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06 Mar 2019
NEW: Sorting for screeners, and stock weightage for backtests

We have seen users request 1) a way to sort screeners by a specific parameter, and 2) Assign maximum weightage to stocks in a backtest. Both of these features are now live on Trendlyne. 

You can now sort any screener you own. Make a copy of an existing system screener, or create your own screener. After that, click on the Edit screener button, and you will see 'Advanced'. This lets you sort the screener by any parameter:

You can also now do something similar on backtests. You have more control over your backtest results by doing a 'Sort by", where you are limiting the number of stocks in a backtest per period using a particular parameter. You can limit total number of stocks, and also give a maximum weightage for each stock:

birlacommercial When we dont select a particular parameter to sort , the max stocks field shows 20 by default. But my backtest still shows many periods where the number of stocks was more than 20. Is there a way to limit the number of stocks so that it doesnt increase 20 in any period ?
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