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Mold-Tek Packaging announced Q2FY23 results:

  • Standalone Q2FY23:
    • Revenue from operations increased by 14.43% to Rs 182.55 crore from Rs 159.53 crore
    • EBDIT for the quarter increased by 6.15% to Rs.34.24 crore from Rs.32.26 crore.
    • Profit before tax increased by 13.49 % to Rs. 26.07 crore from Rs. 22.97 crore
    • Net Profit increased by 10.36% to Rs.19.42 crore as compared to Rs.17.59 crore in the previous corresponding period.
  • Standalone H1FY23:
    • Revenue from operations increased by 33.12% to Rs.390.39 crore from Rs.293.26 crore.
    • EBDIT for the period increased by 24.08% to Rs.71.54 crore from Rs.57.65 crore.
    • Profit before Tax increased by 39.73% to Rs.55.23 crore as compared to Rs.39.52 crore.
    • Net Profit increased by 38.59% to Rs.41.12 crore from Rs.29.67 crore

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