Idfc Sterling Equity Fund's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Idfc Sterling Equity Fund publicly holds 19 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 1,465.2 Cr.

These are shares held by Idfc Sterling Equity Fund as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Birlasoft Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund90.257,204,4762.63% 0.25 65.0 Cr
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund157.00499,5002.79% 0.00 7.8 Cr
CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund26.8511,784,0001.88% -0.16 31.6 Cr
Deepak Nitrite Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund273.354,144,7573.04% 1.72 113.3 Cr
Future Retail Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund464.007,773,4011.55% 0.07 360.7 Cr
Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund595.35593,3861.48% 0.13 35.3 Cr
Greenply Industries Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund161.103,990,0003.25% 0.38 64.3 Cr
HBL Power Systems Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund22.057,200,0002.60% 0.00 15.9 Cr
Igarashi Motors India Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund173.10345,9491.10% -0.01 6.0 Cr
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund894.201,510,5061.20% 0.19 135.1 Cr
Kalpataru Power Transmissions Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund502.252,483,7541.62% 0.07 124.7 Cr
KEC International Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund316.004,982,4011.94% 0.23 157.4 Cr
Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund78.952,572,0301.87% 0.04 20.3 Cr
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund424.00968,6151.45% 0.03 41.1 Cr
Mas Financial Services Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund591.602,375,2354.35% 0.94 140.5 Cr
Nitin Spinners Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund69.202,424,5004.31% 0.13 16.8 Cr
Skipper Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund (Consolidated)50.651,537,1601.50% 0.04 7.8 Cr
Sterling Tools Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund213.00450,0001.25% 0.00 9.6 Cr
Vardhman Textiles Ltd. Idfc Sterling Value Fund1080.001,001,4391.74% 0.19 108.2 Cr
VRL Logistics Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund275.50-Below 1% First Time
Raymond Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund736.95-Below 1% First Time
Sagar Cements Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund610.05-Below 1% First Time
TD Power Systems Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund147.10-Below 1% First Time
Karnataka Bank Ltd. Idfc Sterling Equity Fund101.10-Below 1% First Time
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