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21 Feb 2019
Introducing: Five minute candlesticks and chart analysis for F&O

User feedback has been the way Trendlyne has moved forward, and a powerful new feature we have introduced today is F&O charts with five minute candlesticks and detailed technical chart analysis that you can plot on the chart. See the Nifty50 futures chart.  

The F&O chart now has multiple time periods available for analysis, and you can toggle between line charts and candlesticks. Once you add five minute candlestick data, you can hover over the chart to see detailed data points. 

You can also add more technicals using the Technicals drop down menu:

Chart users can plot SMA, EMA, Bollinger Bands and MACD using their own time periods. In this case for example, we added the SMA 30 and SMA 35 line


Once you choose specific time periods, the drop down menu saves these until the page is refreshed. So now I have SMA30 and SMA35 in my drop down to select or deselect. 


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02 Jan 2019
Two New Launches This New Year: calculate NAV for your portfolios, Insider Trading

 For the first time in India, we have NAV for your portfolio. This calculates the NAV for your portfolio stocks, which you can then compare to the Nifty 50 and other indices, and compare with Mutual Funds. You can also see your portfolio rolling returns which  calculates the excess rolling returns for your stocks compared to other indices. 

Finally, a big one - we have launched Insider Trading data! Now track all share buys, sells and pledges by company insiders: promoters, senior management, employees, and other people with inside knowhow of the company. All in one place. Happy investing. 

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10 Dec 2018
Launching new screener metrics: PE 3 year Average, PE 5 year Average, PE 10 year Average

One of the key metrics investors use today to shortlist stocks is the Price to Earnings ratio. In essence, this tells you the sum of money you are ready to pay for each rupee worth of the earnings of the company. The PE becomes especially useful when you also know the hisotrical PE values of companies, which till now has been hard to get. Now, Trendlyne has made available 3 new metrics in the Create Screener tool for subscribers - PE 3Year Average, PE 5Year Average and PE 10Year Average

This allows you to create screeners such as this screener, which looks for companies with PE TTM lower than its 3 year, 5 year and 10 year averages and current PE less than 35. You can edit or clone this screener or make your own using these metrics.

Note that in some cases 3 Year and other PE averages can be skewed on the higher or lower side by one year of unusual performance.  

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sivakumar19 How can we screen all stocks in a particular Sector such as for e.g Pharma
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09 Nov 2018
NEW: PowerAnalysis for your Portfolio

Trendlyne has just launched Portfolio Analysis. Now, you can see the Growth Trajectory for your Portfolio and Watchlist Stocks, as well as Concentration Analysis, Buy/Sell/Hold Decision Analysis, and PE Long Term Analysis.

Subscribers can also set customized portfolio level and watchlist alerts (example: "Send me an alert if any stock in my portfolio crosses 100 day SMA and RSI > 50, and Latest Result has net profit growth > 0")  

For existing subscribers, we have also added 25 more strategy and stock level backtests to your subscription this Diwali. Hope this helps you with your investing!


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29 Oct 2018
Screener tracking stocks with a High Piotroski Score (the well-known piotroski score checks the company's financial strength). To get notified of changes to the screener, set an alert.
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27 Oct 2018
New screener parameter: Filter upcoming results using 'next result date'

Users can now make live results screeners for upcoming results, using the new parameter "next result date". This allows users to write queries that track for example, only the results of companies which have only shown a certain level of EPS growth, net profit growth, or above a certain market cap or technical parameter

For example this live result stock screener filters for upcoming results of Nifty500 companies with net profit growth QoQ and YoY. The query was written as follows:

Next result date  > Today  AND 
Net Profit QoQ Growth %  > 10  AND 
 Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY %  > 10   

For all live result screeners, click here.  

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31 Jul 2018
What's new: Superstar Alerts to track investments by Jhunjhunwala, Ashish Kachola, Dolly Khanna and more

Trendlyne has added a new feature for subscribers, called Superstar Alerts. Once they set an alert, users will now receive an email whenever a superstar investor makes a shareholding change, such as a buy, sell, or change in stake. 

Users can set the alert for daily and weekly. All individual large investors with at least two public investments, and major institutional investors are covered by this alert. To see superstar portfolios, click here.

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04 Jul 2018
New feature: Multiple Watchlists for Users

A request from our users has been for multiple watchlists.  This is now live on trendlyne. Free users can create two watchlists, while subscribers can create as many watchlists as they want. All your watchlists are available under the portfolio section, on this link

What does this feature allow you to do? 

1) Click on the bookmark icon on any stock page to add a stock to one of your watchlists. You will be given multiple drop down options for the watchlist. You can choose to add the stock into the Default Watchlist, or create a new one. 


2) You can create watchlists for indices as well, to track these separately. You can see all the watchlists you created here

3) You can create screener alerts for your watchlists. You can for example, create a screener with a particular query, say RSI > 50, and set it to just your watchlist (see below). A Screener Alert once set for this, will send a trigger whenever any stock in your watchlist crosses RSI 50. 



4) Backtest your watchlists to check watchlist level returns. You can run backtests on your watchlists. To check the backtest performance on your entire watchlist of stocks you can do a basic screener query (eg, Current Price >0), choose your watchlist for backtesting, and run the backtest. 

Try this feature

dcsastri I have been seeing that you are giving 100% Buy for Hitech Corporation formany daysBuy share price is not growing Please adice. Thanks D C Sastri
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