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14 Oct 2020
Five Interesting Stocks Today

1.     Shree Cements: This cement manufacturing company is not in the good books of brokers. It received 8 ‘Sell’ signals in 2020, from brokerages like Nirmal Bang, HDFC Securities, and Geojit BNP Paribas, and 4 analyst downgrades in the last 6 months. This is not indicative of the larger cement manufacturing space, as Amubja Cements and JK Cement each hit their 52-week high last week.

2.     Sasken Technologies: This technology company’s current day delivery volume (51.8%) is significantly higher than its weekly delivery average (31.8%), monthly delivery average (23.4%), and 6-month delivery average (30.6%), while its price has shot up by 28.3% in the past month.

3.     Zee Entertainment Enterprises: This broadcasting company’s stakeholder, the Government of Singapore, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore which collectively hold an 8.7% stake in the company have decreased their holding by 0.4% selling 41.8 lakh shares via a market sale. Back in August, they sold 93.3 lakh shares, a 0.9% stake via another market sale. Last week, the company’s independent director was fined Rs. 8.2 lakhs for violation of insider trading norms.

4.     Aurobindo Pharma: The promoter group of this pharmaceutical company which holds a 33.5% stake, has recently created a pledge of over 30.1 lakh shares at an average price of Rs. 828.9 per share, valuing the pledge at Rs. 249.9 crores.

5.      Bandhan Bank: This 6th largest bank in the country has seen a major change in its shareholding between quarters. Its mutual fund holding jumped from 1.7% to 4.9%, its FII holding more than doubled from 14.5% to 32.2% while the promoter holding dropped from 61% to 40% in Q2FY21.

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