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Board Meetings - Aarti Drugs Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Aarti Drugs Ltd. - AARTIDRUGS, 524348

2021-05-15Audited Results
2021-03-19Buy Back of Shares
2021-01-25Quarterly Results
2020-10-23Audited Results
2020-10-20Audited Results & Interim Dividend
2020-08-20Bonus issue
2020-07-25Quarterly Results
2020-05-15Audited Results
2020-02-06Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2019-10-23Audited Results
2019-07-26Quarterly Results
2019-05-15Audited Results & Final Dividend
2019-03-15Buy Back of Shares
2019-02-11Quarterly Results
2018-11-02Quarterly Results
2018-08-13Quarterly Results
2018-05-16Audited Results & Final Dividend
2018-02-13Quarterly Results
2018-01-08Buy Back of Shares
2017-11-13Quarterly Results
2017-08-18Quarterly Results
2017-05-23Audited Results & Final Dividend
2017-02-08Quarterly Results
2016-11-09Quarterly Results
2016-10-17Buy Back of Shares
2016-08-12Quarterly Results
2016-05-05Audited Results
2016-03-163rd Interim Dividend
2016-02-05Quarterly Results & 2nd Interim Dividend
2015-11-06Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2015-07-31Quarterly Results
2015-05-20Audited Results & Final Dividend
2015-03-26OthersTo consider & approve the allotment of 121,08,550 Equity shares as Bonus issue in the proportion of 1 new equity share for every 1 (One) existing fully paid equity shares.
2015-01-30Quarterly Results & Interim DividendSecond Interim Dividend
2014-11-14Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2014-08-08Quarterly Results
2014-04-30Audited Results & Final Dividend
2014-01-31Quarterly Results & 2nd Interim Dividend
2013-11-14Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2013-08-02Quarterly Results
2013-05-16Audited Results & Final Dividend
2013-02-06Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2012-10-31Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2012-08-10Quarterly Results
2012-07-09Audited ResultsInter alia, to reconsider, approve and take on record the Audited Financial Results for the year ended March 31, 2012, post amalgamation of Suyash Laboratories Ltd. with the Company.
2012-05-25Audited Results & Final Dividend
2012-02-09OthersThe Board has consider the Sucession Plan post retirement of Shri. Chandrakant V Gogri as the Chairman of the Company w.e.f August 16, 2012 on his attaining the age of 66 years.
2012-02-01Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2011-11-11Quarterly Results
2011-07-29Quarterly Results
2011-05-25Audited Results & Final Dividend
2011-02-02Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2010-10-29Quarterly Results
2010-07-30Quarterly Results
2010-05-26Audited Results & Dividend
2010-01-25Quarterly Results
2009-12-20Allotment of Equity SharesThe Board has allotted 4,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each fully paid up against exercise of option of Conversion by the holders of Conv. Warrants issued by the Company on preferential basis.
2009-10-30Quarterly Results
2009-07-30Quarterly Results
2009-05-20Audited Results & Dividend
2009-01-29Quarterly Results(Revised)
2008-10-20Quarterly Results
2008-08-06To call an EGM & OthersTo consider: Allotment of one Equity share of Rs 10/- each & to determine "Relevant Date" for the purpose said issue price for the Preferential Issue of the warrants.
2008-07-28Quarterly Results
2008-05-13Audited Results & Final Dividend
2008-01-28Quarterly Results
2007-10-30Quarterly Results
2007-07-30Quarterly Results
2007-05-18Audited Results & Final DividendHas not recommended any final dividend.
2007-03-12Interim Dividend
2007-01-22Quarterly Results
2006-10-19Quarterly Results
2006-07-31Quarterly Results
2006-05-10Accounts & Dividend
2006-01-27Quarterly Results
2005-11-08Quarterly Results & Half Yearly Results
2005-07-29Quarterly Results & Accounts(Revised)
2005-05-05OthersBoard has decided to acquire controlling stake in Suyash Laboratories Ltd (Suyash) thereby making it 51% subsidiary of the Company subject to necessary approvals from appropriate authority.
2005-04-25Accounts, Qtr Results & F. Dividend
2005-04-08Allotment of Unsecured FCCB'sBoard has allotted 12750 Unsecured Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs) of US$ 1000 each aggregating to US$ 12,750,000 (US Dollar Twelve Million Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Only).
2005-01-21Quarterly Results
2004-12-31To issue securities like FCCB'sProposal to issue/offer securities like Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB) and/or Equity Shares (through Depository Receipt Mechanism) and/or Fully Convertible Debentures.
2004-10-29Quarterly Results
2004-04-23Accounts & Final Dividend
2004-01-21Quarterly Results
2003-10-31Interim Dividend & Quarterly Results(Revised)
2003-07-21Quarterly Results
2003-04-23Final Dividend & Accounts
2003-01-20Quarterly Results
2002-10-28Accounts & Buy Back of Shares
2002-07-19Quarterly Results
2002-05-10Final Dividend
2002-04-17Dividend & Quarterly Results
2002-03-09Interim Dividend(Cancelled)
2002-01-18Quarterly Results
2001-10-31Interim Dividend & Half Yearly Results
2001-07-18Quarterly Results
2001-04-18Accounts & DividendDividend announced on 11/04/2001
2001-01-22Quarterly Results