employees's portfolio and holdings

As per corporate shareholdings filed for September 30, 2021, publicly holds 123 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 1,244.7 Cr.

These are shares held by as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
20 Microns Ltd. Employees62.356,5860.02% 0.00 4.1 L
Aartech Solonics Ltd. Employees49.3516,5010.23% NEW 8.1 L
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. Employees760.1546,0690.03% 0.00 3.5 Cr
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. Employees4328.401250.00% NEW 5.4 L
Arshiya Ltd. Employees38.251,001,3220.38% -0.23 3.8 Cr
Atul Ltd. Sunil Lalbhai Employees Trust10499.552,0000.01% 0.00 2.1 Cr
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd. Shishirkumar Bajaj & Kushagra Bajaj (As Trustees Of Bhl Employees Educational Welfare Fund) & Shishirkumar Bajaj & Kushagra Bajaj (As Trustees Of Bhl Employees General Medical Aid Fund) & Shishirkumar Bajaj & Kushagra Bajaj (As Trustees Of Bhl Employees Family Planning Welfare Fund)14.705,440,5180.43% -0.04 8.0 Cr
Banaras Beads Ltd. Employees80.209500.01% 0.00 76.2 K
Bank of Baroda Employees88.751,858,1000.04% 0.00 16.5 Cr
Bank of India Employees59.851,258,1000.03% 0.00 7.5 Cr
Bharat Dynamics Ltd. Employees390.9521,8610.01% 0.00 85.5 L
Bengal Tea and Fabrics Ltd. Employees61.901,7290.02% 0.00 1.1 L
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Employees74.35981,8830.03% 0.00 7.3 Cr
Aditya Birla Money Ltd. Employees66.103,5400.01% 0.00 2.3 L
Brooks Laboratories Ltd. Employees130.802,9370.01% 0.00 3.8 L
Can Fin Homes Ltd. Employees699.5024,4660.02% 0.00 1.7 Cr
Colinz Laboratories Ltd. Employees20.103,4000.07% 0.00 68.3 K
Compucom Software Ltd. Compuom Softawre Limited Employees Welfare Trust17.352,782,2793.52% 0.00 4.8 Cr
Cummins India Ltd. Employees903.1511,9720.00% NEW 1.1 Cr
DCB Bank Ltd. Employees93.251,867,5250.60% -0.03 17.4 Cr
Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd. Employees117.10250,2281.02% 0.01 2.9 Cr
Empire Industries Ltd. S C Malhotra, Trustee, Empire Dyeing Employees Welfare Fund & S C Malhotra, Trustee, Eil Corporate Employees Welfare Fund & S C Malhotra, Trustee, Empire Machine Tool Employees Welfare Fund & S C Malhotra, Trustee, Garlick Engineering Employees Welfare Fund & S C Malhotra, Trustee, Vitrum Glass Employees Welfare Fund803.0054,8150.92% 0.00 4.4 Cr
Facor Alloys Ltd. Fal Employees Welfare Trust(Shares Held In The Name Of Trustees) & Facor Employees Welfare Trust (Shares Held In The Name Of Trustees) & Shreeram Co.Employees Welfare Trust (Shares Held In The Name Of Trustees)4.5352,5120.02% 0.00 2.4 L
Fortis Malar Hospitals Ltd. Employees66.0092,5500.49% NEW 61.1 L
Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. Employees897.453,5280.02% 0.00 31.7 L
Gateway Distriparks Ltd. Employees288.301,215,2580.97% 0.00 35.0 Cr
GE T&D India Ltd. Employees133.503730.00% NEW 49.8 K
Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. Kedarnath Modi (Trustee) Modi Spg.& Wvg Mills Co. Ltd. (Headoffice) Employees Welfare Trust & K K Modi & Bina Modi Trustees -Indofil Junior Employees (Factory) Welfare Trust & K K Modi & Bina Modi Trustees - Indofil Junior Employees (Offices) Welfare Trust & K K Modi & Bina Modi Trustees - Indofil Junior Employees (Factory) Benefit Trust & K K Modi & Bina Modi Trustees - Indofil Junior Employees (Offices) Benefit Trust1329.95942,3401.81% 0.00 125.3 Cr
Gokul Agro Resources Ltd. Employees43.003,5330.00% NEW 1.5 L
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. Employees220.9540,5650.04% 0.00 89.6 L
G V Films Ltd. Employees0.812,0000.00% NEW 1.6 K
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Employees1443.7544,2550.01% -0.01 6.4 Cr
Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. Employees44.85777,6770.04% 0.00 3.5 Cr
IFB Agro Industries Ltd. Employees702.0517,7930.19% 0.00 1.2 Cr
IFB Industries Ltd. Employees1168.40192,6170.48% 0.00 22.5 Cr
Indian Bank Employees164.50579,4060.05% 0.00 9.5 Cr
Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. Employees176.701860.00% NEW 32.9 K
Integra Engineering India Ltd. Employees79.401,7660.01% 0.00 1.4 L
Intellect Design Arena Ltd. Employees706.302,299,8871.71% 0.01 162.4 Cr
Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. Employees5463.5543,5570.03% 0.00 23.8 Cr
Jyoti Structures Ltd. Employees18.6570,1940.06% 0.00 13.1 L
Nitta Gelatin India Ltd. Employees239.3030,4870.34% -0.01 73.0 L
Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. Employees403.154,0120.01% 0.00 16.2 L
Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. Employees326.1033,4220.04% 0.00 1.1 Cr
KPT Industries Ltd. Kpt Employees Welfare Trust143.25324,0009.53% 0.00 4.6 Cr
LG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd. Employees494.302,8050.01% 0.00 13.9 L
L&T Technology Services Ltd. Employees4817.05960,9690.91% -0.04 462.9 Cr
Man Infraconstruction Ltd. Employees110.05151,1430.06% 0.00 1.7 Cr
Manraj Housing Finance Ltd. Employees15.852000.00% NEW 3.2 K
Marksans Pharma Ltd. Employees & Employees' Relatives70.0041,8050.01% NEW 29.3 L
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd. Employees267.70117,5610.06% 0.00 3.1 Cr
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. Employees2067.7559,8700.12% 0.00 12.4 Cr
Max Financial Services Ltd. Employees988.2553,6190.02% 0.01 5.3 Cr
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. Employees200.2066,1290.04% -0.01 1.3 Cr
MOIL Ltd. Employees168.9065,1770.03% 0.00 1.1 Cr
MSTC Ltd. Employees459.1017,9010.03% 0.00 82.2 L
NBCC (India) Ltd. Employees48.451,606,6630.09% 0.00 7.8 Cr
Nelcast Ltd. Employees88.753,0160.00% NEW 2.7 L
NMDC Ltd. Employees153.55175,5590.01% NEW 2.7 Cr
Oxford Industries Ltd. Employees0.783,2000.05% NEW 2.5 K
Polyspin Exports Ltd. Employees79.356,1850.06% NEW 4.9 L
Quest Softech (India) Ltd. Employees3.742000.00% NEW 748.0
The Ramco Cements Ltd. Employees994.40441,7390.19% NEW 43.9 Cr
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. Employees30.65219,3040.01% NEW 67.2 L
Sasken Technologies Ltd. Employees' Retirement Plan Of Duke University & Employees1379.50222,7171.48% NEW 30.7 Cr
Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. Employees142.001,0000.00% NEW 1.4 L
Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd. Employees31.9014,5450.14% NEW 4.6 L
Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. Employees148.609,5020.03% NEW 14.1 L
SJVN Ltd. Employees28.3576,8850.00% NEW 21.8 L
Sobha Ltd. Employees826.7513,5690.01% NEW 1.1 Cr
SSPDL Ltd. Employees16.801,3090.01% NEW 22.0 K
Swelect Energy Systems Ltd. V C Raghunath (Swees Employees Welfare Trust)280.55176,4001.16% NEW 4.9 Cr
Tanfac Industries Ltd. Employees749.454400.00% NEW 3.3 L
Tata Communications Ltd. Employees1440.008,6790.00% NEW 1.2 Cr
Transport Corporation of India Ltd. Employees471.55646,0600.84% NEW 30.5 Cr
TCI Express Ltd. Employees1600.5599,8540.26% NEW 16.0 Cr
TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd. Employees656.201,243,5472.02% NEW 81.6 Cr
TechNVision Ventures Ltd. Solix Employees Housing And Welfare205.00295,9004.72% NEW 6.1 Cr
Varun Beverages Ltd. Employees898.05524,9990.12% NEW 47.1 Cr
MPS Infotecnics Ltd. Employees0.201,1550.00% NEW 231.0
The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd. Employees17300.00130.00% NEW 2.2 L
Zenith Healthcare Ltd. Employees7.5613,5000.03% NEW 1.0 L
Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd. Employees118.2072,5400.29% NEW 85.7 L
Alpine Housing Development Corporation Ltd. 22.950Filing Awaited
(0.02% in Jun 2021)
AMD Industries Ltd. 30.800Filing Awaited
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd. 26.200Filing Awaited
Cigniti Technologies Ltd. 615.000Filing Awaited
(0.02% in Jun 2021)
LT Foods Ltd. 73.600Filing Awaited
(0.83% in Jun 2021)
DB Corp Ltd. 96.450Filing Awaited
(0.12% in Jun 2021)
Elgi Equipments Ltd. 204.600Filing Awaited
(0.11% in Jun 2021)
Future Consumer Ltd. 7.650Filing Awaited
(0.08% in Jun 2021)
AJR Infra and Tolling Ltd. 1.450Filing Awaited
(0.30% in Jun 2021)
Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd. 51.400Filing Awaited
(2.12% in Jun 2021)
HCL Technologies Ltd. 1251.150Filing Awaited
(0.01% in Jun 2021)
Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd. 196.550Filing Awaited
(0.02% in Jun 2021)
HOV Services Ltd. 56.600Filing Awaited
(0.22% in Jun 2021)
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. 3.950Filing Awaited
(1.04% in Jun 2021)
Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd. 47.900Filing Awaited
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 608.550Filing Awaited
(0.04% in Jun 2021)
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. 2422.200Filing Awaited
(0.17% in Jun 2021)
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. 51.250Filing Awaited
(0.76% in Jun 2021)
JK Paper Ltd. 251.050Filing Awaited
(4.97% in Jun 2021)
Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. 208.950Filing Awaited
(0.03% in Jun 2021)
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 1789.300Filing Awaited
(13.90% in Jun 2021)
Mangalam Timber Products Ltd. 17.750Filing Awaited
(0.01% in Jun 2021)
Marg Ltd. 5.050Filing Awaited
(0.02% in Jun 2021)
New Delhi Television Ltd. 82.550Filing Awaited
(0.08% in Jun 2021)
NHPC Ltd. 30.900Filing Awaited
(0.02% in Jun 2021)
Brightcom Group Ltd. 77.550Filing Awaited
(0.04% in Jun 2021)
Goodricke Group Ltd. 274.050Filing Awaited
Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd. 263.150Filing Awaited
(0.47% in Jun 2021)
Makers Laboratories Ltd. 205.050Filing Awaited
Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd. 0.280Filing Awaited
(0.11% in Jun 2021)
Bilcare Ltd. 84.100Filing Awaited
(0.01% in Jun 2021)
Aishwarya Technologies And Telecom Ltd. 3.340Filing Awaited
(0.43% in Jun 2021)
Infronics Systems Ltd. 10.760Filing Awaited
(0.24% in Jun 2021)
Mercantile Ventures Ltd. 16.250Filing Awaited
(2.03% in Jun 2021)
Kanco Tea & Industries Ltd. 79.850Filing Awaited
(0.31% in Jun 2021)
CL Educate Ltd. 100.950Filing Awaited
(0.08% in Jun 2021)
Matrimony.com Ltd. 1010.700Filing Awaited
Apollo Micro Systems Ltd. 120.800Filing Awaited
(0.48% in Jun 2021)
Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. 3404.450Filing Awaited
(0.35% in Jun 2021)
Computer Age Management Services Ltd. 3060.650Filing Awaited
(31.86% in Jun 2021)
National Fittings Ltd. 60.05-Investor holds below 1%
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. 176.25-Investor holds below 1%
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