dsp small cap fund's portfolio and holdings

As per corporate shareholdings filed for September 30, 2020, publicly holds 49 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 5,365.9 Cr.

These are shares held by as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Aarti Drugs Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund715.051,392,7681.49% -2.88 99.6 Cr
Amber Enterprises India Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund2399.60397,2041.18% -0.08 95.3 Cr
Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund504.70859,3572.94% 0.04 43.4 Cr
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund3378.90603,3652.42% -0.84 203.9 Cr
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund3124.50424,0723.26% 0.00 132.5 Cr
Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund And Its Associate Funds203.8510,584,1162.54% 0.97 215.8 Cr
DCB Bank Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund107.6510,634,1733.43% 0.00 114.5 Cr
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Funds Along With Dsp Mid Cap Funds751.052,492,2865.24% NEW 187.2 Cr
Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund29.456,261,0173.32% 0.00 18.4 Cr
eClerx Services Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund724.65528,7701.52% 0.09 38.3 Cr
Finolex Cables Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund308.807,846,0045.14% 0.00 242.3 Cr
Finolex Industries Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund & Dsp Midcap Fund630.853,660,3662.95% 0.35 230.9 Cr
GHCL Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund169.958,632,0769.09% 0.00 146.7 Cr
Greenlam Industries Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund792.65404,5571.68% 0.62 32.1 Cr
Himatsingka Seide Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund119.802,790,6092.83% 0.00 33.4 Cr
IFGL Refractories Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund175.05626,5241.74% 0.00 11.0 Cr
Inox Leisure Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund270.552,153,3542.09% 0.00 58.3 Cr
J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund **994.702,548,0133.30% -2.28 253.5 Cr
Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund114.854,603,5703.34% 0.10 52.9 Cr
KPR Mill Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund805.501,566,2272.28% 0.00 126.2 Cr
Kalyani Steels Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund237.752,235,3995.12% 1.91 53.1 Cr
La Opala RG Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund232.504,310,6253.88% 0.00 100.2 Cr
Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund101.952,738,3084.02% 0.18 27.9 Cr
Manappuram Finance Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund179.8547,033,4935.56% 0.33 845.9 Cr
Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. +Dsp Blackrock Small Cap Fund286.301,808,6436.52% 0.00 51.8 Cr
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund450.701,018,0246.19% 0.00 45.9 Cr
Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund386.452,423,0621.19% 0.17 93.6 Cr
Plastiblends India Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund262.10526,2432.02% 0.00 13.8 Cr
Prism Johnson Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund81.959,025,1341.79% 0.16 74.0 Cr
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund1689.501,311,4862.81% 0.19 221.6 Cr
Repco Home Finance Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund238.402,778,9634.44% 0.00 66.3 Cr
Sandhar Technologies Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund268.651,057,1291.76% 0.00 28.4 Cr
Sharda Cropchem Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund277.552,609,0782.89% 0.00 72.4 Cr
Shoppers Stop Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund186.202,422,2492.75% 0.00 45.1 Cr
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund161.303,491,2047.45% 0.00 56.3 Cr
S P Apparels Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund142.751,535,2475.98% 1.17 21.9 Cr
Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund132.001,066,8892.28% NEW 14.1 Cr
Star Cement Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund89.804,943,8961.20% 0.00 44.4 Cr
Subros Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund293.102,378,4333.65% 0.00 69.7 Cr
Suprajit Engineering Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund195.857,424,6525.31% 0.69 145.4 Cr
Swaraj Engines Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund1401.75719,3315.93% 0.00 100.8 Cr
Varroc Engineering Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund385.602,836,8572.10% 0.00 109.4 Cr
Voltamp Transformers Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund1180.20398,9743.94% 0.00 47.1 Cr
Vardhman Special Steels Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund104.851,786,0004.42% 0.00 18.7 Cr
VST Industries Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund3593.45317,4562.06% 0.69 114.1 Cr
Vardhman Textiles Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund815.152,027,5373.53% NEW 165.3 Cr
Welspun India Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund68.6534,556,5303.44% 0.19 237.2 Cr
Westlife Development Ltd. +Dsp Small Cap Fund435.553,341,7022.15% 0.13 145.5 Cr
Nilkamal Ltd. +1372.450Filing Awaited
(7.09% in Jun 2020)
Atul Ltd. +6310.35-Below 1% First Time
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. +2166.75-Below 1% First Time
Sterlite Technologies Ltd. +162.75-Below 1% First Time
Tube Investments of India Ltd. +823.60-Below 1% First Time
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