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Board Meetings - Bharat Rasayan Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Bharat Rasayan Ltd. - BHARATRAS, 590021

2021-06-29Audited Results & Dividend
2021-02-10Quarterly Results
2021-01-12Buyback of sharesTo consider buyback for equity shares and other business matters
2020-08-13Quarterly Results
2020-06-26Audited Results & Dividend
2019-11-14Quarterly Results
2019-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2018-11-14Quarterly Results
2018-08-14Quarterly Results
2018-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2018-02-13Quarterly Results
2017-08-14Quarterly Results
2017-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2017-03-29Others1. Brief profile (in case of appointment);
2017-02-13Quarterly Results
2016-11-14Quarterly Results
2016-08-11Quarterly Results
2016-05-30Audited Results & Final Dividend
2016-02-10Quarterly ResultsSh. Amit Gupta, Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company has resigned from the post of Independent Director w.e.f. February 01, 2016.
2015-11-09Quarterly Results
2015-08-12Quarterly Results
2015-05-29Audited Results & Final DividendResignation of Ms. Sonali Singh from the post of Company Secretary.
2015-02-12Quarterly Results
2014-11-13Quarterly Results
2014-08-13Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results
2014-02-14Quarterly Results
2013-11-14Quarterly Results
2013-08-12Quarterly Results
2013-05-30Audited Results
2013-02-14Quarterly Results
2012-11-12Quarterly Results
2012-08-27Audited Results & Dividend
2012-08-14Quarterly Results
2012-05-14Quarterly Results
2012-02-14Quarterly Results
2012-01-09OthersTo sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the whole or substantially the whole of the unit of the Company located at Andhra Pradesh & to increase in the borrowing powers of the Company.
2011-12-31OthersThe Board have appointed Ms. Deepika Bhardwaj as a Company Secretary of the Company w.e.f Jan 02, 2012, Ms. Deepika Bhardwaj has also been designated as a Compliance Officer w.e.f. Jan 02, 2012.
2011-11-12Quarterly Results
2011-08-26Audited Results & Dividend
2011-08-12Quarterly Results
2011-05-14Quarterly Results
2011-02-15Quarterly Results
2010-11-15Quarterly Results
2010-09-18To consider the AcquisitionThe Board has approved the acquisition of balance approx. 60% Equity Shares of M/s. Siris Crop Sciences Ltd. to make it a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Company.
2010-08-14Quarterly Results
2010-07-26Audited Results & Dividend
2010-04-30Quarterly Results
2010-01-30Quarterly Results
2009-10-31Quarterly Results
2009-08-28Audited Results & Dividend
2009-07-31Quarterly Results
2009-04-30Quarterly Results
2009-01-31Quarterly Results
2008-10-31Quarterly Results
2008-08-30Audited Results, Dividend & OthersTo fix the date of book closure / record date for the purpose of Annual General Meeting and dividend.
2008-07-31Quarterly Results
2008-04-30Quarterly Results
2008-01-31Quarterly Results
2007-10-30Quarterly Results
2007-08-27Audited Results & Dividend
2007-07-31Quarterly Results
2007-04-30Quarterly Results
2007-01-31Quarterly Results
2006-10-31Quarterly Results
2006-08-30Accounts & Dividend
2006-07-31Quarterly Results
2006-04-29Quarterly Results
2006-01-31Quarterly Results
2005-10-31Quarterly Results
2005-08-17Dividend & Accounts
2005-07-30Quarterly Results
2005-04-30Quarterly Results
2005-01-31Quarterly Results
2004-08-23Dividend & Accounts
2004-04-30Quarterly Results
2004-01-31Quarterly Results
2003-10-31Quarterly Results
2003-07-31Quarterly Results
2003-04-30Quarterly Results
2003-01-31Quarterly Results
2002-10-31Quarterly Results
2002-07-31Quarterly Results
2002-04-30Quarterly Results
2002-03-14Interim Dividend(Revised)
2002-01-31Quarterly Results
2001-10-31Quarterly Results
2001-08-21Accounts & Dividend
2001-07-31Quarterly Results
2001-04-30Quarterly Results
2001-01-31Quarterly Results
2000-10-31Quarterly Results
2000-07-31Quarterly Results
2000-04-29Quarterly Results
2000-03-31Interim Dividend
1999-10-30Quarterly Results