Sangeetha S's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Sangeetha S holds 23 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 20.34 Cr.

These are shares held by Sangeetha S as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
AKAR TOOLS LTD. Sangeetha S75.50108,6801.01%-0.0282.05 L
BRIGHT BROTHERS LTD. Sangeetha S122.8576,6601.35%1.3594.18 L
Cura Technologies Limited Sangeetha S5.99222,4902.33%0.0013.33 L
FAIR DEAL FILAMENTS LTD. Sangeetha S43.95163,6902.71%-0.0171.94 L
FRONTIER SPRINGS LTD. Sangeetha S229.7042,1901.07%-0.2596.91 L
GUJARAT INTRUX LTD. Sangeetha S112.0060,5501.76%0.0067.82 L
HASTI FINANCE LTD. Sangeetha Singh6.84188,1001.74%0.0012.87 L
IND Renewable Energy Ltd Sangeetha S18.4033,2821.10%0.006.12 L
ITL INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S288.9033,0001.03%-0.4795.34 L
Jumbo Bag Limited G Sangeetha20.6019,1670.23%0.003.95 L
LANCOR HOLDINGS LTD. Sangeetha Shekar35.502,753,7006.80%0.009.78 Cr
Lotus Eye Care Hospital Limited Sangeetha S32.45223,0501.07%0.0072.38 L
MONNET PROJECT DEVELOPERS LTD. Sangeetha S18.2292,7101.25%0.0016.89 L
NATRAJ PROTEINS LTD. Sangeetha S34.0057,7701.54%0.0019.64 L
NIKHIL ADHESIVES LTD. Sangeetha S248.0545,3401.16%-0.111.12 Cr
NITIN ALLOYS GLOBAL LTD. Sangeetha S182.0025,9001.01%0.0047.14 L
PERMANENT MAGNETS LTD. Sangeetha S113.00100,1501.16%0.001.13 Cr
POONA DAL & OIL INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S83.1566,6601.17%0.0055.43 L
RAJ PACKAGING INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S41.2588,5401.94%0.0036.52 L
REAL STRIPS LTD. Sangeetha S10.1585,3901.43%0.008.67 L
SOUTH ASIAN ENTERPRISES LTD. Sangeetha S7.3960,0601.50%0.004.44 L
STANPACKS (INDIA) LTD. G Sangeetha8.2737,2000.61%0.003.08 L
TYROON TEA CO.LTD. Sangeetha S53.6040,5741.19%0.0021.75 L
Bafna Pharmaceuticals Limited Sangeetha S26.40Filing Awaited
Celestial Biolabs Limited Sangeetha S19.75Filing Awaited
Kamdhenu Ispat Limited Sangeetha S259.00Filing Awaited
Nahar Capital and Financial Services Limited Sangeetha S199.30Filing Awaited
Raj Rayon Industries Limited Sangeetha S0.48Filing Awaited
Raj Television Network Limited Sangeetha S61.95Filing Awaited
Shreyans Industries Limited Sangeetha S210.05Filing Awaited
JASCH INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S71.20Filing Awaited
SHREE BHAWANI PAPER MILLS LTD. Sangeetha S5.42Filing Awaited
SADHANA NITROCHEM LTD. Sangeetha S143.45Filing Awaited
Remi Edelstahl Tubulars Limited Sangeetha S36.50Filing Awaited
BALASORE ALLOYS LTD. Sangeetha S82.45Filing Awaited
PBM POLYTEX LTD. Sangeetha S96.50Filing Awaited
OMNITEX INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD. Sangeetha S14.85Filing Awaited
SARUP INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S72.60Filing Awaited
KRYPTON INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S13.40Filing Awaited
HARYANA LEATHER CHEMICALS LTD. Sangeetha S61.00Filing Awaited
ISHITA DRUGS & INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S25.70Filing Awaited
NATURAL CAPSULES LTD. Sangeetha S142.00Filing Awaited
DIVYA JYOTI INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S6.32Filing Awaited
DHOOT INDUSTRIAL FINANCE LTD. Sangeetha S82.75Filing Awaited
CSL Finance Ltd Sangeetha S677.00Filing Awaited
AMCO INDIA LTD. Sangeetha S48.60Filing Awaited
ASHISH POLYPLAST LTD. Sangeetha S12.81Filing Awaited
ROOPA INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S14.16Filing Awaited
Venmax Drugs And Pharmaceuticals Ltd Sangeetha S4.21Filing Awaited
CONTINENTAL CONTROLS LTD. Sangeetha S6.34Filing Awaited
ACE SOFTWARE EXPORTS LTD. Sangeetha S25.00Filing Awaited
MAYUR LEATHER PRODUCTS LTD. Sangeetha S21.50Filing Awaited
REXNORD ELECTRONICS & CONTROLS LTD. Sangeetha S74.00Filing Awaited
Virinchi Ltd Sangeetha S135.25Filing Awaited
NIRAJ CEMENT STRUCTURALS LTD. Sangeetha S32.30Filing Awaited
RDB RASAYANS LTD. Sangeetha S78.55Filing Awaited
POCL Enterprises Ltd Sangeetha S80.05Filing Awaited
Krishana Fabrics Ltd Sangeetha S7.42Filing Awaited
FENOPLAST LTD. Sangeetha S82.65Below 1% First Time
CHAMAN LAL SETIA EXPORTS LTD. Sangeetha S177.00Below 1% First Time
Pochiraju Industries Limited Sangeetha S7.49Below 1% First Time
CEEJAY FINANCE LTD. Sangeetha S229.40Below 1% First Time
Tokyo Plast International Limited Sangeetha S130.40Now Below 1%
Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited Sangeetha S49.60Now Below 1%
Nyssa Corporation Limited Sangeetha S1.74Now Below 1%
UNITED CREDIT LTD. Sangeetha S16.50Now Below 1%
KAMADGIRI FASHION LTD. Sangeetha S155.00Now Below 1%
Star Delta Transformers Ltd Sangeetha S148.70Now Below 1%
APM INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S68.75Now Below 1%
Zodiac JRD- MKJ Limited Sangeetha S50.40Now Below 1%
DYNAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD. Sangeetha S89.85Now Below 1%
National Steel And Agro Industries Limited Sangeetha S42.75Now Below 1%
Mangalam Organics Limited Sangeetha S165.00Now Below 1%
HARIYANA SHIP BREAKERS LTD. Sangeetha S96.00Now Below 1%
JYOTI RESINS & ADHESIVES LTD. Sangeetha S72.95Now Below 1%
PRIMA PLASTICS LTD. Sangeetha S237.00Now Below 1%
ORIENT BEVERAGES LTD. Sangeetha S120.85Now Below 1%
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Limited Sangeetha S1350.60Now Below 1%
Shree Bhavya Fabrics Ltd Sangeetha S10.58Now Below 1%
BLOOM DEKOR LTD. Sangeetha S64.00Now Below 1%
YASH PAPERS LTD. Sangeetha S76.35Now Below 1%
ISL CONSULTING LTD. Sangeetha S19.00Now Below 1%
DIVYASHAKTI GRANITES LTD. Sangeetha S116.00Now Below 1%
ANJANI SYNTHETICS LTD. Sangeetha S35.90Now Below 1%
GRAVITY (INDIA) LTD. Sangeetha S4.93Now Below 1%
Madhav Marbles and Granites Limited Sangeetha S71.45Now Below 1%
B & A LTD. Sangeetha S299.05Now Below 1%
SAMRAT PHARMACHEM LTD. Sangeetha S115.40Now Below 1%
PG FOILS LTD. Sangeetha S222.10Now Below 1%
EURO LEDER FASHION LTD. Sangeetha S19.95Now Below 1%
RESONANCE SPECIALTIES LTD. Sangeetha S40.50Now Below 1%
BNR UDYOG LTD. Sangeetha S31.50Now Below 1%
Shiva Texyarn Limited Sangeetha S621.05Now Below 1%
BCL Industries and Infrastructures Ltd Sangeetha S169.55Now Below 1%
PROMACT PLASTICS LTD. Sangeetha S4.74Now Below 1%
OSCAR GLOBAL LTD. Sangeetha S3.05Now Below 1%
INDO-CITY INFOTECH LTD. Sangeetha S5.53Now Below 1%
BSL Limited Sangeetha S110.25Now Below 1%
ADVIK LABORATORIES LTD. Sangeetha S6.34Now Below 1%
ELNET TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Sangeetha S186.00Now Below 1%
Aro Granite Industries Limited Sangeetha S79.40Now Below 1%
LIPPI SYSTEMS LTD. Sangeetha S18.95Now Below 1%
ANJANI PORTLAND CEMENT LTD. Sangeetha S250.05Now Below 1%
INTER STATE OIL CARRIER LTD. Sangeetha S26.80Now Below 1%
COSMO FERRITES LTD. Sangeetha S32.75Now Below 1%
PRIYA LTD. Sangeetha S43.45Now Below 1%
HIMALAYA GRANITES LTD. Sangeetha S44.65Now Below 1%
Weizmann Limited Sangeetha S60.55Now Below 1%
ASHOK ALCO-CHEM LTD. Sangeetha S105.00Now Below 1%
HINDUSTAN TIN WORKS LTD. Sangeetha S100.75Now Below 1%
AJANTA SOYA LTD. Sangeetha S66.55Now Below 1%
Patspin India Limited Sangeetha S29.10Now Below 1%
FLEX FOODS LTD. Sangeetha S154.15Now Below 1%
INDO AMINES LTD. Sangeetha S124.00Now Below 1%
FINE-LINE CIRCUITS LTD. Sangeetha S15.48Now Below 1%
MEDI-CAPS LTD. Sangeetha S32.55Now Below 1%
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