Sangeetha S's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Sangeetha S holds 34 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 12.1 Cr.

These are shares held by Sangeetha S as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
ACE Software Exports Ltd. Sangeetha S21.8550,0001.07% 0.00 10.9 L
AMD Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S26.80194,2901.01% 0.00 52.1 L
Ceejay Finance Ltd. Sangeetha S120.0039,0401.13% 0.00 46.8 L
Dhampure Specialty Sugars Ltd. Sangeetha S11.80179,1702.38% 0.00 21.1 L
Fairdeal Filaments Ltd. Sangeetha S110.10151,4502.50% 0.00 1.7 Cr
Fenoplast Ltd. Sangeetha S47.8547,7701.04% 0.00 22.9 L
Gujarat Intrux Ltd. Sangeetha S97.8060,5501.76% 0.00 59.2 L
ICDS Ltd. SangeethaNone17,4920.13% 0.00 None
Ind Renewable Energy Ltd. Sangeetha S18.1033,2821.10% 0.00 6.0 L
Lancor Holdings Ltd. Sangeetha Shekar19.252,753,7006.80% 0.00 5.3 Cr
Manipal Finance Corporation Ltd. Sangeetha5.593,0000.04% 0.00 16.8 K
Natraj Proteins Ltd. Sangeetha S34.9557,7701.54% 0.00 20.2 L
Permanent Magnets Ltd. Sangeetha S154.0596,5501.12% -0.01 1.5 Cr
Pochiraju Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S2.95200,5901.06% 0.00 5.9 L
Poona Dal & Oil Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S32.9566,6601.17% 0.00 22.0 L
Prime Urban Development India Ltd. Sangeetha S13.28297,2501.12% 0.02 39.5 L
Reliance Chemotex Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S74.8061,0901.53% 0.00 45.7 L
Stanpacks (India) Ltd. G Sangeetha4.2037,2000.61% 0.00 1.6 L
Tyroon Tea Company Ltd. Sangeetha S33.3040,5741.19% 0.00 13.5 L
Virgo Polymers (India) Ltd. Sangeetha Surana & Sangeetha NaharNone1,8000.06% 0.04 None
Cura Technologies Ltd. Sangeetha S0.950Filing Awaited
(2.33% in Sep 2018)
Jumbo Bags Ltd. Sangeetha S17.540Filing Awaited
(0.23% in Sep 2018)
Kamdhenu Ltd. Sangeetha S164.200Filing Awaited
(1.21% in Sep 2018)
Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute Ltd. Sangeetha S27.450Filing Awaited
(4.72% in Sep 2018)
Nitin Castings Ltd. Sangeetha S155.900Filing Awaited
(1.01% in Sep 2018)
Real Strips Ltd. Sangeetha S13.550Filing Awaited
(1.43% in Sep 2018)
Frontier Springs Ltd. Sangeetha S167.000Filing Awaited
(1.06% in Sep 2018)
Ishita Drugs & Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S18.550Filing Awaited
(1.67% in Sep 2018)
South Asian Enterprises Ltd. Sangeetha S3.300Filing Awaited
(1.50% in Sep 2018)
Bright Brothers Ltd. Sangeetha S78.300Filing Awaited
(1.35% in Sep 2018)
Raj Packaging Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S27.000Filing Awaited
(1.94% in Sep 2018)
Hasti Finance Ltd. Sangeetha S6.350Filing Awaited
(1.74% in Sep 2018)
Monnet Project Developers Ltd. Sangeetha S6.370Filing Awaited
(1.25% in Sep 2018)
Akar Auto Industries Ltd. Sangeetha S44.40-Below 1% First Time
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