Portfolio NAV

Your stock portfolio performance is very important, but how do you get a real sense of its performance compared to stock indices and mutual funds? The Portfolio NAV let's you see this.

The NAV (Net Asset Value) for your portfolio is the market value of your portfolio for a given period of time, after adjusting for your losses, as well as dividends.

Generate your NAV below, and choose an index to compare. You can add stock indices, mutual funds and other investments to the chart to look at how you performed in comparison.

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FY-2015FY-2016FY-2017FY-2018FY-2019FY-2020FY-2021FY-2022-YTDCAGR %
Portfolio performance (%)-13.2353.6327.91-23.33-26.0663.5-3.2225.38
Nifty 50 performance (%)26.65-8.8618.5510.2514.93-26.0370.87-0.511.52
Performance over Benchmark (%)-22.0935.0817.66-38.26-0.03-7.37-2.7213.86
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