Sbi Mutual Fund's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Sbi Mutual Fund publicly holds 25 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 40,030.9 Cr.

These are shares held by Sbi Mutual Fund as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Cipla Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund555.608,793,7711.09% 0.07 488.6 Cr
Divi's Laboratories Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund1518.0512,061,7184.54% -0.13 1,831.0 Cr
Equitas Holdings Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund136.0514,759,8454.32% -0.88 200.8 Cr
Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund300.002,092,6259.59% NEW 62.8 Cr
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund (Holding Under Various Schemes With Same Pan Consolidated)712.503,855,2062.38% 0.90 274.7 Cr
HCL Technologies Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund1084.0015,256,2911.12% NEW 1,653.8 Cr
Hindalco Industries Ltd. Sbi Mutual Funds And Associate Fund197.1540,108,4431.79% 0.06 790.7 Cr
ICICI Bank Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund/Sbi Dual Advantage Fund And Other Various Fund Accounts417.60173,093,6093.57% 0.17 7,228.4 Cr
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd. Sbi Funds Management Private Limited/ Other Various Mutual Fund Accounts358.9553,690,2053.74% 2.56 1,927.2 Cr
Infosys Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund739.6098,179,7302.25% NEW 7,261.4 Cr
JK Cement Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund (Various Schemes)1010.004,296,0135.56% NEW 433.9 Cr
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund1470.8040,671,2862.13% 0.15 5,981.9 Cr
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund413.5015,440,1652.50% -0.40 638.5 Cr
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund (Holding Under Various Schemes)793.101,786,9823.50% -0.21 141.7 Cr
NLC India Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund64.0014,910,5421.08% 0.00 95.4 Cr
Redington (India) Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund105.005,601,1641.44% -0.15 58.8 Cr
Reliance Industries Ltd. Sbi Mutual Funds1320.0067,457,3051.09% NEW 8,904.4 Cr
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund (Under Different Sub Accounts)1441.10972,3981.47% 0.00 140.1 Cr
Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund (Under Different Sub Accounts)1077.552,310,6291.02% -0.05 249.0 Cr
Sundaram Clayton Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund2470.00675,0343.34% -0.12 166.7 Cr
Tata Steel Ltd. Sbi- Various Mutual Funds499.0013,503,6311.12% 0.03 673.8 Cr
Triveni Turbine Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund110.955,148,6001.59% NEW 57.1 Cr
Voltas Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund604.005,600,0041.69% 0.00 338.2 Cr
Va Tech Wabag Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund322.302,712,7004.96% 0.00 87.4 Cr
Westlife Development Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund (Various Schemes Taken Together320.0010,763,9866.92% 0.00 344.4 Cr
SKF India Ltd. Sbi Mutual Fund1900.00-Below 1% First Time
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