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Board Meetings - Corporation Bank [Merged]

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2020-02-07Quarterly Results
2019-11-06Quarterly Results
2019-08-03Quarterly Results
2019-05-17Audited Results
2019-02-11Quarterly Results
2019-01-29To consider raising of fundsTo consider, raising fund through issuance of Non Convertible Debt Securities on Private Placement Basis aggregating upto Rs. 2500 crores during FY 19-20.
2018-11-13Quarterly Results
2018-08-11Quarterly Results
2018-07-21To consider raising of fundsInter alia to consider raising of capital of the Bank by way of Preferential Allotment of equity shares to Government of India.
2018-05-26Audited Results
2018-02-12Quarterly Results & OthersTo consider, raising equity capital by way of Preferential Allotment of equity shares to Goverment of India to the tune of Rs.2187 Crore.
2017-12-22To consider raising of capital
2017-11-14Quarterly Results
2017-08-11Quarterly Results
2017-05-20Audited Results & Dividend
2017-02-10Quarterly Results
2016-11-14Quarterly Results
2016-08-10Quarterly Results
2016-05-18Audited Results
2016-03-08Raising of Capital of the Bank
2016-02-12Quarterly Results
2015-11-07Quarterly Results
2015-08-07Quarterly Results
2015-05-16Audited Results & Dividend
2015-02-09Quarterly Results
2014-11-07Quarterly Results
2014-08-08Quarterly Results
2014-05-09Audited Results & Final Dividend
2014-02-07Quarterly Results
2014-01-23Interim Dividend
2013-11-11Quarterly Results & Raising of Capital
2013-07-27Quarterly Results
2013-05-08Audited Results & Dividend
2013-02-01OthersTo consider: The Un-Audited Financial Results (subject to "Limited Review") of the Bank for the quarter ended December 31, 2012.
2012-11-09Quarterly Results(Revised)
2012-07-30Quarterly Results
2012-05-04Quarterly, Audited Results & Dividend
2012-03-26Forfeiture of Equity SharesThe Board has approved the forfeiture of 3300 Equity Shares of the Bank in respect of which the allotment money were in arrears.
2012-02-02Quarterly Results(Revised)
2011-10-31Quarterly Results
2011-07-28Quarterly Results
2011-04-29Audited Results & Dividend
2011-02-19Preferential allotment of Equity SharesTo infuse Rs. 309 Crore by way of Preferential allotment of Equity Shares in favour of the Government of India, in the Bank.
2011-01-21Quarterly Results
2010-10-21Quarterly Results
2010-07-28Quarterly Results
2010-06-24Revision in Tier 1 / Tier-II BondsThe Board approved the revision of issual of 1. Tier-I/ Perpetual Bonds: Revised Upper Limit is Rs. 1010.30 Crs. 2. Upper Tier-II Bonds & Lower Tier-II Bonds: Revised Upper Limit is Rs. 6235.69 Crs.
2010-04-23Audited Results & Dividend
2010-01-22Quarterly Results
2009-12-29OthersThe Board has increased the Authorised Capital of the Bank from the existing level of Rs. 1500/- Crs to Rs. 3000/- Crs. In accordance with Sec 3 (2A) of the Banking Co's (ATU) Act, 1980.
2009-10-29Quarterly Results
2009-07-29Quarterly Results
2009-06-25OthersTo approve the revision of issual of following Tier-1 / Tier-II Bonds: 1. Tier-I/ Perpetual Bonds: Upper Limit: Rs 617.00 Cr, Revised Upper Limit: Rs 762.00 Cr. 2. Upper Tier-II Bonds & Lower Tier-II.
2009-04-24Audited Results & Final Dividend
2009-03-28OthersTo approve the revision of issual of the following Tier I / Tier II bonds: Tier I / Perpetual Bonds: - Upper Limit : Rs 600.00 Crores - Revised Upper Limit : Rs 617.00 Crores - Till Date Raised.
2009-02-26Interim Dividend
2009-01-27Quarterly Results
2008-10-25Quarterly Results
2008-09-16OthersTo appove Tier I Bond / perpetual Bonds to the extent of Rs 600 crore & Upper Tier-II Bond to the extent of Rs 1000 crore.
2008-07-29Quarterly Results & OthersTo approve the proposal for raising of Tier II bonds to the tune of Rs 1200 crores in tranches, this is in addition to Bond issued to the tune of Rs 800 crores earlier.
2008-04-26Audited Results & Final Dividend
2008-03-25Interim Dividend
2008-01-22Quarterly Results
2007-10-27Quarterly Results
2007-07-14Quarterly Results
2007-04-28Audited Results & Final Dividend
2007-03-24Interim Dividend
2007-02-27Takeover of Primary Dealer BusinessInter alia, to discuss the takeover of Primary Dealer Business activity by the Bank from its wholly owned subsidiary Company - CorpBank Securities Ltd.
2007-01-24Quarterly Results
2006-10-26Quarterly Results
2006-09-07OthersTo consider amongst others, to discuss opportunities for submitting Expression of Interest to Reserve Bank of India for taking over The United Western Bank Ltd.
2006-07-29Quarterly Results
2006-04-26Accounts & Final Dividend
2006-01-24Quarterly Results
2005-11-26Interim Dividend
2005-10-24Quarterly Results
2005-07-21Quarterly Results
2005-04-21Accounts & Dividend
2005-03-02To consider a proposal for mergerTo consider a proposal for merger of Chikmagalur kodagu Grameena Bank (CHIKO Bank), Regional Rural Bank sponsored by the Bank with the Bank.
2005-01-22Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2004-12-27Merger of its subsidiaryTo consider amongst others, a proposal for merger of Corporation Bank Homes Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank.
2004-10-21Half Yearly ResultsAudited results for the half year ended 30-09-04
2004-09-24OthersDiscussed the issue of consolidation of the banking industry.
2004-07-22Quarterly Results
2004-04-24Accounts & Final Dividend
2004-01-14Quarterly Results
2003-12-29Interim Dividend
2003-10-31Half Yearly Results
2003-07-26Quarterly Results
2003-05-14Accounts & Dividend
2003-01-20Quarterly Results
2002-10-25Quarterly Results
2002-07-20Quarterly Results
2002-05-22Accounts & Dividend
2002-01-23Quarterly Results
2001-10-23Quarterly Results
2001-08-0340% DividendAs approval received from RBI.
2001-06-06Accounts & Dividend
2001-01-30Quarterly Results
2000-10-31Half Yearly Results