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Is Transcorp International Ltd. in the Buy Zone or Sell Zone? See how many days this stock traded historically at its current P/E (Price to Earnings) or P/BV (Price to Book Value).

Based on the historical Price to Earnings trends, Transcorp International Ltd. is currently in the buy zone.

Note: Current PE of a stock may be impacted downward by adverse events. Investors should check for red flags before buying.

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% Days traded below current Price to Earnings
Potential buy zone
Current Price to Earnings
Average Price to Earnings
Median Price to Earnings
Price to Earnings rangeDays traded in range% Days traded in rangeDays traded within & below range% Days traded within & below range
2-4 226 61.1% 226 61.1%
4-5 28 7.6% 254 68.6%
5-53 46 12.4% 300 81.1%
53-63 38 10.3% 338 91.4%
63-82 32 8.6% 370 100.0%
* Data is based on available standalone results during the period