Trendlyne's expert analyst/advisor stock screeners

Trendlyne's popular analyst stock screeners looks at analyst ratings to identify stocks that are turning up in analyst buy and sell calls, upgrades, and downgrades. These stock screeners help control for analyst bias by helping investors identify stocks that have multiple calls or upgrades/downgrades.

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Nifty 500 - Brokers' top picks based on recommendation upgrade and positive target price.

Broker average target upside % > 0 AND Broker 3M Reco upgrade > 0

Stocks where brokers upgraded the recommendation, or the target price within the past three months

Broker 3M Reco upgrade >= 1 OR Broker 3M Target upgrade >= 1
This screener identifies stocks that have crude oil linked inputs (like plastics and textiles) or where crude oil is a big factor in margins (like OMCs and Auto). These companies benefit from lower oil prices.

Current Price Rs > 0

Richard Herman Driehaus, a famous fund manager, created a momentum-driven investment approach using the "buy high and sell higher" theory. This strategy, which looks at momentum, RSI, moving averages and EPS, is meant for investors who are willing to take high levels of risk.

Cash EPS 5Yr Growth % > 2 AND EPS TTM Growth % > 0 AND Trendlyne Momentum Score > 55 AND RSI > 50 AND Current Price Rs > 50Day SMA Rs AND Trendlyne Durability Score >= 55

Stocks which have market cap over Rs. 500 crore, and have a Graham Ratio greater than 1 (Graham Ratio is the Graham Number/Current Price. Greater than 1 is a healthy ratio).

This screener is a dynamic strategy that changes based on Benjamin Graham value investing principles. To read more about this investment philosophy click here.

Stocks enter and exit this screener on an ongoing basis. To follow this strategy, set a screener alert. For this strategy, we recommend a monthly or weekly alert. This is a longer-term strategy.

Market Capitalization in Cr > 500 AND Graham Ratio > 1

Investment expert and writer Jim Slater's Zulu Principle looks for affordable growth stocks that have the potential of high returns. Slater looked at PEG, EPS, PE, as well as RSI to choose potential growth stocks. To read more about this investment philosophy, click here.

PEG TTM PE to Growth < 0.75 AND PEG TTM PE to Growth >= 0 AND PE TTM Price to Earnings < 20 AND EPS TTM Growth % > 15 AND ROCE Annual % > 12 AND Market Capitalization in Cr > 200 AND RSI > 35

This identifies stocks which have low interest coverage, with interest payments that are high compared to their earnings. This indicates that these companies may have trouble meeting their interest payments. Stocks with an interest coverage ratio of 1.5 or below are considered in the danger zone.

Interest Coverage Ratio Annual < 1.5 AND Interest Coverage Ratio Annual > 0

Stocks where brokers have upgraded either recommendation or price in the last one month

Broker 1M Reco upgrade >= 1 OR Broker 1M Target upgrade >= 1

Looks for resilient companies.

Net Profit QoQ Growth % > 0 AND Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % > 0 AND Qtr Change % > 20
Small cap stocks with good quarterly growth rates of the market, good valuations and positive analyst coverage.

Market Capitalization in Cr < 2000 AND Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % > 20 AND Net Profit QoQ Growth % > 20 AND PEG TTM PE to Growth < 2 AND Broker Average Rating >= 4

A screener for NiftyBanks - private banks tracking their performance. Made by SEBI advisor Suhani Adilabadkar

Net Profit QoQ Growth % AND Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % AND Gross NPA ratio Qtr % AND Net NPA ratio % Qtr AND Qtr Change %