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12 Feb 2018
Introducing new customizable CandleStick Screeners

We have launched a new section - Candlestick Screeners. These screeners have been stress tested as the most accurate in the Indian market, updated every day end of day. You can find the stocks which are seeing bullish and bearish trends across a variety of candlestick patterns, including White and Black Marubozu, Engulfing Patterns, Dragonfly Doji and more. 

What is different about these candlestick screeners? You can use these candlestick patterns to write custom queries that mix these with other technical and fundamental indicators. We also have an indicator called "candlestick strength" visible in every candlestick screener table, that tells you the total bullish or bearish strength for each stock. So if a stock X has a Candlestick Strength of 2, that means it is showing a net total of 2 bullish candlestick patterns. If it has a strength of -2, that means it is showing a net total of 2 bearish candlestick patterns. 

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