Subramanian P's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Subramanian P holds 114 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 235.58 Cr.

These are shares held by Subramanian P as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
ADVIK LABORATORIES LTD. Mr. Subramanian P5.101,282,9926.71%0.0065.43 L
AJANTA SOYA LTD. Subramanian P47.001,590,54810.26%0.007.48 Cr
Alps Industries Limited Subramanian P5.60435,6501.11%0.0024.4 L
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Limited Subramanian P230.00147,0002.18%NEW3.38 Cr
AMCO INDIA LTD. Subramanian P31.00161,7653.94%0.0050.15 L
AMD Industries Limited Subramanian P33.30425,4502.22%NEW1.42 Cr
ANJANI SYNTHETICS LTD. Subramanian P27.20135,5901.26%0.0036.88 L
ANSAL BUILDWELL LTD. Subramanian P79.9582,6001.12%0.0066.04 L
ANJANI PORTLAND CEMENT LTD. Subramanian P253.801,446,0005.72%-0.0436.7 Cr
APM INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P62.85529,0002.45%0.003.32 Cr
ASHISH POLYPLAST LTD. Subramanian P16.00132,0003.89%0.0021.12 L
ASHOK ALCO-CHEM LTD. Subramanian P85.0590,7901.97%0.0277.22 L
ASSOCIATED STONE INDUSTRIES (KOTAH) LTD. Subramanian P43.80844,9001.02%NEW3.7 Cr
Bafna Pharmaceuticals Limited Subramanian P26.50415,9732.23%0.001.1 Cr
BCL Industries and Infrastructures Ltd Subramanian P83.65362,1492.56%0.203.03 Cr
BLOOM DEKOR LTD. Subramanian P52.00318,9004.66%-0.011.66 Cr
B & A LTD. Subramanian P206.0050,0001.61%0.001.03 Cr
BNR UDYOG LTD. Subramanian P28.30135,7904.53%1.0438.43 L
BSL Limited Subramanian P64.05405,7333.94%0.002.6 Cr
Celestial Biolabs Limited Subramanian P22.70883,2703.91%0.002.01 Cr
COLINZ LABORATORIES LTD. P Subramanian20.453,0000.07%0.0061,350
CONTINENTAL CONTROLS LTD. Subramanian P6.1293,4001.52%0.005.72 L
COSMO FERRITES LTD. Subramanian P21.90500,5704.16%0.001.1 Cr
DEEPAK SPINNERS LTD. Subramanian P.78.10271,5003.78%0.002.12 Cr
DHOOT INDUSTRIAL FINANCE LTD. Subramanian P43.00215,6003.98%0.1692.71 L
DIVYASHAKTI GRANITES LTD. Subramanian P95.00256,5702.50%0.062.44 Cr
DIVYA JYOTI INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P6.00376,5993.66%0.0022.6 L
DUTRON POLYMERS LTD. Subramanian P131.00131,7732.20%NEW1.73 Cr
DYNAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P77.35141,8604.68%0.001.1 Cr
ELEGANT MARBLES & GRANI INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P164.9571,1701.58%-0.011.17 Cr
ELNET TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Subramanian P132.50134,3503.36%0.021.78 Cr
EURO LEDER FASHION LTD. Subramanian P19.00133,4502.98%0.0025.36 L
FGP LTD. Subramanian P.1.63140,5201.18%0.002.29 L
FINE-LINE CIRCUITS LTD. Subramanian P8.99155,6573.24%0.0013.99 L
FLEX FOODS LTD. Subramanian P115.20225,2401.81%0.002.59 Cr
GRAVITY (INDIA) LTD. Subramanian P2.65425,6204.73%0.0011.28 L
HARYANA LEATHER CHEMICALS LTD. Subramanian P43.30222,8644.54%0.0096.5 L
Hilton Metal Forging Limited Subramanian P39.00364,5902.93%0.081.42 Cr
HIMALAYA GRANITES LTD. Subramanian P45.0091,9903.97%0.0041.4 L
HINDUSTAN TIN WORKS LTD. Subramanian P100.80372,6703.58%0.473.76 Cr
HARIYANA SHIP BREAKERS LTD. Subramanian P78.50112,8001.83%0.0088.55 L
INDIA GELATINE & CHEMICALS LTD. Subramanian P98.50227,7702.42%0.042.24 Cr
INDO AMINES LTD. Subramanian P79.451,545,0004.69%0.0012.28 Cr
INDO-CITY INFOTECH LTD. Subramanian P2.54677,9936.52%0.0017.22 L
INDOKEM LTD. Subramanian P40.00503,6752.07%-0.012.01 Cr
INTER STATE OIL CARRIER LTD. Subramanian P15.96674,70613.51%0.001.08 Cr
JASCH INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P57.00354,0003.12%-0.042.02 Cr
KAMADGIRI FASHION LTD. Subramanian P77.0063,0701.07%0.0048.56 L
KANCO TEA & INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P80.4561,1403.58%NEW49.19 L
Karur K.C.P. Packkagings Limited Subramanian P46.50425,0804.06%0.001.98 Cr
KRYPTON INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P10.10563,2203.83%0.5956.89 L
LIPPI SYSTEMS LTD. Subramanian P17.45335,3804.79%0.0058.52 L
Madhav Marbles and Granites Limited Subramanian P64.10740,4708.28%NEW4.75 Cr
Mangalam Organics Limited Subramanian P79.70136,6901.51%-0.081.09 Cr
MAYUR LEATHER PRODUCTS LTD. Subramanian P20.50188,3723.90%0.0038.62 L
MEDI-CAPS LTD. Subramanian P22.50609,5704.89%0.041.37 Cr
METAL COATINGS (INDIA) LTD. Subramanian P36.2575,6801.03%0.0027.43 L
MUKESH BABU FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD. Subramanian P77.95100,1501.44%NEW78.07 L
Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited Subramanian P51.501,115,1102.60%0.105.74 Cr
Nahar Capital and Financial Services Limited Subramanian P131.00248,7811.49%0.003.26 Cr
NATURAL CAPSULES LTD. Subramanian P60.95208,8503.35%0.461.27 Cr
National Steel And Agro Industries Limited Subramanian P37.351,479,2703.32%0.005.53 Cr
NATIONAL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P58.85124,0001.36%0.0072.97 L
NATRAJ PROTEINS LTD. Subramanian P.23.25177,1734.73%0.0041.19 L
NCL Industries Limited Subramanian P224.60423,7901.15%-0.019.52 Cr
Nexus Commodities And Technologies Ltd Ramasubramanian P61.005,0000.09%0.003.05 L
Nutraplus India Limited Subramanian P27.15391,3901.15%NEW1.06 Cr
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Limited Subramanian P1234.00112,5501.09%-0.0913.89 Cr
OMNITEX INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD. Subramanian P19.0050,4951.20%0.009.59 L
ORIENT BEVERAGES LTD. Subramanian P134.0026,0601.21%0.0034.92 L
OSCAR GLOBAL LTD. Subramanian P6.2066,6502.02%0.004.13 L
PBM POLYTEX LTD. Subramanian P102.95100,7171.24%0.001.04 Cr
PODDAR PIGMENTS LTD. Subramanian P271.60138,5001.31%0.003.76 Cr
POCL Enterprises Ltd Subramanian P58.50156,0002.80%0.0091.26 L
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Limited Subramanian P437.95153,7902.76%-0.226.74 Cr
PRIMA PLASTICS LTD. Subramanian P.231.00195,4101.78%-0.194.51 Cr
PRIYA LTD. Subramanian P37.1041,0001.37%0.0015.21 L
PROMACT PLASTICS LTD. Subramanian P4.64272,5904.19%0.0012.65 L
RAINBOW DENIM LTD. Subramanian P6.13154,6901.16%0.109.48 L
RAJ AGRO MILLS LTD. Subramanian P5.17115,0803.71%0.005.95 L
Raj Rayon Industries Limited Subramanian P0.2212,197,2003.52%0.0026.83 L
RAJASTHAN TUBE MANUFACTURING CO.LTD. Subramanian P13.0093,0802.06%0.0012.1 L
RAMA PHOSPHATES LTD. Subramanian P83.35204,4901.16%0.001.7 Cr
RASANDIK ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD. Subramanian P143.00144,3203.05%0.002.06 Cr
Raunaq EPC International Ltd Subramanian P160.0051,1501.53%0.0181.84 L
RDB RASAYANS LTD. Subramanian P58.30392,3002.21%0.002.29 Cr
Remi Edelstahl Tubulars Limited Subramanian P40.45386,2123.52%0.191.56 Cr
Remsons Industries Limited Subramanian P74.0061,3501.07%0.0145.4 L
RESONANCE SPECIALTIES LTD. Subramanian P37.25203,0001.76%0.0075.62 L
REXNORD ELECTRONICS & CONTROLS LTD. Subramanian P59.15592,0005.30%0.003.5 Cr
Sakuma Exports Limited Subramanian P162.25233,6801.42%0.243.79 Cr
SAMRAT PHARMACHEM LTD. Subramanian P70.00128,0004.14%-0.1689.6 L
SARUP INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P70.8057,6801.77%0.0040.84 L
Shree Bhavya Fabrics Ltd Subramanian P8.63171,1091.80%0.0014.77 L
SHREE BHAWANI PAPER MILLS LTD. Subramanian P3.991,072,8153.08%0.0042.81 L
Shreyans Industries Limited Subramanian P150.35197,8901.43%-0.012.98 Cr
Sicagen India Limited Subramanian P36.05523,0001.32%NEW1.89 Cr
SMIFS CAPITAL MARKETS LTD. Subramanian P49.25176,7603.16%0.0487.05 L
Star Delta Transformers Ltd Subramanian P173.0068,0002.27%0.281.18 Cr
Super Tannery Limited Subramanian P4.221,358,8901.26%0.0057.35 L
SURYAAMBA SPINNING MILLS LTD. Subramanian P66.7049,3801.68%0.0032.94 L
SYBLY INDUSTRIES LTD. Subramanian P4.70516,2001.27%0.0024.26 L
TAMBOLI CAPITAL LTD. P.A. Subramanian84.103,2000.03%0.002.69 L
Tara Jewels Limited Subramanian P28.15386,8531.57%0.001.09 Cr
Texmo Pipes and Products Limited Subramanian P22.00446,2001.87%-0.0498.16 L
Tokyo Plast International Limited Subramanian P127.00277,0002.92%-0.093.52 Cr
VALLABH STEELS LTD. Subramanian P36.45127,6002.58%0.0946.51 L
VINYOFLEX LTD. Subramanian P29.5079,7711.85%0.2423.53 L
VIPPY SPINPRO LTD. Subramanian P46.50102,5901.75%0.1347.7 L
Virinchi Ltd Subramanian P98.65337,3901.26%-0.053.33 Cr
VEEJAY LAKSHMI ENGINEERING WORKS LTD. Subramanian P51.00189,6523.74%NEW96.72 L
Weizmann Limited Subramanian P51.60462,7922.68%0.082.39 Cr
YASH PAPERS LTD. Subramanian P45.451,712,5905.30%0.007.78 Cr
Zodiac JRD- MKJ Limited Subramanian P43.45172,2003.33%0.0674.82 L
BALASORE ALLOYS LTD. Subramanian P55.70Now Below 1%
KILBURN CHEMICALS LTD. Subramanian P70.00Now Below 1%
SRI NACHAMMAI COTTON MILLS LTD. Subramanian P19.90Now Below 1%
PG FOILS LTD. Subramanian P135.00Now Below 1%
NIRAJ CEMENT STRUCTURALS LTD. Subramanian P25.50Now Below 1%
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