Hitesh Ramji Javeri's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Hitesh Ramji Javeri publicly holds 49 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 100.5 Cr.

These are shares held by Hitesh Ramji Javeri as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri & Harsha Hitesh Javeri107.60102,1824.68% NEW 1.1 Cr
Betala Global Securities Ltd. Hitesh Ramji JaveriNone24,0611.75% 0.00 None
DIC India Ltd. Harsha Hitesh Javeri & Hitesh Ramji Javeri328.15506,5005.51% 0.00 16.6 Cr
Essar Securities Ltd. Harsha Hitesh Javeri & Hitesh Ramji Javeri1.642,130,00014.91% 0.00 34.9 L
Aneri Fincap Ltd. Harsha Hitesh Javeri & Hitesh Ramji Javeri2.35202,6076.72% 0.01 4.8 L
Gujarat Poly Electronics Ltd. Harsh Hitesh Javeri & Hitesh Ramaji Javeri11.00460,0005.38% NEW 50.6 L
Envair Electrodyne Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri21.0034,5911.14% 0.00 7.3 L
KMF Builders & Developers Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri & Harsha Hitesh Javeri1.72604,0004.96% NEW 10.4 L
Mahasagar Travels Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri3.10491,6006.25% 0.00 15.2 L
Permanent Magnets Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri & Harsha Hitesh Javeri92.65425,0004.94% 0.00 3.9 Cr
Paos Industries Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri12.5587,5151.71% 0.00 11.0 L
Rasandik Engineering Industries Ltd. Harsha Hitesh Javeri & Hitesh Ramji Javeri46.80235,0003.94% 0.00 1.1 Cr
Ras Resorts & Apart Hotels Ltd. Harsha Hitesh Javeri39.5560,0001.51% 0.00 23.7 L
Shetron Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri & Harsha Hitesh Javeri & Ami Hitesh Javeri & Mitali Hitesh Javeri21.45698,8207.75% NEW 1.5 Cr
Shree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri16.002,200,0001.56% 0.00 3.5 Cr
Shri Bholanath Carpets Ltd. Harsha Hitesh Javeri7.1947,8001.00% 0.00 3.4 L
Shree Steel Wire Ropes Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri10.75164,5974.97% 0.00 17.7 L
Standard Batteries Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri1.8081,6171.58% 0.00 1.5 L
Stellant Securities (India) Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri & Harsha Hitesh Javeri3.7836,7004.96% 0.00 1.4 L
W S Industries (India) Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri0.85905,0803.45% 0.00 7.7 L
Century Enka Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri169.651,091,900Filing Awaited
(5.00% in Jun 2019)
18.5 Cr
Dhunseri Investments Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri194.65110,000Filing Awaited
(1.80% in Jun 2019)
2.1 Cr
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri0.551,719,758Filing Awaited
(2.18% in Jun 2019)
9.5 L
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri50.65922,601Filing Awaited
(5.00% in Jun 2019)
4.7 Cr
ITD Cementation India Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri40.754,000,020Filing Awaited
(2.33% in Jun 2019)
16.3 Cr
National Steel and Agro Industries Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri1.85591,371Filing Awaited
(1.33% in Jun 2019)
10.9 L
National Oxygen Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri41.5549,875Filing Awaited
(1.04% in Jun 2019)
20.7 L
STEL Holdings Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri65.10759,601Filing Awaited
(4.12% in Jun 2019)
4.9 Cr
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri35.204,197,700Filing Awaited
(4.66% in Jun 2019)
14.8 Cr
Williamson Magor & Company Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri15.00545,600Filing Awaited
(4.98% in Jun 2019)
81.8 L
Zenith Birla (India) Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri0.606,500,000Filing Awaited
(4.96% in Jun 2019)
39 L
Kinetic Engineering Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri34.05405,000Filing Awaited
(2.29% in Jun 2019)
1.4 Cr
Universal Prime Aluminium Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri4.31100,101Filing Awaited
(1.26% in Jun 2019)
4.3 L
Gajra Bevel Gears Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri0.70132,154Filing Awaited
(1.41% in Jun 2019)
92.5 K
Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri63.5544,254Filing Awaited
(2.95% in Jun 2019)
28.1 L
M P Agro Industries Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri1.90253,300Filing Awaited
(4.37% in Jun 2019)
4.8 L
Kiduja India Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri30.3073,926Filing Awaited
(4.31% in Jun 2019)
22.4 L
VCK Capital Market Services Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri1.08150,103Filing Awaited
(1.66% in Jun 2019)
1.6 L
Haria Exports Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri0.76501,347Filing Awaited
(4.34% in Jun 2019)
3.8 L
Tarai Foods Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri2.60885,000Filing Awaited
(4.99% in Jun 2019)
23.0 L
Thakker's Developers Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri63.80121,200Filing Awaited
(1.35% in Jun 2019)
77.3 L
Pradhin Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri61.0047,869Filing Awaited
(1.31% in Jun 2019)
29.2 L
Amco India Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri18.37140,000Filing Awaited
(3.40% in Jun 2019)
25.7 L
Garg Furnace Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri12.49130,297Filing Awaited
(3.25% in Jun 2019)
16.3 L
Suncity Synthetics Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri4.27319,081Filing Awaited
(6.45% in Jun 2019)
13.6 L
Stanpacks (India) Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri4.16299,490Filing Awaited
(4.91% in Jun 2019)
12.5 L
Roselabs Finance Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri13.58324,442Filing Awaited
(3.24% in Jun 2019)
44.1 L
Shriram Asset Management Company Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri133.55249,500Filing Awaited
(4.16% in Jun 2019)
3.3 Cr
Beeyu Overseas Ltd. Hitesh Ramji Javeri0.36707,000Filing Awaited
(5.00% in Jun 2019)
2.5 L
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