Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd. technical analysis

Trendlyne Momentum Score 21.6
Score is 22.0, stock is technically weak. Stocks with score below 35 or in the bottom 30% are considered as technically weak
The Trendlyne Momentum Score combines over 20 key technical indicators to calculate the stock's technical strength in the market. The momentum score is recalculated at the end of trading day between 5pm and 7pm on most days.
Normalized Momentum Score 24.8%
Score is 24.8, stock is technically weak/bearish w.r.t market. This score implies that 75.2% of the stocks have higher score than Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd.
RSI(14) 28.8 RSI oversold
RSI is 28.8, RSI below 30 is considered oversold. This implies that stock may rebound.
MFI 56.4 MFI is mid-range
MFI is 56.4, MFI below 30 is considered oversold and above 70 overbought
MACD(12, 26, 9) -1.2 MACD below Signal and Center
MACD Signal -0.5
MACD is below its Signal and Center Line, this is a strong bearish indicator.
ATR 0.8
ADX 27.1
ROC(21) -59.4
ROC(125) -49
Last Updated: 21 May 2015, 05:30p.m. (IST)

Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd. SMA/EMA (Moving Average) Analysis

30 Day SMA
50 Day SMA
100 Day SMA
200 Day SMA
  • Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd. is trading below all available SMAs
20 Day EMA
50 Day EMA
100 Day EMA
200 Day EMA

Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd. Price Change Analysis

Over 5 Years
-4.95 (-43.6%)
Low High

    Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd. Pivot Level

    Pivot 6.70
    R1 6.70 S1 6.70
    R2 6.70 S2 6.70
    R3 6.70 S3 6.70

    Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd. Beta

    1 Month NA 3 Months NA
    1 Year NA 3 Years NA
    *Nifty 50 beta is considered as 1

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