NSE: REGENCY | BSE: 540175 | ISIN: INE964R01013

INDUSTRY : Other Financial Services

Regency Investments Ltd.

22.70 2.05 (9.93%)

33.24% Fall from 52W High

Volume: 76

BSEJul 06, 2020 10:00

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Latest Bulk and Block deals for Regency Investments Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk for Regency Investments Ltd. happened on 30 Jun 2020.

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Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
SONIA ABROLBulk Purchase 30 Jun 202020.801BSE
RAJNEE AGARWALBulk Purchase 30 Jun 202020.2049,500BSE
GAURAV THAKURBulk Sell 30 Jun 202020.2029,500BSE
SONIA ABROLBulk Sell 30 Jun 202020.2020,000BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Purchase 23 Jun 202020.5416,972BSE
ASHISH MITTAL HUFBulk Purchase 23 Jun 202018.2018,539BSE
ASHISH MITTAL HUFBulk Sell 23 Jun 202020.7723,252BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Sell 23 Jun 202019.1133,289BSE
ASHISH MITTAL HUFBulk Sell 22 Jun 202023.1921,562BSE
ASHISH MITTAL HUFBulk Purchase 17 Jun 202020.1824,709BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Sell 17 Jun 202020.1824,909BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Purchase 17 Mar 202025.955,111BSE
AMANDEEP SINGHBulk Purchase 17 Mar 202025.6220,208BSE
RAVINDER KUMAR ABROLBulk Purchase 17 Mar 202025.6419,707BSE
AMANDEEP SINGHBulk Sell 17 Mar 202025.955,457BSE
RAVINDER KUMAR ABROLBulk Sell 17 Mar 202025.6119,715BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Sell 17 Mar 202025.6519,590BSE
GAURAV THAKURBulk Purchase 31 Jan 202021.505,679BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Purchase 31 Jan 202021.7519,530BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Sell 31 Jan 202021.7218,762BSE
GAURAV THAKURBulk Sell 31 Jan 202021.7519,530BSE
ASHISH MITTAL HUFBulk Purchase 30 Jan 202021.3718,724BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Sell 30 Jan 202021.4018,855BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Purchase 28 Jan 202020.4912,756BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Sell 28 Jan 202019.8322,050BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Purchase 24 Jan 202019.2012,002BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Sell 24 Jan 202019.2125,475BSE
GAURAV THAKURBulk Purchase 22 Jan 202018.8610,290BSE
PRIYA CHOUHANBulk Purchase 22 Jan 20201925,626BSE
SNEHA PANKAJ GANDHIBulk Purchase 22 Jan 20201926,426BSE
PRIYA CHOUHANBulk Sell 22 Jan 20201925,651BSE
NIDHI PRATIK KOTHARIBulk Sell 22 Jan 20201926,426BSE
GAURAV THAKURBulk Sell 22 Jan 202018.9626,512BSE
SONIA ABROLBulk Purchase 21 Jan 202018.4016,531BSE
NIDHI PRATIK KOTHARIBulk Purchase 21 Jan 202018.2527,596BSE
SONIA ABROLBulk Sell 21 Jan 202018.2526,752BSE
NIDHI PRATIK KOTHARIBulk Purchase 17 Jan 202017.3028,900BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Purchase 17 Jan 202017.1829,950BSE
HARPREET KAURBulk Sell 17 Jan 202017.3028,900BSE
NIKHIL KAKKARBulk Sell 17 Jan 202017.0630,001BSE
PADAM CHAND AGARWALBulk Purchase 27 Aug 201931.6636,500BSE
JAYANTIBHAI BHULABHAI PATELBulk Sell 03 Jul 201921.6021,956BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Purchase 03 Jun 201926.4419,521BSE
SATVINDER SINGHBulk Sell 03 Jun 201926.4621,664BSE
MITESH KUMARBulk Purchase 25 Mar 201927.1621,000BSE
GAURAV THAKURBulk Purchase 11 Jan 201915.4521,608BSE
BHAVIK KALPESH SHAHBulk Sell 19 Dec 201818.2021,309BSE
ADARSH TULSHYANBulk Purchase 28 Aug 201851.1320,000BSE
SUCHI GUPTABulk Purchase 01 Aug 201846.9521,000BSE
RAJESH GOYALBulk Purchase 10 May 201843.3218,889BSE
SUDHIR JAINBulk Sell 10 May 201843.3822,323BSE
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