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As per corporate shareholdings filed for September 30, 2020, publicly holds 78 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 79,346.6 Cr.

These are shares held by as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Valencia Nutrition Ltd. Chauhan Ventures Llp & H M Arvindkumar Ventures Llp & Veer Value Ventures Llp40.05860,17115.40% - 3.4 Cr
Swojas Energy Foods Ltd. LlpNone50.00% - None
ICL Organic Dairy Products Ltd. Optume Legal Partners Llp24.50200,0003.33% - 49 L
Cian Healthcare Ltd. Indiacredit Risk Management Llp14.302,226,0009.53% - 3.2 Cr
Artemis Electricals Ltd. Indiacredit Risk Management Llp56.00868,0003.51% - 4.9 Cr
Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. Suratwwala Propperties Llp25.004010.00% - 10.0 K
APM Finvest Ltd. Essvee Fiiscal Llp15.99138,0000.64% - 22.1 L
Anuroop Packaging Ltd. Prathmeshwara Associates Llp14.50150,0001.96% - 21.8 L
Parshva Enterprises Ltd. Vora Securities Llp98.80100.00% - 988.0
Shahlon Silk Industries Ltd. Kesar Tracom India Llp59.70198,7091.11% - 1.2 Cr
National Standard (India) Ltd. Llp599.151,2520.01% - 7.5 L
Shikhar Leasing & Trading Ltd. M/S Laxmi Electroplast LlpNone34,7003.47% - None
TTL Enterprises Ltd. Ardent Ventures LlpNone19,60028.16% - None
MV Cotspin Ltd. Vns Projects LlpNone1,235,00026.19% - None
G G Automotive Gears Ltd. LlpNone35,2350.45% - None
Good Value Irrigation Ltd. LlpNone4000.00% - None
Shangar Decor Ltd. Llp16.2090.00% - 146.0
Manas Properties Ltd. Tuscany Square Feet Llp550.0050,1001.20% - 2.8 Cr
Prime Fresh Ltd. Silkon Traders Llp136.0035,0001.00% - 47.6 L
East India Securities Ltd. Dko Trading Company Llp1030.00176,0004.80% - 18.1 Cr
Ridings Consulting Engineers India Ltd. Capital Finance And Investments Llp18.50288,0002.32% - 53.3 L
Akshar Spintex Ltd. Seltron Resource Solutions Llp & Silkon Trades Llp17.95999,0004.00% - 1.8 Cr
Rajnish Wellness Ltd. Pivotal Business Managers Llp10.80211,2004.52% - 22.8 L
Vivanta Industries Ltd. Ardent Ventures Llp & Llp5.251,614,00016.14% - 84.7 L
Sungold Media and Entertainment Ltd. Namra Traders And Distributors Llp6.84240,0004.80% - 16.4 L
Shree Krishna Infrastructure Ltd. Namra Traders And Distributors Llp5.15250,0008.33% - 12.9 L
Deccan Health Care Ltd. Dhara Technosystem Llp31.15199,2001.27% - 62.1 L
KPI Global Infrastructure Ltd. Afpl Tradelink Llp51.55275,2001.52% - 1.4 Cr
Anmol India Ltd. Skyveil Trade Solutions Llp30.50152,0001.46% - 46.4 L
Mahip Industries Ltd. Afpl Tradelink Llp3.43272,0001.41% - 9.3 L
Chandni Machines Ltd. Llp7.642,5000.08% - 19.1 K
Aarti Drugs Ltd. Aarti Life Science Llp707.8013,6760.01% - 96.8 L
Abans Enterprises Ltd. Llp & Shreeji Corporate Solutions And Trade Llp173.752,780,44819.94% - 48.3 Cr
ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. Llp104.952,1490.01% - 2.3 L
Accelya Solutions India Ltd. Third Alpha Llp865.95300,4472.01% - 26.0 Cr
Ace Integrated Solutions Ltd. Mangal Murthy Traders Llp14.45183,0002.69% - 26.4 L
Amrapali Capital & Finance Services Ltd. Dkl Broking & Infra Llp & Llp5.692,750,40028.12% - 1.6 Cr
Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd. Adan Traders Llp & Akarshika Traders Llp0.4910,848,8325.72% - 53.2 L
ACI Infocom Ltd. Icon Multitrade Llp0.313,565,0003.23% - 11.1 L
Adani Enterprises Ltd. Adani Tradeline Llp410.0099,491,7199.05% - 4,079.2 Cr
Adani Green Energy Ltd. Adani Trading Services Llp1190.00530,579,35033.92% - 63,138.9 Cr
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. Adani Tradeline Llp399.90138,193,5496.80% - 5,526.4 Cr
Adani Power Ltd. Adani Tradline Llp38.75377,180,8859.78% - 1,461.6 Cr
Adani Transmission Ltd. Adani Tradeline Llp384.5599,491,7199.05% - 3,826.0 Cr
Addi Industries Ltd. Ultimate Investments Llp6.93501,9804.65% - 34.8 L
ADF Foods Ltd. Ebony Advisors Llp445.00400,0002.00% - 17.8 Cr
Adhunik Industries Ltd. Admirable Advisory Services Llp & Vrindavan Advisory Services Llp16.555,699,48812.19% - 9.4 Cr
Ador Welding Ltd. Ithoughtwealth Analytics Llp262.50220,5001.62% - 5.8 Cr
Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd. Sunder Advani Consultants Llp49.25378,5000.82% - 1.9 Cr
Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. Atharva Green Ecotech Llp339.25629,0000.56% - 21.3 Cr
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd. Aavyana Advisors Llp & Llp80.30828,8188.08% - 6.7 Cr
AGC Networks Ltd. Citoc Investment Services Llp & Llp & Ncube Ventures Llp & Quick Trading And Investment Advisors Llp601.202,624,4588.80% - 157.8 Cr
Agri-Tech (India) Ltd. Akash Farms Llp & Ashu Farms Llp30.25175,1292.94% - 53.0 L
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd. Llp204.5537,4190.22% - 76.5 L
AksharChem (India) Ltd. Chelsea Marketing Llp207.95323,8373.95% - 6.7 Cr
Akzo Nobel India Ltd. Llp2134.2017,9890.04% - 3.8 Cr
Alembic Ltd. Viramya Packlight Llp103.951,8000.00% - 1.9 L
Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd. Elsi Services Llp523.1510.00% - 523.0
Alicon Castalloy Ltd. Llp & Mithras Trading Llp & Nastic Trading Llp & Pamela Trading Llp328.057,225,07251.95% - 237.0 Cr
Alka Securities Ltd. Llp0.2442,9000.04% - 10.3 K
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. Niyoko Trading And Consultancy Llp & Purjeeko Trading & Consultancy Llp & Syk Trading And Consultancy Llp3663.101,858,4409.11% - 680.8 Cr
Alora Trading Company Ltd. Macario Trading Llp1.011,500,00012.06% - 15.2 L
Alps Industries Ltd. Anisha Fincap Consultants Llp1.001,294,1183.31% - 12.9 L
Amarnath Securities Ltd. Oriou Capital Llp18.00132,7704.43% - 23.9 L
Amforge Industries Ltd. Nainesh Trading And Consultancy Llp1.632,680,24518.63% - 43.7 L
Amrapali Fincap Ltd. Diljit Broking & Infra Llp & Dkl Broking & Infra Llp & Llp & Shree Siddhi Infrabuildcon Llp12.169,468,00070.45% - 11.5 Cr
Amrapali Industries Ltd. Dkl Broking & Infra Llp & Llp3.791,712,8383.34% - 64.9 L
Advance Metering Technology Ltd. Pkr Hitech Corporation Llp8.106,941,84643.23% - 5.6 Cr
Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. Aadi Financial Advisors Llp4.107,063,0624.49% - 2.9 Cr
Anuh Pharma Ltd. Japosha Trading Llp141.8047,9220.19% - 68.0 L
The Anup Engineering Ltd. Aura Business Ventures Llp600.35333,3293.27% - 20.0 Cr
Anup Malleables Ltd. S.L.A Infra Solutions Llp17.50214,0003.15% - 37.5 L
Apcotex Industries Ltd. Haridwar Enterprises Llp & Jareepa Trading Llp167.6543,0000.08% - 72.1 L
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Viramya Packlight Llp994.009000.00% - 8.9 L
APM Industries Ltd. Essvee Fiiscal Llp15.0097,5000.45% - 14.6 L
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. Llp2362.502,1020.00% - 49.7 L
Panorama Studios International Ltd. Llp47.754,1120.05% - 2.0 L
Archit Organosys Ltd. Silkon Trades Llp22.40300,7412.00% - 67.4 L
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