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Latest Bulk and Block deals for RM Drip and Sprinklers Systems Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk for RM Drip and Sprinklers Systems Ltd. happened on 05 Apr 2021.

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Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
HARSHIT SHAHBulk Purchase 05 Apr 202120.40112,000NSE
RUPAL SHRIKANT SHAHBulk Sell 05 Apr 202120.40112,000NSE
RUPAL SHRIKANT SHAHBulk Purchase 30 Mar 202119.96124,000NSE
HARSHIT SHAHBulk Sell 30 Mar 202119.95112,000NSE
OLGA TRADING PRIVATE LIMITEDBulk Purchase 15 Mar 202121.9038,000NSE
HARSHIT SHAHBulk Purchase 15 Mar 202122.4736,000NSE
RUPAL BHAVIN SHAHBulk Sell 15 Mar 202122.2238,000NSE
BHARATI ARVIND SHAHBulk Sell 15 Mar 202122.1534,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 09 Dec 202051.1036,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 24 Nov 202052.4434,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 26 Oct 202054.3534,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 26 Oct 202054.3346,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 23 Oct 202053.1540,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 23 Oct 20205436,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 22 Oct 202053.8324,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 22 Oct 20205436,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 08 Oct 2020544,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 08 Oct 202054.2634,000NSE
GAUTAM CHAMPALAL VAISHNAVBulk Purchase 08 Sep 202058.3042,000NSE
SHRAWAN JAMNADAS VAISHNAVBulk Purchase 27 Aug 202054.2050,000NSE
PANKAJ SHRIKRUSHNA WADEKARBulk Purchase 21 Aug 202046.3340,000NSE
JAGDISHCHANDRA MUNDRA (HUF)Bulk Purchase 20 Aug 202043.6534,000NSE
ADITYA DATIRBulk Purchase 20 Aug 202044.0740,000NSE
GAUTAM CHAMPALAL VAISHNAVBulk Purchase 11 Aug 202043.2140,000NSE
MAYANK SINHABulk Sell 11 Aug 202040.7538,000NSE
GAUTAM CHAMPALAL VAISHNAVBulk Purchase 13 Jul 202060.8438,000NSE
PUSHKAR VINAY DATEBulk Sell 13 Jul 20206040,000NSE
PUSHKAR VINAY DATEBulk Purchase 26 Jun 202049.7534,000NSE
PUSHKAR VINAY DATEBulk Sell 25 Jun 20205060,000NSE
PUSHKAR VINAY DATEBulk Purchase 24 Jun 20205140,000NSE
KETAN DEVENDRA PALIWALBulk Sell 02 Jun 20204940,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 28 May 202051.6134,000NSE
KETAN DEVENDRA PALIWALBulk Purchase 19 May 202047.0944,000NSE
KETAN DEVENDRA PALIWALBulk Sell 19 May 202046.9844,000NSE
HARSHIT SHAHBulk Sell 19 May 202047.1040,000NSE
KETAN DEVENDRA PALIWALBulk Purchase 13 May 202043.836,000NSE
SHREE TISAI BUSINESS SOLUTION LLPBulk Purchase 13 May 202043.1436,000NSE
KETAN DEVENDRA PALIWALBulk Sell 13 May 202042.7044,000NSE
HARSHIT SHAHBulk Purchase 08 May 202043.0640,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 23 Apr 202033.9534,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 23 Apr 202033.9122,000NSE
MAHESH PRAKASH KAREKARBulk Purchase 16 Apr 202026.7838,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 16 Apr 202026.8340,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 16 Apr 202026.6348,000NSE
MAHESH PRAKASH KAREKARBulk Sell 16 Apr 202026.8038,000NSE
PUNITA MANISH MEHTABulk Purchase 25 Apr 201937.9540,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 25 Apr 201941.5238,000NSE
PUNITA MANISH MEHTABulk Sell 25 Apr 201941.5740,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 25 Apr 201937.9540,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 22 Apr 201945.4538,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 22 Apr 2019458,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 15 Apr 201948.0436,000NSE
VARUN SACHIN PENDSEBulk Sell 15 Apr 201947.5040,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Purchase 11 Apr 201948.4840,000NSE
OMKAR RAJEEV GADREBulk Sell 11 Apr 20194712,000NSE
YASH MANISH MEHTABulk Sell 11 Apr 201948.4544,000NSE
YASH MANISH MEHTABulk Purchase 10 Apr 201946.5044,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 10 Apr 201948.8930,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 10 Apr 20194758,000NSE
VARUN SACHIN PENDSEBulk Purchase 09 Apr 201948.5040,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 09 Apr 201948.5040,000NSE
AMRISH KIRIT SHAHBulk Purchase 08 Apr 201949.8040,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 08 Apr 201949.3840,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 08 Apr 201949.8040,000NSE
ARVIND SHANTILAL SHAHBulk Sell 28 Mar 201951.3040,000NSE
ARVIND SHANTILAL SHAHBulk Purchase 27 Mar 201952.1450,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 25 Mar 201954.4738,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 25 Mar 201956.152,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 22 Mar 201955.1028,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 22 Mar 201952.8844,000NSE
ARVIND SHANTILAL SHAHBulk Purchase 20 Mar 201955.3540,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 20 Mar 201954.4472,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 14 Mar 201952.2738,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Purchase 01 Mar 201955.1552,000NSE
BRAJA GOPAL PALBulk Sell 01 Mar 201954.058,000NSE
BHARTI VIJAY KATARIABulk Sell 03 Jul 201849.8340,000NSE
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