The Baseline    
09 Jul 2020
Five Interesting Stocks Today

1. Escorts Ltd is now the auto stock on everyone's watchlist. The company is near its ten year high in share price, after falling nearly 40% between February and March 2020. 

2. Electrical cables company KEI Industries is looking to gain market share post Covid in an industry with a large unorganized segment. With recent price declines, the company's historical PE is in the buy zone, and investors are noticing. 

3. Apollo Tyres management is frank about its business outlook, with CFO Gaurav Kumar saying that "we will probably have a sales decline in FY’21 compared to FY’20, because the OE business is still looking fairly weak and there is no promising outlook as well."

4. Similar name, different outlook: structural tubes company APL Apollo Tubes says it was the first company in its industry to start  facilities post lockdown, and had a strong June quarter with 60% of pre-lockdown volume returning. 

5. Behemoth HDFC's recent declines in share price has put the company in the buy zone in terms of its historical PE. The company has been using money made from stake sales to increase provisions. HDFC is the only housing finance company to have total provisions in excess of gross non performing loans.

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