Enemy Property's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Enemy Property holds 31 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 42.6 Cr.

These are shares held by Enemy Property as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
ACC Ltd. Enemy Property1455.15800.00% NEW 1.2 L
Akzo Nobel India Ltd. Enemy Property1730.801,0480.00% NEW 18.1 L
Amrit Corp. Ltd. Enemy Property732.153,3280.10% 0.00 24.4 L
Bengal & Assam Company Ltd. Custodian/Custodian Of Enemy Property Of India1540.151,2760.01% 0.00 19.7 L
Balmer Lawrie Investments Ltd. Enemy Property396.8517,7690.08% 0.00 70.5 L
Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd. Enemy Property123.7518,3000.01% 0.00 22.6 L
DCB Bank Ltd. Enemy Property186.301230.00% NEW 22.9 K
DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. Enemy Property193.0043,1130.25% NEW 83.2 L
Diana Tea Company Ltd. Enemy Property16.2014,7420.10% 0.00 2.4 L
Gokak Textiles Ltd. Enemy Property20.551,6700.03% 0.00 34.3 K
Hindustan Motors Ltd. Enemy Property8.1064,4180.03% 0.00 5.2 L
JK Cement Ltd. Enemy Property716.90660.00% NEW 47.3 K
Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. Enemy Property20.002320.00% NEW 4.6 K
Kuantum Papers Ltd. Enemy Property478.006,6560.08% 0.00 31.8 L
Loyal Textiles Mills Ltd. Enemy Property476.0018,2350.38% 0.00 86.8 L
Martin Burn Ltd. Custodian Of Enemy Property47.151,3820.03% 0.00 65.2 K
Modern India Ltd. Enemy Property24.051,2500.00% NEW 30.1 K
Shree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd. Enemy Property23.051,2500.00% NEW 28.8 K
United Credit Ltd. Enemy Property19.557,9230.15% 0.00 1.5 L
VST Industries Ltd. Enemy Property3240.25119,5320.77% 0.00 38.7 Cr
The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd. Enemy Property10470.001760.06% 0.00 18.4 L
Hindustan Housing Company Ltd. Enemy Property33.20160.07% 0.00 531.0
DCM Shriram Ltd. Enemy Property350.200Filing Awaited
(0.28% in Sep 2018)
Kesoram Industries Ltd. Enemy Property82.050Filing Awaited
(0.01% in Sep 2018)
Mawana Sugars Ltd. Enemy Property47.150Filing Awaited
(0.12% in Sep 2018)
Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd. Enemy Property62.200Filing Awaited
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd. Enemy Property59.950Filing Awaited
Jaykay Enterprises Ltd. Enemy Property5.700Filing Awaited
Forbes & Company Ltd. Enemy Property2223.800Filing Awaited
(0.03% in Sep 2018)
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd. Enemy Property5022.000Filing Awaited
(0.22% in Sep 2018)
Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd. Enemy Property130.250Filing Awaited
(0.01% in Sep 2018)
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