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Bulk and Block deals for Ausom Enterprise Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk deal for Ausom Enterprise Ltd. happened on July 9, 2021 on NSE. 186,561 shares were traded at an average price of Rs 101.15.

See all the large transactions (via Bulk or Block deals) made by promoters, mutual funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, venture capitalists and foreign institutional investors. Block deals happen during a specified interval in the morning while Bulk deals can happen throughout the day.

Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
B M TRADERSBulk Purchase 09 Jul 2021101.15186,561NSE
GRAVITON RESEARCH CAPITAL LLPBulk Purchase 09 Jul 2021103.0473,513NSE
B M TRADERSBulk Sell 09 Jul 2021104.70186,561NSE
GRAVITON RESEARCH CAPITAL LLPBulk Sell 09 Jul 2021103.2473,513NSE
NIRAJ RAJNIKANT SHAHBulk Sell 09 Jul 202199.0690,000NSE
NIRAJ RAJNIKANT SHAHBulk Purchase 08 Jul 202196.4290,000NSE
B M TRADERSBulk Purchase 08 Jul 202195.6487,583NSE
B M TRADERSBulk Sell 08 Jul 202195.8487,583NSE
B M TRADERSBulk Purchase 07 Jul 202194.41126,352NSE
B M TRADERSBulk Sell 07 Jul 202196.63126,352NSE
MANMOHAN CHAUHANBulk Purchase 12 May 202173.5669,223NSE
MANMOHAN CHAUHANBulk Sell 12 May 202174.1478,223NSE
GOURAV KHANDELWALBulk Purchase 23 Apr 2018104.55196,345NSE
GOURAV KHANDELWALBulk Sell 23 Apr 2018107.36196,345NSE
GOURAV KHANDELWALBulk Purchase 20 Apr 201895.93121,217NSE
GOURAV KHANDELWALBulk Sell 20 Apr 201898.44121,217NSE
GOURAV KHANDELWALBulk Purchase 19 Apr 201888.3996,173NSE
GOURAV KHANDELWALBulk Sell 19 Apr 201891.1496,173NSE
GIRDHAR TRANSPORT COMPANYBulk Purchase 10 Apr 201877.7171,266NSE
GIRDHAR TRANSPORT COMPANYBulk Sell 10 Apr 201879.7971,266NSE
RONAK BANSALBulk Purchase 08 Feb 201895.80153,072NSE
RONAK BANSALBulk Sell 08 Feb 201897.63153,072NSE
PRIYA CHANDRAKANT JALGAONKARBulk Purchase 07 Feb 201891.7871,879NSE
RONAK BANSALBulk Purchase 07 Feb 201885.85172,807NSE
RONAK BANSALBulk Sell 07 Feb 201889.99172,807NSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Purchase 31 Mar 201728.25836,420BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Purchase 31 Mar 201728.25804,547BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Purchase 31 Mar 201728.25797,647BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Purchase 31 Mar 201728.25890,572BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Purchase 31 Mar 201728.251,188,102BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBulk Purchase 31 Mar 201728.255,019,000BSE
VIPUL MANDALIABlock Sell 31 Mar 201728.25836,420BSE
KISHOR P. MANDALIABlock Sell 31 Mar 201728.251,188,102BSE
ZAVERILAL VIRJIBHAI MANDALIABlock Sell 31 Mar 201728.25804,547BSE
CHANDRESH Z MANDALIABlock Sell 31 Mar 201728.25797,647BSE
BHARAT. P. MANDALIABulk Sell 31 Mar 201728.25364,693BSE
CHANDRESH Z MANDALIABulk Sell 31 Mar 201728.25797,647BSE
KISHOR P. MANDALIABulk Sell 31 Mar 201728.251,188,102BSE
VIPUL MANDALIABulk Sell 31 Mar 201728.25836,420BSE
ZAVERILAL VIRJIBHAI MANDALIABulk Sell 31 Mar 201728.25804,547BSE
VIPUL MANDALIABulk Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50836,420BSE
KISHOR P. MANDALIABulk Purchase 30 Mar 201727.501,188,102BSE
DAKSHABEN BHARATKUMAR MANDALIABulk Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50890,572BSE
CHANDRESH Z MANDALIABulk Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50797,647BSE
BHARAT. P. MANDALIABulk Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50364,693BSE
CHANDRESH Z MANDALIABlock Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50797,647BSE
DAKSHABEN BHARATKUMAR MANDALIABlock Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50890,572BSE
KISHOR P. MANDALIABlock Purchase 30 Mar 201727.501,188,102BSE
VIPUL MANDALIABlock Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50836,420BSE
ZAVERILAL VIRJIBHAI MANDALIABlock Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50804,547BSE
ZAVERILAL VIRJIBHAI MANDALIABulk Purchase 30 Mar 201727.50804,547BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Sell 30 Mar 201727.50836,420BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Sell 30 Mar 201727.501,188,102BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Sell 30 Mar 201727.50797,647BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Sell 30 Mar 201727.50890,572BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBlock Sell 30 Mar 201727.50804,547BSE
SAVITRI DAYARAM PAWANIBulk Sell 30 Mar 201727.505,019,000BSE
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