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18 Jun 2021
Five Interesting Stocks Today
  1. Advanced Enzyme Technologies: This enzyme maker’s promoter group entity Advanced Vital Enzymes sold around 3.06% stake in the company since the beginning of June 2021 through multiple insider trades. As a result, the promoter group’s stake is  down to 52.33%. These set of insider trades come after the stock touched an all-time high of Rs 503.70 on May 19, 2021. The trades were executed after the company declared its Q4FY21 and FY21 results. 

  2. United Spirits: This alcoholic beverage maker is the most overbought stock among the Nifty 500 companies, according to technical indicators like RSI and MFI. Its stock price rose by over 15% in the past three weeks as alcohol sales are expected to benefit from unfolding lockdowns across the country. This comes after the company’s stock price fell nearly 8% in April 2021 after many states imposed lockdown measures.

  3. Lupin: This pharmaceutical company’s stock saw seven brokerages upgrade their target price in the past month. Although the stock is trading lower than its average target price of Rs 1,148.08, none of the brokerages have changed their stance on the company. The pharma company has posted consolidated profits over Rs 400 crore for two consecutive quarters ending Q4FY21, after floundering in Q1FY21 and Q2FY21.

  4. Alkyl Amines Chemicals: This speciality chemicals maker is one of the top performing stocks over the past five years, with returns of 2,540%. While this number seems mind-boggling, most of the upwards movement in the stock’s price came in the past 15 months. When the stock markets crashed last year of March 23, 2020, ahead of the national lockdown, this company’s stock was at Rs 470 levels. Over the next 15 months, as specialty chemicals companies found favour of the market, the company’s stock price rose nearly 8 times, and is now trading a little below Rs 3,600.

  5. Greaves Cotton: This engineering company traded on Thursday with nearly 1.8 times its average weekly volumes of 1.06 crore shares, and touched a 52-week high of Rs 159.35. This stock is currently trading above all its simple daily moving averages. 

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