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Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd.    
07 Feb 2020

Earnings Call Transcript with Investors and Analysts

Opening Remarks from Management

 Now in the container business, we did 231,000 TEUs and that is an increase of 3% over the previous quarter. This was driven more by higher coastal volumes. On the dry bulk, we did 735,000 metric tonne which is higher by 9% compared to the preceding quarter and it was more driven by the fertilizer volumes. 
 On the liquid side, we did about 194,000 metric tonnes of liquid cargo which is the decrease of 17% over the preceding quarter. This is mainly due to lower LPG volumes. However, if we compare this with the quarter last year then it is an increase of over 30%. 
 On the RoRo business, we have done around 9,000 CEUs which is lower by 56% compared to the previous quarter and this is because of the muted markets globally and also because of the fact that automobile industry is going through a transition in terms of  emission launch etc. 

Now coming to the financial performance, we report the revenue of Rs.1,966 million, expenses stands at Rs.795 million with an EBITDA of Rs.1,170 million and a margin of 60%. Later in the call, Santosh would also take you through the financials in detail. 

Now, if I come to the volumes development, on the container side then we have seen a decrease in the ICD volumes to the previous quarter this is then compensated by higher local volumes but overall we maintain the average. On the liquid though, we have seen lower volume than  the preceding quarter but it is  close to  our run rate of 200,000 MT and if you see the nine months volume in this financial year then we are up by some good margin almost 58%. On the bulk, we have seen an increasing trend now in the last three quarters and on a nine months basis, we are up by almost 30% over the similar period last year. Now on the RoRo as discussed earlier, the volumes have been lower in Q3 compared to the preceding quarters for the reasons stated I have discussed before. 

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