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Board Meetings - Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. - AMRUTANJAN, 590006

2021-05-27Audited Results & Final Dividend
2021-02-11Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2020-11-12Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2020-08-13Quarterly Results & ESOP
2020-06-18Audited Results
2020-02-12Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2019-11-07Quarterly Results & 1st Interim Dividend
2019-08-13Quarterly Results
2019-05-23Audited Results & Final Dividend
2019-02-12Quarterly Results & 2nd Interim Dividend
2018-11-01Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2018-08-09Quarterly Results
2018-05-24Audited Results & Final Dividend
2018-02-13Qtr Results, Int. Dividend & Stock Split
2017-11-09Quarterly Results & 1st Interim Dividend
2017-08-14Quarterly Results & OthersFix record date for the payment of dividend subject to the approval of the shareholders.
2017-05-16Audited Results & Final Dividend
2017-02-09Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2016-11-10Quarterly Results & 1st Interim Dividend
2016-08-11Quarterly Results & OthersMerger of the Wholly-owned Subsidiary, M/s. Amrutanjan Pharmaessence Private Limited with M/s. Amrutanjan Health Care Limited.
2016-05-06Audited Results
2016-03-11Second Interim Dividend
2016-02-11Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2015-11-05Quarterly Results
2015-08-13Quarterly ResultsAppointment of Mr. M. Srinivasan as COMPANY SECRETARY with effect from July 27, 2015.
2015-05-15Audited Results & Final Dividend
2015-02-05Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2014-10-27Quarterly Results
2014-08-12Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results & Final Dividend
2014-02-07Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2013-11-14Quarterly Results
2013-08-07Quarterly Results
2013-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2013-02-11Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2012-11-09Quarterly Results(Revised)
2012-08-06Quarterly Results
2012-05-30Audited Results
2012-02-13Qtrly Results,Interim Dividend & MergerThe Board has approved the Merger of Wholly Owned Subsidiary M/s. Siva's Soft Drinks Pvt. Ltd with the Company.
2011-11-04Quarterly Results
2011-08-08Quarterly Results & Final DividendTo consider and take on record, the Unaudited Financial Results of the Company for the 1st quarter ended June 30, 2011 and to consider and declare Final Dividend for the financial year 2010-11.
2011-05-03Quarterly Results & Buy Back of SharesTo approve the proposal for buy-back of Equity Shares of the Company Under Section 77A of the Companies Act, 1956 and SEBI (Buy-back of Securities) Regulations, 1998.
2011-02-10Interim Dividend
2011-01-19To consider new business proposalsInter alia, to consider new business proposals.
2010-11-13Quarterly Results
2010-08-09Quarterly Results
2010-07-14Audited Results, Dividend & BuybackThe Board has resolved to withdraw the buy-back offer of Equity Shares of the Company in view of the fact that the market prices of the Shares have gone up over & Incorporated 2 WoS Co's.
2010-05-13Quarterly Results
2010-01-30Qtrly Results, Intm. Dividend & Buy BackFor Buy-Back of Equity Shares U/S 77A, 77AA and 77B of the Co's Act, 1956 through open market route (stock exchange route), pursuant to Regulation 14(2)(a) of SEBI (BBSs) Regulations, 1998.
2009-10-23Quarterly Results
2009-07-27Quarterly Results
2009-06-26Audited Results & Final Dividend
2009-06-25Appointment/Resignation of Director'sTo appoint Mr. A Satish Kumar as an Additional Director, He shall act as a Non-Executive and Independent Director of the Co. & to accept the resignation of Mr. N V Nelliappan from the Directorship.
2009-01-30Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2008-10-30Quarterly Results
2008-10-11Buy Back of SharesTo consider Buy-back its equity shares under Section 77A, 77AA and 77B of the Companies Act, 1956 through open market route pursuant to Regulation 14(2)(a) of SEBI Regulations, 1998.
2008-07-17Quarterly Results & Interim DividendTo consider declaration of "Special One Time Interim Dividend - 2008-09" to the shareholders of the Company from the realized capital profits made through sale of land and buildings.
2008-06-30Audited Results & Final Dividend
2008-01-31Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2007-10-26Quarterly Results
2007-07-20Quarterly Results
2007-06-25Audited Results & Final Dividend
2007-01-19Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2006-10-14Quarterly Results
2006-07-24Quarterly Results
2006-05-29Accounts & Dividend
2006-01-30Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2005-10-28Quarterly Results
2005-07-29Quarterly Results
2005-06-24Accounts & Dividend
2005-01-31Quarterly Results
2004-07-30Quarterly Results
2004-06-30Dividend & Accounts
2004-01-31Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2003-11-01Quarterly Results
2003-08-25Dividend & Accounts
2003-07-31Quarterly Results
2003-05-05Quarterly Results
2003-01-31Interim Dividend
2002-11-01Quarterly Results
2002-08-24Accounts & Quarterly Results & Dividend
1997-05-31Half Yearly Results