Raj Kumar Lohia's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Raj Kumar Lohia holds 31 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 15.09 Cr.

These are shares held by Raj Kumar Lohia as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
RAJDARSHAN INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia16.3057,8781.86% 0.00 9.43 L
AUSTIN ENGINEERING CO.LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia87.00132,0493.80% 0.58 1.15 Cr
BAJAJ STEEL INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia208.0030,6901.31% 0.00 63.84 L
Catvision Limited Dheeraj Kumar Lohia43.6581,4981.49% 0.00 35.57 L
CHANDRA PRABHU INTERNATIONAL LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia22.35115,7803.13% 0.00 25.88 L
CHOKSI LABORATORIES LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia27.00151,7792.18% 0.00 40.98 L
CONTINENTAL PETROLEUMS LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia41.0071,1142.56% 0.00 29.16 L
FRONTIER SPRINGS LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia162.5082,4822.09% -0.01 1.34 Cr
INTER STATE OIL CARRIER LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia20.90151,4753.03% 0.00 31.66 L
JAGAN LAMPS LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia17.20117,0841.70% 0.00 20.14 L
JASCH INDUSTRIES LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia84.20193,3521.71% 0.00 1.63 Cr
JETKING INFOTRAIN LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia & Dheeraj Kumar Lohia62.50176,5012.98% -0.14 1.1 Cr
KILBURN OFFICE AUTOMATION LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia & Raj Kumar Lohia7.18177,0032.62% 0.00 12.71 L
Oriental Trimex Limited Dheeraj Kumar Lohia13.55269,4111.13% -0.56 36.51 L
PEE CEE COSMA SOPE LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia167.0029,3681.11% 0.04 49.04 L
PHOTOQUIP INDIA LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia & Dheeraj Kumar Lohia17.05218,1704.55% 0.26 37.2 L
Powerhouse Gym & Wellness Ltd Dheeraj Kumar Lohia9.18108,0001.08% 0.00 9.91 L
RACL Geartech Ltd Raj Kumar Lohia65.60161,5291.63% 0.00 1.06 Cr
RATHI GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia11.50174,3291.06% NEW 20.05 L
Raunaq EPC International Ltd Raj Kumar Lohia146.0039,0991.17% 0.00 57.08 L
RISHI TECHTEX LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia66.00109,6181.48% -0.09 72.35 L
SANCO TRANS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia255.0021,2091.18% 0.00 54.08 L
SHETRON LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia52.5092,4501.03% 0.00 48.54 L
SKY INDUSTRIES LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia45.6578,0441.78% 0.00 35.63 L
STERLING GREEN WOODS LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia12.65165,8243.91% 0.76 20.98 L
UNIROYAL INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia12.10100,0001.21% 0.00 12.1 L
VIKRAM THERMO (INDIA) LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia105.3059,7461.07% NEW 62.91 L
ZENITH FIBRES LTD. Dheeraj Kumar Lohia97.5597,7482.21% 0.55 95.35 L
Khaitan (India) Limited Raj Kumar Lohia48.55Filing Awaited
Khandwala Securities Limited Raj Kumar Lohia18.90Filing Awaited
Pearl Polymers Limited Raj Kumar Lohia23.00Filing Awaited
NITIN ALLOYS GLOBAL LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia171.20Filing Awaited
HINDUSTAN ADHESIVES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia107.50Filing Awaited
D&H India Ltd Raj Kumar Lohia20.00Filing Awaited
ITL INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia256.05Filing Awaited
RAMA VISION LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia18.90Filing Awaited
LAFFANS PETROCHEMICALS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia27.95Filing Awaited
VIVID GLOBAL INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia48.85Filing Awaited
BDH INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia71.50Filing Awaited
NIKHIL ADHESIVES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia250.00Filing Awaited
Stylam Industries Limited Raj Kumar Lohia740.95Filing Awaited
DHOOT INDUSTRIAL FINANCE LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia63.20Filing Awaited
NPR FINANCE LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia30.20Filing Awaited
VAMSHI RUBBER LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia51.95Filing Awaited
EPIC ENERGY LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia8.85Filing Awaited
SUMEDHA FISCAL SERVICES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia48.40Filing Awaited
PRIMA PLASTICS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia194.95Filing Awaited
SAMPRE NUTRITIONS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia57.65Filing Awaited
AKAR TOOLS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia58.10Filing Awaited
UNIQUE ORGANICS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia9.97Filing Awaited
Prakash Woollen & Synthetic Mills Ltd Raj Kumar Lohia56.30Filing Awaited
SANJIVANI PARANTERAL LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia4.96Filing Awaited
JOINDRE CAPITAL SERVICES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia28.90Filing Awaited
DANLAW TECHNOLOGIES INDIA LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia85.00Filing Awaited
SAHYADRI INDUSTRIES LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia312.00Filing Awaited
RATHI BARS LTD. Raj Kumar Lohia27.00Filing Awaited
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