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Board Meetings - Cybermate Infotek Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Cybermate Infotek Ltd. - CYBERMAT, 532271

2021-04-10OthersInter alia, (a) To Convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to seek approval for the Change of Name of the Company.
2021-02-13Quarterly Results & OthersInter alia, 1.Acceptance of resignation of Ms. C.Kamakshi Bharathi, Independent Director-Woman. 2.Appointment of Ms.Ponnari Gottipati as an Additional Director in the vacany caused by resignation.
2020-02-10Quarterly Results
2019-11-05Quarterly Results
2019-08-06Quarterly Results
2019-05-27Audited Results
2019-02-07Quarterly Results
2018-11-09Quarterly Results
2018-08-13Unaudited Financial Results
2018-05-29Audited Results
2018-02-09Quarterly Results
2017-12-08Quarterly Results
2017-09-11Quarterly Results
2017-06-26Others1. raising funds through various securities. 2. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.
2017-05-29Audited Results
2017-04-17OthersAllotment of share warrants to Promoters/others and Issuance of equity shares under Employee Stock Option Scheme/Policy.
2017-04-10OthersTo Consider Issue of Convertible Share Warrants to Promoters/Others in accordance with SEBI (ICDR) Regulations/ Companies Act 2013/SEBI (LODR) Regulations 2015 as applicable.
2017-02-09Quarterly Results
2016-12-20OthersTake on record the order of the Honorable High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with regard to Capital Reduction.
2016-11-14Quarterly Results
2016-10-08OthersIdentify, consider and discuss on the possibilities of any business/ technical Collaboration.
2016-09-07Quarterly Results & Others
2016-07-05Reduction in Share Capital
2016-06-20OthersProposal for capital restructuring / Scheme of arrangement / capital reduction.
2016-05-21Audited Results & OthersTo confirm the reconstitution of various committees of the board.
2016-03-07Others1. To accept resignation of Mr. Shankar Khasnis, Independent Director of the Co. 2. To appoint Mr. Sai Roop kumar Vegunta as an additional director.3. To increase authorised Share Capital of the Co.
2016-02-23Others1. To increase authorised Share Capital of the Company. 2. To increase the borrowing powers of the Company.
2016-02-09Quarterly Results & OthersTo convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and fix a date for the EGM seeking members approval for a. To increase the borrowing powers of the Company.
2015-11-12Quarterly Results & Others
2015-07-30Quarterly Results & OthersTo review the operations of the company.
2015-05-29Others1. Appointment of Shri Y. Koteswar Rao Company Secretary to carry out Secretarial Audit. 2. Issuance and allotment of convertible equity share warrants to the promoters and promoters group.
2015-03-27Appointment of Women Director
2015-02-13Quarterly Results & OthersTo Review Operations of the Company.
2014-11-10Quarterly Results
2014-08-11Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results
2014-02-14Quarterly Results & Others
2013-11-12Quarterly Results
2013-08-09Quarterly Results & OthersTo review operations of the company.
2013-05-29Audited Results
2013-05-04OthersTo consider allotment of 99,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each to Promoters on a preferential basis, which was approved by share holders of the Company at the AGM
2012-08-13Quarterly Results
2012-05-30Audited Results
2012-02-15Quarterly Results
2011-11-15Quarterly Results
2011-08-30Issue of Equity Shares & Others
2011-07-20Quarterly Results & Others
2011-05-31Audited Results & OthersTo review operations
2011-01-27Quarterly Results & OthersInter alia, to review the Operations of the Company.
2010-11-01Quarterly Results & Others
2010-09-24Review of Operations
2010-07-22Quarterly Results
2010-05-31Audited Results
2010-01-28Quarterly Results
2009-10-14Quarterly Results
2009-09-03Sub Division of Equity SharesFor the sub-division of the present face value of each equity share of the Company from Rs. 10/- into 10 equity shares of the face value of Re. 1/- each.
2009-07-31Quarterly Results
2009-06-29Audited Results
2009-04-17OthersTo declare audited financial results of the Co. for the year ended March 31, 2009 on or before June 30, 2009 as & when the audited financial results are approved by the board of directors.
2009-01-29Quarterly Results
2008-10-17Quarterly Results & OthersTo consider the Review of Operations & to deployment of Proceeds of the Proposed GDR.
2008-09-20Audited Results & OthersTo allot convertible equity share warrants to the promoters, promoters group & to raise additional resources by way of FCCBs / GDRs / ADRs / other convertible instruments.
2008-07-31Quarterly Results
2008-04-30Qtr Results, Dividend & Bonus IssueThe board have deferred the proposal for declaration of dividend & bonus shares.
2008-01-31Quarterly Results
2007-12-24To approve strategic alliances
2007-10-25Quarterly Results
2007-09-28GeneralTo allot 4,800,000 Global Depositary Receipts Representing 48,000,000 Underlying Shares of Rs 10 each.
2007-07-31Quarterly Results
2007-01-31Quarterly Results
2006-10-31Quarterly Results
2006-07-31Quarterly Results
2006-07-13Raising of funds through Rights IssueTo members of the Company and / or Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) under the scheme of "Qualified Institutions Placement" (QIP) as per the SEBI guide lines.
2006-01-25Quarterly Results
2005-12-06To consider the expansion proposalTo consider the proposals for expansions of the activities and to fix a date for the General Meeting to seek the approval of the share holders and agenda thereof.
2005-11-26Quarterly Results
2005-03-05Quarterly Results & Accounts(15 months)
2004-10-30Quarterly Results
2004-04-23Quarterly Results
2004-01-31Quarterly Results
2003-09-10OthersAppointment of a consultant to study, evalute and identify the ways and means for structuring of the Business Process Outsourcing activities of the company including de-merging of the operations.
2003-08-21Quarterly Results
2003-04-08Right Issue of Equity SharesTo consider the progress of the response and date of closing issue.
2003-01-31OthersTo fix the record date for the proposed right issue.
2003-01-17Right Issue of Equity Shares
2002-10-31Quarterly Results
2002-07-31Quarterly Results
2002-01-31Quarterly Results
2001-12-29Rights Issue & ESOPRights Issue of Equity Shares & Issue and allotment of Equity shares to the Employees as per Employees Stock Purchase Scheme as per SEBI guidelines.
2001-10-31Quarterly Results & Half Yearly Results
2001-08-25OthersFurther issue of equity shares and/or equity linked instruments, either through public issue/rights issue/preferential offer/private placement
2001-07-30Accounts & Quarterly Results(Revised)
2001-01-31Quarterly Results
2000-10-31Quarterly Results
2000-07-31Quarterly Results
2000-01-31Quarterly Results