results
2016-07-28Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2016-05-16Audited Results
2016-02-10Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2015-11-14Quarterly Results
2015-10-01OthersAppointment of Dr. S. D. Israni, as an Additional Director and Non Executive Independent Director.
2015-08-03Quarterly Results
2015-05-13Audited Results & Final Dividend
2015-02-10Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2014-11-10Quarterly Results
2014-08-01Quarterly Results
2014-05-19Audited Results & Dividend
2014-01-29Quarterly Results
2013-10-29Quarterly Results
2013-07-30Quarterly Results
2013-05-13Audited Results
2013-02-08Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2012-11-12Quarterly Results(Revised)
2012-08-14Quarterly Results
2012-07-10Audited Results
2012-05-15Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2012-02-08Quarterly Results
2011-11-04Quarterly Results
2011-08-05Quarterly Results
2011-05-13Audited Results & Dividend
2011-02-14Quarterly Results
2010-11-04Audited, Quarterly Results & Dividend(Board meeting postphoned from 01/11/2010)
2010-08-12Quarterly Results
2010-05-07Quarterly Results
2010-01-29Quarterly Results
2010-01-19To sale of the Company's StakeTo sale of the Co's 50.997% Stake in its subsidiary viz, Advani Pleasure Cruise Company Pvt. Ltd. to M/s. Delta Corp Ltd. on the terms & conditions agreed to in the Share Purchase Agreement.
2009-10-30Quarterly Results
2009-08-13Audited Results & DividendTo consider & approve the audited accounts for the financial year ended March 31, 2009 and the recommendation of dividend. (Revised)
2009-07-30Quarterly ResultsTo defer the decision relating to the consideration and approval of the audited accounts for the financial year ended March 31, 2009 & the recommendation of dividend, if any.
2009-04-25Quarterly Results & OthersTo review the operations of the Co's subsidiary Advani Pleasure Cruise Co. Pvt. Ltd & consider sale of investment in this subsidiary & to take note of the sanction of the managerial remuneration.
2009-01-31Quarterly Results
2008-12-15OthersTo consider: Mr. Prakash Mehta, Independent Director on the Board, has been co-opted as a member of the Remuneration Committee.
2008-10-22Quarterly Results
2008-07-18Audited, Qtr Results & F. DividendTo fix the date, time and venue of the 21st Annual General Meeting of the Company.
2008-04-23Quarterly Results & Interim DividendIssue of securities to promoters and others to part-finance the refurbishment of the Hotel.
2008-01-31Quarterly Results
2007-12-21OthersTo discuss and consider the following: 1. The sale of flight kitchen unit of the Company. 2. To approve the draft Resolution of postal ballot and explanatory statement thereto.
2007-10-26Quarterly Results
2007-08-24Sub Division of Equity shares
2007-07-31Quarterly Results
2007-04-26Quarterly Results
2007-03-22Interim Dividend
2007-01-30Quarterly Results
2006-10-26Quarterly Results
2006-07-31Quarterly Results
2006-04-26Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2006-01-30Quarterly Results
2005-10-25Quarterly Results
2005-07-26Accounts & Quarterly Results
2005-04-18Quarterly Results
2005-01-29Quarterly Results
2004-10-26Quarterly Results
2004-07-20Quarterly Results(Revised)
2004-04-23Quarterly Results
2004-01-23Quarterly Results
2003-10-23Quarterly Results
2003-07-26Quarterly Results
2003-04-28Quarterly Results
2003-01-25Quarterly Results
2002-04-26Quarterly Results
2001-10-30Accounts & Quarterly Results(Revised)
2001-07-27Quarterly Results
2001-04-27Quarterly Results
2001-03-16OthersTo rethink the method of spin-off of the Fight Kitchen into a separate company.
2001-01-24Quarterly Results
2000-10-30Quarterly Results
2000-07-25Dividend, Accounts & Quarterly Results
2000-01-31Quarterly Results
1999-10-30Quarterly Results
1999-07-27Quarterly Results
1999-01-30Quarterly Results