Government Of Singapore's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Government Of Singapore publicly holds 34 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 73,575.7 Cr.

These are shares held by Government Of Singapore as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. Government Of Singapore1886.0054,553,3673.14% -0.09 10,288.8 Cr
Ambuja Cements Ltd. Government Of Singapore197.2042,494,772Filing Awaited
(2.15% in Mar 2020)
838.0 Cr
Anant Raj Ltd. Government Of Singapore23.0512,403,490Filing Awaited
(4.20% in Mar 2020)
28.6 Cr
Ashok Leyland Ltd. Government Of Singapore51.1532,522,397Filing Awaited
(1.12% in Mar 2020)
166.4 Cr
Axis Bank Ltd. Government Of Singapore439.6037,981,934Filing Awaited
(1.37% in Mar 2020)
1,669.7 Cr
Bajaj Finance Ltd. Government Of Singapore3314.1527,146,055Filing Awaited
(4.51% in Mar 2020)
8,996.6 Cr
Bharti Airtel Ltd. Government Of Singapore574.70119,187,848Filing Awaited
(2.18% in Mar 2020)
6,849.7 Cr
Coal India Ltd. Government Of Singapore131.2063,690,317Filing Awaited
(1.03% in Mar 2020)
835.6 Cr
Container Corporation of India Ltd. Government Of Singapore430.156,738,031Filing Awaited
(1.11% in Mar 2020)
289.8 Cr
Eicher Motors Ltd. Government Of Singapore19447.85411,397Filing Awaited
(1.51% in Mar 2020)
800.1 Cr
Gayatri Projects Ltd. Government Of Singapore16.2510,113,155Filing Awaited
(5.40% in Mar 2020)
16.4 Cr
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Government Of Singapore697.2510,256,334Filing Awaited
(1.00% in Mar 2020)
715.1 Cr
Godrej Properties Ltd. Government Of Singapore892.204,251,448Filing Awaited
(1.69% in Mar 2020)
379.3 Cr
HDFC Bank Ltd. Government Of Singapore1105.1056,189,030Filing Awaited
(1.26% in Mar 2020)
6,209.4 Cr
ICICI Bank Ltd. Government Of Singapore360.35108,965,533Filing Awaited
(2.08% in Mar 2020)
3,926.6 Cr
IndusInd Bank Ltd. Government Of Singapore539.2513,182,476Filing Awaited
(2.09% in Mar 2020)
710.9 Cr
Infosys Ltd. Government Of Singapore781.8570,046,769Filing Awaited
(1.64% in Mar 2020)
5,476.6 Cr
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. Government Of Singapore122.0511,770,527Filing Awaited
(3.35% in Mar 2020)
143.7 Cr
ITC Ltd. Government Of Singapore194.35152,813,074Filing Awaited
(1.24% in Mar 2020)
2,969.9 Cr
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Government Of Singapore932.1524,728,330Filing Awaited
(1.78% in Mar 2020)
2,305.1 Cr
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Government Of Singapore554.8513,190,516Filing Awaited
(1.12% in Mar 2020)
731.9 Cr
MPS Ltd. Government Of Singapore289.30390,379Filing Awaited
(2.10% in Mar 2020)
11.3 Cr
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. Government Of Singapore194.4517,081,713Filing Awaited
(4.26% in Mar 2020)
332.2 Cr
Reliance Industries Ltd. Government Of Singapore1878.0576,851,570Filing Awaited
(1.24% in Mar 2020)
14,433.1 Cr
Tata Motors Ltd. Government Of Singapore107.6033,631,564Filing Awaited
(1.09% in Mar 2020)
361.9 Cr
Tech Mahindra Ltd. Government Of Singapore569.0016,721,167Filing Awaited
(1.73% in Mar 2020)
951.4 Cr
UPL Ltd. Government Of Singapore436.508,944,097Filing Awaited
(1.17% in Mar 2020)
390.4 Cr
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. Government Of Singapore170.1059,441,268Filing Awaited
(6.19% in Mar 2020)
1,011.1 Cr
Kridhan Infra Ltd. Government Of Singapore3.654,654,027Filing Awaited
(4.91% in Mar 2020)
1.7 Cr
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd. Government Of Singapore256.352,347,568Filing Awaited
(1.93% in Mar 2020)
60.2 Cr
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Government Of Singapore380.75100,694Filing Awaited
(2.19% in Mar 2020)
3.8 Cr
Endurance Technologies Ltd. Government Of Singapore930.252,538,204Filing Awaited
(1.80% in Mar 2020)
236.1 Cr
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd. Government Of Singapore860.2015,448,447Filing Awaited
(1.54% in Mar 2020)
1,328.9 Cr
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd. Government Of Singapore39.1026,985,977Filing Awaited
(1.56% in Mar 2020)
105.5 Cr
State Bank of India Government Of Singapore195.60-Below 1% First Time
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