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BSEJul 27, 2021 03:31 PM

Latest Bulk and Block deals for Ind Renewable Energy Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk for Ind Renewable Energy Ltd. happened on 05 Jul 2021.

See all the large transactions (via Bulk or Block deals) made by promoters, mutual funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, venture capitalists and foreign institutional investors. Block deals happen during a specified interval in the morning while Bulk deals can happen throughout the day.

Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
JHANVI ARVINDBHAI SURTIBulk Purchase 05 Jul 202114.0358,175BSE
SWETA TEKCHAND VEERABulk Sell 05 Jul 202114.0330,368BSE
SMT URVASHI BHAVIN GOGRIBulk Sell 05 Jul 202114.0324,000BSE
JHANVI ARVINDBHAI SURTIBulk Purchase 29 Jun 202111.5529,123BSE
INDIRA ARVIND SURTIBulk Purchase 29 Jun 202111.5531,200BSE
GAURAV CHANDRAKANT SHAHBulk Sell 29 Jun 202111.5746,775BSE
GAURAV CHANDRAKANT SHAHBulk Purchase 16 Apr 20211175,000BSE
SHREYANSH MAYANK GOGRIBulk Purchase 16 Apr 20211175,000BSE
VIRAL MAYANK GOGRIBulk Purchase 16 Apr 20211175,000BSE
SWETA TEKCHAND VEERABulk Purchase 16 Apr 20211146,698BSE
MANJULABEN BHOGILAL SHAHBulk Sell 16 Apr 20211116,300BSE
DHRUVAL DEEPAK BHATTBulk Sell 16 Apr 20211116,486BSE
PRAFUL BHOGILAL SHAHBulk Sell 16 Apr 20211119,380BSE
SEJAL KRUNAL VAKHARIABulk Sell 16 Apr 20211123,838BSE
SHAH HANSABulk Sell 16 Apr 20211126,730BSE
DIMPLE ANIL TRIVEDIBulk Sell 16 Apr 20211130,729BSE
KUMAR KIRTI SHAHBulk Sell 16 Apr 20211151,800BSE
INDIRA ARVIND SURTIBulk Purchase 19 Mar 202110.8124,000BSE
NEETA AJIT JAINBulk Sell 19 Mar 202110.8128,502BSE
MANJULABEN BHOGILAL SHAHBulk Purchase 16 Mar 20219.3516,300BSE
AKASH RAJESH SHAHBulk Sell 16 Mar 20218.9215,500BSE
SHAH HANSABulk Purchase 17 Feb 20217.8026,730BSE
KUMAR KIRTI SHAHBulk Purchase 17 Feb 20217.8351,800BSE
USHABEN TRIVEDIBulk Sell 17 Feb 20217.8075,840BSE
PRABAKARAN HEMANTHKUMARBulk Sell 02 Feb 20217.5718,451BSE
USHABEN TRIVEDIBulk Purchase 30 Dec 20207.4375,840BSE
RAMESH UTTAMCHAND JEWANIBulk Sell 30 Dec 20207.4331,459BSE
CHITRA NARAIN KHATWANIBulk Sell 30 Dec 20207.4336,929BSE
NEETA AJIT JAINBulk Purchase 11 Dec 20208.4819,302BSE
SEJAL KRUNAL VAKHARIABulk Purchase 24 Nov 20207.8523,838BSE
NEETA AJIT JAINBulk Purchase 15 Sep 20209.5523,939BSE
SHAIK PAKURUNNISHABulk Sell 15 Sep 20209.5523,999BSE
AKASH RAJESH SHAHBulk Purchase 25 Aug 20209.0815,500BSE
RAMESH RAO THANGADABulk Sell 25 Aug 20209.0816,512BSE
ANURADHA THANGADABulk Sell 25 Aug 20209.0821,260BSE
PURAN CHAND CHOUDHARYBulk Purchase 04 Jun 20208.5023,550BSE
RAHUL ANANTRAI MEHTABulk Purchase 19 Mar 20206.2727,932BSE
SAPNA BHAVESH SHAHBulk Purchase 19 Mar 20207.1215,997BSE
RAHUL ANANTRAI MEHTABulk Sell 19 Mar 20206.9819,265BSE
MONA KETAN SHAHBulk Sell 24 Feb 2020817,999BSE
DIVYAKANDABulk Purchase 18 Feb 20208.6529,191BSE
NIMESH BHARAT PATELBulk Purchase 18 Feb 20208.6420,763BSE
RAMESH RAO THANGADABulk Sell 18 Feb 20208.5029,594BSE
NIMESH BHARAT PATELBulk Sell 18 Feb 20208.6520,763BSE
DIVYAKANDABulk Sell 18 Feb 20208.807,670BSE
MONA KETAN SHAHBulk Purchase 05 Feb 202010.2625,000BSE
RAMESH RAO THANGADABulk Sell 05 Feb 202010.0539,345BSE
MONA KETAN SHAHBulk Sell 05 Feb 20209.9012,001BSE
SEJAL KRUNAL VAKHARIABulk Purchase 22 Jan 20208.5115,300BSE
SHIVANG SHASHIKANT SHAHBulk Sell 16 Jan 20208.7015,910BSE
YASH PRAFUL SHAHBulk Purchase 13 Jan 20209.0515,400BSE
SEJAL KRUNAL VAKHARIABulk Purchase 09 Jan 20208.0616,392BSE
RAMESH UTTAMCHAND JEWANIBulk Purchase 30 Dec 2019831,459BSE
CHITRA NARAIN KHATWANIBulk Purchase 30 Dec 2019826,084BSE
SHIVANG SHASHIKANT SHAHBulk Purchase 30 Dec 20197.9718,000BSE
DHAVAL JAYSUKLAL GADANIBulk Purchase 11 Dec 20197.8516,670BSE
ANURUDHKUMAR BARELAL YADAVBulk Purchase 11 Dec 20197.8016,670BSE
DHAVAL JAYSUKLAL GADANIBulk Sell 11 Dec 20197.8316,670BSE
ANURUDHKUMAR BARELAL YADAVBulk Sell 11 Dec 20197.7916,670BSE
ANURUDHKUMAR BARELAL YADAVBulk Purchase 10 Dec 20198.4316,670BSE
ANURUDHKUMAR BARELAL YADAVBulk Sell 10 Dec 20198.4116,670BSE
ANURUDHKUMAR BARELAL YADAVBulk Purchase 06 Dec 20199.5116,670BSE
ANURUDHKUMAR BARELAL YADAVBulk Sell 06 Dec 20199.5116,670BSE
HARIT SHAHBulk Sell 22 Nov 20198.1220,499BSE
TEENA KIRTI JAINBulk Purchase 30 Oct 201913.0637,852BSE
ANIL BALKRISHNA PATILBulk Purchase 31 Jul 201918.4727,249BSE
AMIT JUGRAJ JAINBulk Purchase 17 Jul 201919.4950,865BSE
ATULKUMAR SHANTILAL SHAHBulk Purchase 16 Jul 201919.3740,000BSE
PURAN CHAND CHOUDHARYBulk Purchase 16 Jul 201919.8637,000BSE
BHARTI ANIL PATILBulk Purchase 16 Jul 201919.9515,156BSE
SHAILENDRA KUMAR R DUBEYBulk Sell 16 Jul 20192024,000BSE
SHRIDHAR MAHADEO KATKARBulk Sell 16 Jul 201919.9019,344BSE
MAMTA BHERUMAL JAINBulk Purchase 07 Feb 201918.8327,000BSE
AKSHAY BHERULAL JAINBulk Purchase 16 Jan 201918.3527,500BSE
AMAN RAJESH JAINBulk Purchase 16 Jan 201918.3527,500BSE
BHAGWANCHAND SUMERMAL JAINBulk Purchase 16 Jan 201918.3527,500BSE
ASHU SINGHBulk Sell 16 Jan 201918.3519,697BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 16 Jan 201918.3527,309BSE
ASHU SINGHBulk Sell 08 Jan 201918.4531,500BSE
REHAAM NASIM SHAIKHBulk Purchase 31 Dec 201817.9425,000BSE
SUNIL KESHAV PUNJABIBulk Purchase 28 Dec 201817.7121,006BSE
JITENDRA KANTILAL VAKHARIABulk Purchase 24 Dec 201817.93447BSE
ASHU SINGHBulk Purchase 24 Dec 20181835,000BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Purchase 24 Dec 20181827,500BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Purchase 24 Dec 20181830,000BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Purchase 24 Dec 20181830,000BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Sell 24 Dec 201818.50650BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 24 Dec 201818.501,450BSE
ANURADHA THANGADABulk Purchase 18 Dec 201818.3516,245BSE
ANURADHA THANGADABulk Purchase 14 Dec 201818.6415,960BSE
SHREENIWAS ANAND SANJAPPABulk Sell 14 Dec 201818.0731,230BSE
KAMAL KUMAR JALAN SEC. PVT. LTDBulk Purchase 12 Dec 201817.8427,937BSE
SHAILENDRA KUMAR R DUBEYBulk Purchase 12 Dec 201818.2921,059BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Sell 12 Dec 201818.3062,837BSE
KAMAL KUMAR JALAN SEC. PVT. LTDBulk Sell 12 Dec 201818.038,737BSE
SHUBHAM JAINBulk Sell 12 Dec 201817.7842,225BSE
NAVEEN GUPTABulk Purchase 11 Dec 201818.2316,566BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Sell 11 Dec 201818.2718,920BSE
NAVEEN GUPTABulk Sell 11 Dec 201818.1321,502BSE
NAVEEN GUPTABulk Purchase 10 Dec 201818.0718,927BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Sell 10 Dec 201818.0638,500BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Sell 10 Dec 201818.0716,807BSE
NAVEEN GUPTABulk Sell 10 Dec 201818.2710,828BSE
MUKESH MEHTABulk Purchase 07 Dec 20181850,496BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Sell 07 Dec 201817.9679,084BSE
HARIT SHAHBulk Purchase 05 Dec 20181820,499BSE
RAMESH RAO THANGADABulk Purchase 05 Dec 201818.1044,450BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Purchase 05 Dec 201818122,358BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Sell 05 Dec 20181820,000BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 05 Dec 201818.0946,000BSE
JITENDRA KANTILAL VAKHARIABulk Sell 05 Dec 201818.01122,769BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Purchase 04 Dec 20181855,500BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Purchase 04 Dec 20181855,500BSE
RAMESH RAO THANGADABulk Purchase 04 Dec 201818.0453,656BSE
SADHANA AMBALAL JAINBulk Sell 04 Dec 201818.4136,000BSE
AMBALAL BHOORMALJI JAINBulk Sell 04 Dec 20181894,000BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 04 Dec 201818.1394,666BSE
RUSHABH DILIP VARIYABulk Purchase 03 Dec 20181825,000BSE
KRUPA CHIRAG MEHTABulk Purchase 03 Dec 20181825,000BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Purchase 03 Dec 201818.0775BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Purchase 03 Dec 20181886,589BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Sell 03 Dec 201818.2515,239BSE
SABOO RAJ KUMARBulk Purchase 30 Nov 20181827,159BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Purchase 29 Nov 20181855,500BSE
DIPESH AMBALAL JAINBulk Purchase 29 Nov 20181842,944BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Sell 29 Nov 201817.9555,589BSE
SADHANA AMBALAL JAINBulk Purchase 27 Nov 201817.5245,534BSE
MANISHKUMAR ANJANIKUMAR DHANUKABulk Purchase 27 Nov 201817.55135,000BSE
SHUBHAM JAINBulk Purchase 27 Nov 201817.4625,898BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Purchase 27 Nov 201817.3935,324BSE
SHUBHAM JAINBulk Sell 27 Nov 201817.5325,628BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 27 Nov 201817.5034,157BSE
JITENDRA KANTILAL VAKHARIA HUFBulk Sell 27 Nov 201817.55130,000BSE
SADHANA AMBALAL JAINBulk Sell 27 Nov 201817.4345,534BSE
SADHANA AMBALAL JAINBulk Purchase 26 Nov 201817.2876,415BSE
AMBALAL BHOORMALJI JAINBulk Purchase 26 Nov 201817.32135,000BSE
JITENDRA KANTILAL VAKHARIA HUFBulk Sell 26 Nov 201817.35113,815BSE
VARSHA JITENDRA VAKHARIABulk Sell 26 Nov 201817.25101,185BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Purchase 20 Nov 201816.9485,450BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 20 Nov 201816.9117,983BSE
VARSHA JITENDRA VAKHARIABulk Sell 20 Nov 201816.9539,393BSE
EVERLON SOLAR ENERGY PVT.LTDBulk Sell 20 Nov 201816.9580,606BSE
RAGHAV S DAGABulk Purchase 19 Nov 201816.9029,679BSE
SAMTA VINODKUMAR CHATURVEDIBulk Purchase 19 Nov 201817.2950,000BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Purchase 19 Nov 201816.90135,000BSE
EVERLON SOLAR ENERGY PVT.LTDBulk Sell 19 Nov 201816.9068,194BSE
SAMTA VINODKUMAR CHATURVEDIBulk Sell 19 Nov 201816.9050,000BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Sell 19 Nov 201817.3020,000BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Sell 19 Nov 201817.3020,000BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 19 Nov 201816.9579,400BSE
VAKHARIA SYNTHETICS PVT.LTDBulk Sell 19 Nov 201816.9051,806BSE
HARSHADA MANOHAR BAINGBulk Purchase 16 Nov 201816.9020,000BSE
SHALAKA SANTOSH GURAVBulk Purchase 16 Nov 201816.9520,000BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Purchase 16 Nov 201816.8520,000BSE
ASHU SINGHBulk Sell 16 Nov 201817.1418,800BSE
GANGARAM GOVIND WAINGANKARBulk Sell 16 Nov 201817.2110,000BSE
VAKHARIA SYNTHETICS PVT.LTDBulk Sell 16 Nov 201816.8647,554BSE
OMKAR TEXOLENE PVT.LTDBulk Sell 16 Nov 201816.9937,446BSE
JAYSHREE SHRIDHAR KATKARBulk Purchase 31 Oct 201817.2520,000BSE
ASHU SINGHBulk Purchase 31 Oct 201817.2533,568BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Sell 31 Oct 201817.25102,851BSE
URVASHI BHAVIN GOGRIBulk Purchase 26 Oct 201815.7560,000BSE
SHRIDHAR MAHADEO KATKARBulk Purchase 26 Oct 201815.7517,602BSE
SURESH LEKHRAJ PURSWANEYBulk Sell 26 Oct 201815.7876,287BSE
VASHDEV H LILARAMANIBulk Sell 24 Oct 201815.6047,000BSE
ABIRAMI M ARUNACHALAMBulk Sell 24 Oct 201815.6051,250BSE
SHEILA N HATHIRAMANIBulk Sell 24 Oct 201815.6023,166BSE
KOSHI G PUNJABIBulk Sell 23 Oct 201816.2015,500BSE
MANOJ ARVINDLAL GANDHIBulk Sell 31 Aug 201819.2524,222BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Sell 30 Aug 201819.3525,000BSE
LAJU H DASWANIBulk Purchase 27 Aug 201819.4420,000BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Purchase 27 Aug 201819.6014,850BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 27 Aug 201819.4246,500BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 23 Aug 201819.5944,602BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 21 Aug 201819.7525,000BSE
SURESH LEKHRAJ PURSWANEYBulk Purchase 29 May 201822.1523,512BSE
VASHDEV HUKUMAL LILARAMANIBulk Purchase 29 May 201822.1524,000BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 29 May 201822.1547,500BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 25 May 201821.7527,500BSE
BALDEVKUMAR BHAGWAN VERMABulk Purchase 15 May 201823.1465,780BSE
NIVEDITA SAKLECHABulk Sell 15 May 201823.1521,960BSE
VASHDEV HUKUMAL LILARAMANIBulk Purchase 14 May 201823.0320,000BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 11 May 201822.3025,000BSE
NIVEDITA SAKLECHABulk Purchase 10 May 201821.2515,335BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 10 May 201821.2525,000BSE
VARSHA JITENDRA VAKHARIABulk Purchase 09 May 201820.2525,000BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Sell 09 May 201820.2525,000BSE
MUJEEBUR RAHMAN HABEEBBulk Purchase 08 May 201821.0822,400BSE
AMI DHIREN DADIABulk Sell 10 Apr 201813.3055,014BSE
SHEILA N HATHIRAMANIBulk Purchase 06 Apr 201812.8718,000BSE
SURESH LEKHRAJ PURSWANEYBulk Purchase 06 Apr 201812.8040,000BSE
MUJEEBUR RAHMAN HABEEBBulk Purchase 06 Apr 201812.7652,000BSE
jitendra kantilal VAKHARIABulk Purchase 06 Apr 201812.73110,000BSE
AMI DHIREN DADIABulk Sell 06 Apr 201812.8025,074BSE
LEENA DHIREN DADIABulk Sell 06 Apr 201812.76256,296BSE
jitendra kantilal VAKHARIABulk Purchase 26 Mar 201812.4022,040BSE
ALPESH ARVINDLAL GANDHIBulk Sell 26 Mar 201812.4232,400BSE
jitendra kantilal VAKHARIABulk Purchase 19 Apr 20172.65390,750BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 19 Apr 20172.65289,861BSE
JITENDRA KANTILAL VAKHARIA HUFBulk Purchase 31 Mar 20172.05504,439BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Sell 31 Mar 20172.05500,000BSE
jitendra kantilal VAKHARIABulk Purchase 14 Mar 20171.50561,034BSE
NILESH DHIRAJLAL SHAHBulk Sell 14 Mar 20171.50641,034BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Purchase 11 Mar 20161.96344,999BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Purchase 11 Mar 20161.96160,000BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Purchase 02 Mar 20161.96500,000BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Purchase 02 Mar 20161.96500,000BSE
JITENDRA KANTILAL VAKHARIABulk Sell 02 Mar 20161.961,010,000BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Purchase 26 Feb 20161.96500,000BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Purchase 26 Feb 20161.96600,000BSE
PRACHI JITENDRA VAKHARIABulk Sell 26 Feb 20161.961,102,006BSE
PRERANA JAYESH SHAHBulk Purchase 19 Feb 20161.96500,000BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Purchase 19 Feb 20161.96740,000BSE
VARSHA JITENDRA VAKHARIABulk Sell 19 Feb 20161.961,250,200BSE
JAYESH D SHAHBulk Purchase 18 Feb 20161.961,250,000BSE
PRACHI JITENDRA VAKHARIABulk Sell 18 Feb 20161.961,250,000BSE
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