Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. share price forecast

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- This broker has downgraded this stock from it's previous report.
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- Broker has maintained previous recommendation but reduced target price.
- This broker has upgraded this stock from it's previous report.
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- Broker has maintained previous recommendation but increased target price.
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SummaryDate Stock Broker Price at Reco.Target Price at reco
Change since reco(%)
Upside(%) TypeReport Discuss
2018-08-03 Reliance Infrastruct.. +HDFC Securities
400.15 400.15
Results Update
2017-11-15 Reliance Infrastruct.. +HDFC Securities
417.40 417.40
Results Update
2017-05-12 Reliance Infrastruct.. +Nirmal Bang Institutional
609.30 609.30
Not Rated
2017-05-12 Reliance Infrastruct.. +Way2Wealth
609.30 609.30
Mgmt Note
2017-04-17 Reliance Infrastruct.. +HDFC Securities
566.95 566.95
Results Update
2017-02-28 Reliance Infrastruct.. +ICICI Securities Limited
567.35 567.35
2017-02-16 Reliance Infrastruct.. +HDFC Securities
550.90 550.90
Results Update
2015-02-19 Reliance Infrastruct.. +HDFC Securities
468.85484.00 468.85
Target metBuy