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Latest Bulk and Block deals for Best Agrolife Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk for Best Agrolife Ltd. happened on 20 Oct 2020.

See all the large transactions (via Bulk or Block deals) made by promoters, mutual funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, venture capitalists and foreign institutional investors. Block deals happen during a specified interval in the morning while Bulk deals can happen throughout the day.

Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
VIMAL KUMARBulk Purchase 20 Oct 2020467.54400,000BSE
VIMAL KUMARBlock Purchase 20 Oct 2020470.10290,000BSE
GEETA GARGBulk Sell 20 Oct 2020470.10290,000BSE
GEETA GARGBlock Sell 20 Oct 2020470.10290,000BSE
RESONANCE OPPORTUNITIES FUNDBulk Purchase 27 Jul 2020610.35112,000BSE
AVIATOR GLOBAL INVESTMENT FUNDBulk Purchase 07 Jul 2020464112,000BSE
PARVESH SAHIB SINGHBulk Purchase 15 Jun 2020350.05111,000BSE
RANJEET GABABulk Purchase 11 Jun 2020336.9541,000BSE
RESONANCE OPPORTUNITIES FUNDBulk Purchase 16 Mar 2020229.83250,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARG & SONS HUFBulk Sell 16 Mar 2020230150,000BSE
RESONANCE OPPORTUNITIES FUNDBulk Purchase 05 Mar 2020233300,000BSE
SUKRITI GARGBulk Purchase 05 Mar 2020234.9162,588BSE
SUKRITI GARGBulk Sell 05 Mar 2020233260,000BSE
NAND KISHORE GARGBulk Sell 05 Mar 202023340,000BSE
RESONANCE OPPORTUNITIES FUNDBulk Purchase 03 Mar 2020240150,000BSE
NAND KISHORE GARGBulk Sell 03 Mar 202024075,000BSE
SEEMA GARGBulk Sell 03 Mar 202024075,000BSE
RESONANCE OPPORTUNITIES FUNDBulk Purchase 14 Nov 2019264.1950,000BSE
MADANLAL AGARWALBulk Sell 13 Aug 20197859,892BSE
NAMAN ALAWADHIBulk Purchase 31 Jul 201961.7680,000BSE
MADANLAL AGARWALBulk Sell 31 Jul 201961.7360,000BSE
DEEPAK GARGBulk Purchase 12 Jul 201950.5541,500BSE
SHIVANG GOLCHHABulk Purchase 26 Jun 20195040,000BSE
MADANLAL AGARWALBulk Sell 26 Jun 20195040,000BSE
ALOK AGARWAL & SONSBulk Purchase 19 Jun 201952.6760,000BSE
MADHU AGGARWALBulk Sell 19 Jun 201952.7570,604BSE
ALKA AGARWALBulk Purchase 18 Jun 201952.3160,000BSE
PRATISHTHA AGARWALBulk Purchase 18 Jun 201952.3660,000BSE
SAKSHI AGARWALBulk Purchase 18 Jun 201952.3040,896BSE
MADANLAL AGARWALBulk Sell 18 Jun 201952.3050,000BSE
PRAKASH CHAND SHARMABulk Purchase 24 May 201945.7040,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARG & SONS HUFBulk Sell 24 May 201945.7070,000BSE
PRAKASH CHAND SHARMABulk Purchase 23 May 201945.9040,000BSE
MADANLAL AGARWALBulk Sell 23 Apr 201938.15100,000BSE
PRIYANKA GUPTABulk Purchase 27 Mar 201929.2060,000BSE
JAGAN NATHBulk Purchase 27 Mar 201929.1549,067BSE
SEEMA GARGBulk Sell 27 Mar 201929.16110,000BSE
NIRMALA GUPTABulk Purchase 25 Mar 201928.3085,900BSE
JAGAN NATHBulk Purchase 25 Mar 201928.3050,000BSE
ANKIT BHUTANIBulk Purchase 25 Mar 201928.3045,000BSE
RAM BILAS MITTALBulk Purchase 25 Mar 201928.0944,000BSE
SEEMA GARGBulk Sell 25 Mar 201928.30199,000BSE
MEENA DEVI AGRAWALBulk Sell 25 Mar 201928.4555,000BSE
GIRIRAJ GUPTABulk Purchase 22 Mar 201928.34188,671BSE
ANKIT BHUTANIBulk Purchase 22 Mar 201927.65100,000BSE
KAMLESH KUMAR GUPTABulk Purchase 22 Mar 201928.4585,000BSE
DHEERAJ KUMARBulk Purchase 22 Mar 201928.4570,000BSE
JAGAN NATHBulk Purchase 22 Mar 201928.4549,700BSE
SEEMA GARGBulk Sell 22 Mar 201928.36331,599BSE
VIKAS GARGBulk Sell 22 Mar 201928.35115,000BSE
SUNIL DHAMEJABulk Sell 22 Mar 201927.6874,000BSE
ANKIT BHUTANIBulk Purchase 20 Mar 201927.8054,953BSE
JAGAN NATHBulk Purchase 20 Mar 201927.9050,000BSE
NAMAN ALAWADHIBulk Purchase 20 Mar 201927.9439,900BSE
VIKAS GARGBulk Sell 20 Mar 201927.9075,000BSE
ANKIT BHUTANIBulk Purchase 19 Mar 201927.8060,000BSE
RADHA MITTALBulk Purchase 19 Mar 201927.8555,000BSE
YOGESH MADAN HUFBulk Purchase 19 Mar 201927.7050,800BSE
NAMAN ALAWADHIBulk Purchase 19 Mar 201927.8042,000BSE
RAJESH KUMAR KAUSHIKBulk Sell 19 Mar 201927.8370,000BSE
SAKSHI THUKRALBulk Sell 19 Mar 201927.8059,000BSE
MEENA DEVI AGRAWALBulk Sell 19 Mar 201927.8555,000BSE
AKHIL MITTALBulk Purchase 18 Mar 201928.2072,000BSE
JAGAN NATHBulk Purchase 18 Mar 201927.8550,000BSE
MEENA DEVI AGRAWALBulk Sell 18 Mar 201928.2097,000BSE
JAGAN NATHBulk Purchase 14 Mar 201927.1753,515BSE
YOGESH MADAN HUFBulk Purchase 14 Mar 201927.5760,680BSE
AMIT KUMARBulk Sell 14 Mar 201927.6165,000BSE
AMIT KUMARBulk Sell 13 Mar 201927.7040,000BSE
DEV RAJ HUFBulk Purchase 12 Mar 201927.2050,000BSE
REKHA KUMARIBulk Sell 12 Mar 201927.2050,000BSE
ANIL MUNJAL HUFBulk Purchase 21 Feb 201921.2540,000BSE
ANIL MUNJAL HUFBulk Purchase 20 Feb 201921.4644,500BSE
REKHA DHAWANBulk Purchase 20 Feb 201921.4660,000BSE
DIWAKAR ALLWADHIBulk Purchase 20 Feb 201921.4675,064BSE
VIKAS GARGBulk Sell 20 Feb 201921.46177,000BSE
VIKAS GARGBulk Sell 15 Feb 201923.31116,194BSE
DIWAKAR ALLWADHIBulk Purchase 12 Feb 201921.0958,840BSE
ANIL MUNJAL HUFBulk Purchase 01 Feb 201915.0255,751BSE
RADHEY SHYAM AGRWALBulk Purchase 19 Dec 201811.5375,000BSE
MADHU AGGARWALBulk Purchase 12 Dec 201811.4054,980BSE
MADHU AGGARWALBulk Purchase 11 Dec 201811.5341,190BSE
VIVEK SOMANIBulk Sell 11 Dec 201811.5342,598BSE
MADHU AGGARWALBulk Purchase 10 Dec 201811.5355,000BSE
MEENA DEVI AGRAWALBulk Purchase 29 Nov 201811.5550,000BSE
MEENA DEVI AGRAWALBulk Purchase 28 Nov 201811.50162,780BSE
VIKAS GARGBulk Sell 28 Nov 201811.50190,000BSE
NITIIN R SONARBulk Purchase 26 Nov 201811.62100,000BSE
VIKAS GARGBulk Sell 26 Nov 201811.64100,000BSE
VAIBHAV GARGBulk Purchase 24 Mar 201731.5023,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARGBulk Sell 24 Mar 201731.5023,001BSE
TUSHA GARGBulk Purchase 23 Mar 201733.1520,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARGBulk Sell 23 Mar 201733.1520,001BSE
SHASHI GARGBulk Purchase 21 Mar 201731.6030,000BSE
TUSHA GARGBulk Sell 21 Mar 201731.6030,001BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARGBulk Purchase 16 Mar 201730.2030,000BSE
TUSHA GARGBulk Sell 16 Mar 201730.2030,000BSE
TUSHA GARGBulk Purchase 10 Mar 201733.4050,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARGBulk Sell 10 Mar 201733.4060,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARG & SONS HUFBulk Purchase 08 Mar 201733.5035,000BSE
SHASHI GARGBulk Sell 08 Mar 201733.5020,000BSE
VINOD KUMAR GARG & SONS HUFBulk Sell 08 Mar 201733.5010,000BSE
TUSHA GARGBulk Sell 08 Feb 201728.2719,000BSE
DIWAKAR COMMERCIALS PVT LTDBulk Purchase 10 Oct 201624.5573,260BSE
MAHENDRA KUMAR SHARDABulk Sell 10 Oct 201624.6259,300BSE
NAKUL SHARDABulk Sell 10 Oct 201624.8659,410BSE
MAHENDRA KUMAR SHARDA HUFBulk Sell 10 Oct 201624.4216,490BSE
SUNITA SARDABulk Sell 10 Oct 201624.9259,800BSE
YAKSHABEN ASHOKBHAI SHAHBulk Purchase 07 Jul 201622.3124,900BSE
SUNITA MARWAHBulk Sell 07 Jul 201622.6724,082BSE
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