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Board Meetings - Usha Martin Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Usha Martin Ltd. - USHAMART, 517146

2021-11-12Quarterly Results
2021-07-28Quarterly Results
2021-05-20Audited Results
2021-02-08Quarterly Results
2020-11-10Quarterly Results
2020-08-11Quarterly Results
2020-06-06Audited Results(Revised)
2020-05-30Audited Results
2020-02-06Quarterly Results
2019-11-09Quarterly Results
2019-07-26Quarterly Results
2019-05-27Audited Results
2019-02-05Quarterly Results
2018-11-12Quarterly Results
2018-08-13Quarterly Results
2018-05-21Audited Results
2018-02-05Quarterly Results
2017-11-10Quarterly Results
2017-08-08Quarterly Results
2017-05-30Audited Results
2017-04-25OthersAppointed Mr. G N Bajpai as the Non Executive Chairman of the Company and of the Board of the Company, in place of Mr. Prashant Jhawar, with immediate effect.
2017-02-06Quarterly Results
2016-12-09Quarterly ResultsAppointed Ms. Aarthi Ramakrishnan as Independent Additional Director to hold office till the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.
2016-08-08Quarterly Results
2016-05-25Audited Results
2016-02-08Quarterly Results
2015-11-04Quarterly Results
2015-07-30Quarterly Results
2015-05-25Audited Results & Dividend
2015-01-30Quarterly Results
2014-11-07Quarterly Results
2014-09-16Rights Issueinter alia, to discuss and consider various fund raising options, including but not limited to, issuance of equity shares and / or other related instruments by way of a rights issue.
2014-07-31Quarterly Results
2014-05-27Audited Results & Dividend
2014-01-29Quarterly Results
2013-11-09Quarterly Results
2013-07-30Quarterly Results
2013-05-09Audited Results & Dividend
2013-01-30Quarterly Results
2012-11-06Quarterly Results
2012-07-31Quarterly Results
2012-05-10Audited Results & Dividend
2012-01-31Quarterly Results
2011-10-31Quarterly Results
2011-07-29Quarterly Results
2011-05-11Audited Results & Dividend
2011-01-25Quarterly Results
2010-10-27Quarterly Results
2010-07-27Quarterly Results
2010-05-10Audited Results, Dividend & OthersThe Board has approved the capex plan for setting up inter alia, Coke Oven unit, additional DRI plant, Pellet Plant, additional power plant & other related projects at a total cost of Rs. 1200 Crs.
2010-01-14Quarterly Results
2009-11-12Raising of funds by issue of SecuritiesTo raise upto Rs. 500 Crs through issuing Equity Shares / Securities by way of various routes including QIP & to call an EGM of the Company on December 07, 2009 for the same.
2009-10-28Quarterly Results & OthersTo utilise the credit balance in the Securities Premium Account of the Company to the extent of Rs 200 Crs for meeting 'deferred tax liability' arising in terms of Accounting Standard 22.
2009-07-29Quarterly Results
2009-05-12Audited Results & Dividend
2009-01-29Quarterly Results
2008-10-24Quarterly Results
2008-07-30Quarterly Results
2008-06-30To consider: appointment of directorTo appoint Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen Bt. as an Additional Director.
2008-05-13Audited Results & Dividend
2008-01-29Quarterly Results
2007-10-31Quarterly Results
2007-07-25Quarterly Results
2007-05-17Stock Split
2007-01-31Quarterly Results
2006-10-25Quarterly Results
2006-07-31Quarterly Results
2006-05-06Accounts & Dividend
2006-01-28Quarterly Results
2005-12-09AmalgamationDecided to amalgamate Usha Martin Holdings Ltd (UMHL), 100% subsidiary of the Company, with itself through a Scheme of Amalgamation under Section 391 and 394 of the Companies Act, 1956.
2005-10-10Quarterly Results
2005-07-27Quarterly Results
2005-05-11Dividend & Accounts
2005-01-28Quarterly Results
2004-10-27Quarterly Results
2004-07-27Quarterly Results
2004-05-12Dividend & Accounts
2004-01-29Quarterly Results
2003-10-29Quarterly Results
2003-07-31Quarterly Results
2003-05-14Dividend & Accounts
2003-01-29Quarterly Results
2002-10-30Quarterly Results
2002-07-18Quarterly Results
2002-06-22OthersTo consider issue of eq. shares/warrants to International Finance Corp, Washington or promoters on preferential basis to part finance the Companys new project to be implemented at Jamshedpur & Ranchi.
2002-05-23Dividend & Accounts
2002-01-16Quarterly Results
2001-11-29Half Yearly Results
2001-10-30Quarterly Results
2001-07-28Quarterly Results
2001-07-11Accounts & Dividend(Revised)
2001-01-24Quarterly Results
2000-12-29AmalgamationTo consider scheme of amalgamation of UMTL Holding Co. Ltd. (subsidiary co.) with the company.
2000-10-31Quarterly Results
2000-10-27Quarterly Results
2000-07-26Quarterly Results
2000-03-21Interim Dividend
2000-01-31Quarterly Results
1999-11-23Accounts & Dividend