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Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Announced Q1FY23 results:

  • Consolidated (YoY Q1FY23 compared with Q1FY22):
    • Revenue from Operations for the quarter was Rs 884 million, declined by 17%
    • EBITDA (excluding other income) for the quarter was Rs 152 million, declined by 42%
    • EBIDTA Margin for the quarter was at 17% vs 25% in Q1FY22
    • Net Profit for the quarter was Rs 98 million declined by 58%
    • Net Profit Margin for the quarter was at 11% vs 22% in Q1FY22
    • Basic and Diluted EPS for the quarter was Rs 4.42 per share vs Rs 11.5 in Q1FY22

Commenting on Q1FY23 Results, Mr. Chintan Shah, Managing Director, said, "on a full year basis FY22, the total revenue was Rs 4,336 million, out of which SDA contributed Rs 2,248 million. The other three product categories viz. PTC, ES and PASC together contributed Rs 2,058 million for the whole year, so on an average the quarterly sales of these three categories put together was at Rs 515 million against this during Q1FY23 we have achieved revenue of Rs 818 million in these three product categories showing a growth of nearly 60% which clearly reflects the growth potential of PTC, ES and PASC."


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