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Bulk and Block deals for Beardsell Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk deal for Beardsell Ltd. happened on Jan. 14, 2022 on NSE. 251,344 shares were traded at an average price of Rs 16.54.

See all the large transactions (via Bulk or Block deals) made by promoters, mutual funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, venture capitalists and foreign institutional investors. Block deals happen during a specified interval in the morning while Bulk deals can happen throughout the day.

Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
VINODCHANDRA M PAREKHBulk Sell 14 Jan 202216.54251,344NSE
ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 15 Dec 202114.04319,331NSE
ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 14 Dec 202114.42141,093NSE
ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 13 Dec 202113.87251,760NSE
ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 10 Dec 202113.25294,667NSE
ANUMOLU ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 10 Dec 202113.27190,370BSE
ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 09 Dec 202112.54194,615NSE
ASHISH CHUGHBulk Purchase 24 Aug 20207.28201,600BSE
MAHENDRA GIRDHARILAL WADHWANIBulk Purchase 24 Aug 20207.30472,757BSE
ANUMOLU ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 24 Aug 20207.29786,699BSE
ANUMOLU ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 12 Sep 201912180,705BSE
JAGDISH AMRITLAL SHAHBulk Purchase 11 Sep 201912200,000BSE
VINODCHANDRA MANSUKHLAL PAREKHBulk Purchase 11 Sep 2019121,300,000BSE
ANUMOLU ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 11 Sep 2019121,563,694BSE
VILLASINI REAL ESTATE PRIVATE LIMITEDBulk Purchase 28 Mar 201846.461,000,000BSE
ANUMOLU ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 28 Mar 201846.461,013,000BSE
ANUMOLU BHARATBulk Sell 27 Jul 201250.5028,600NSE
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